To the devs and hard workers behind the scenes

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Thank you for the wonderful game!!! @HPWUblue @hpwulola @HPWUakshay @HPWUakshay @HPWUakshay I hope you all get great positions as you all deserve it. You really made a phenomenal game with an amazing story. Sure there were hiccups. You made a game that was on a whole other level above Pokemon Go. You really encouraged me to walk farther and I made friendships across the world that I never made in 5 years of Pokemon Go. It is because of the special game that you made here. I will miss this game when it is gone but I will miss making new connections the way this game encouraged it. I wish Warner Brothers really understood and valued the game that was created. I have some treasured memories unlike any other. It was also the first game my wife and I played together that she is excited to play with me. A big hug and thank you for that. I will probably move on to Transformers next but it won't be the same. Thank you with all my heart for what you did here!!! I do not know if I included all the right people but please pass this on from me.



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    #405 January, 2022, 10:09 pm.

    Thank you so very much for a wonderful game! I had so much fun and walked more than I otherwise would! Many exiting new foes to fight kept us enjoying the game and extend our skills. I have had the best of times with new friends all over the world.

    You should be proud of all your work with this game, development and support. It is highly appreciated!

    Best wishes from Sweden

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    #506 January, 2022, 01:31 am.

    Well said Rel! I was told that the HPWU Team was mostly moved to Transformers Heavy Metal, and K wish them the best of luck in developing that game and adding their personal touch. Really going to miss this game, but maybe it is time for a change. Thanks again to everyone in this community, and I’ll be here till the end.

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