1920’s September event problems

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At 2:00 pm EST on 9/14/21 the 1920’s event started with two keys. I used the keys for the 2 portmanteaus that I obtained during the event and opened them. To my dismay, they were the wrong portmanteaus. They just put the correct ones out 6 hours after they said the event started. Now I don’t have the keys. Please correct this situation and provide me with the two keys I should have had when the appropriate portmanteaus finally showed up.



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    #215 September, 2021, 02:22 am.

    They don't

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    @USWMGrey Sorry, I don’t mean to be mean but they could only be the wrong portmanteaus if you picked up the wrongs ones. Remember that near the beginning they are rare. You should have known what the 1920s portmanteaus looked liked. (Blueish-Green). So, I don’t think the team can help, sorry.

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