Please calm it down on the number of events

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The number of events at the moment is getting rediculous, I remember when there was time between events, like weeks between events. The current event calendar looks more like a university timetable. It's getting quite rediculous. Please stop putting out so many events especially the short ones mid week, people have work commitments.



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    They wont, they cant, w/o events game is boring to long time players who have nothing else to do b/c since May 2020 and fragmentgate update we have 'all' finished the entire registry and everything else other than events and/or restricted books, and you can include the feared adversaries and challenge registry.

    They cant, and they wont.

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    Exactly! There's no law that says you have to do every event! I work full time (and then some!) so I don't always have time to participate in events, especially ones during the week (unless they happen to fall on my day off). Brilliant Events leave a hole, which it would be nice to get a second chance to fill like they did with Fantastic Flora and Fauna, but other events really don't matter unless you're trying to rush through everything! I like seeing pages Prestige, but I'm not killing myself or pulling hair out stressing out over doing it now now NOW!

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    Thanks for the thoughtful response, @HalloMami

    I mostly learned the game on my own (with occasional long-distance tips from my Sis), so all of this conversation is new to me.

    That said, I just saw this rather compelling post about the challenges in advancing the game in general: what to have less of/more of and why it’s complicated. You’ve probably seen this already… I’ll need to give it another read, as there’s a lot of THERE there:

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    Ever since the pandemic, I have been playing a lot more of this game. I do look forward to these events; I love the challenge.

    I don't need any more books/manuals but I love giving out gold gifts to my friends (which I do not expect to be reciprocated). Spotlight events enable me to earn a lot more gold gifts than any other events.

    Events are a lot more easier to complete than when I first started more than a couple of years ago. There are more ingredients on the map, and the spell energy on the map are a welcome treat. And having the Knight Bus is so convenient.

    When I wish to rest from the game, I just do the minimum required for the day. My friend skips events now and then; she only participate when she wants to.

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    I wish rewards grew with levels.

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    Honestly, everyone is going to have a very different story and perspective on this. I've been playing almost as long as the game has been around, but I'm level 38 and still working on all 3 SOS Training modules. I'm a Magizoo with 1 more thing to unlock in the Foundational book before I can move on to the Advanced Adversarial Combat book. I'm not exactly what anyone would call a casual player... but the circumstances of my life and where I live make "basic" things like getting Ministry Manuals incredibly difficult. Based on my experience with the game, I'm absolutely dumbfounded that anyone has been able to pretty much max out everything. But I've heard quite a few people say that's where they are. For those individuals, I kind of understand how a bombardment of events would help keep the game interesting.

    And then there are people whose stories are closer to mine - they are doing literally everything they can just to stay afloat in this game and the constant events sometimes feel like a slap in the face and a punch to the gut. To have even the tiniest hope of completing a BE (for example) I have to spend a ridiculous amount of TTDs. Which means I either need to be brewing them constantly or buying them. If I don't have enough gold to buy them, I would practically be forced to spend actual money on them. Frankly, I'm not willing, nor am I really even able, to do that. The only registry pages I've been able to prestige up to gold are the books challenges pages. I think at least half of my other registry pages haven't even been completed once because the things required just don't appear for me. Quidditch Keeper Ron? You need 5 fragments to place the image before the page is prestiged. I've returned 2 and only actually seen him a grand total of 4 times. The last time I saw him? November 1, 2020. This is coming from a person who has the app open for hours every single day. There is literally nothing more or better that I could be doing.

    I am very much a completionist, so while it is technically true that I don't have to do everything, I absolutely despise not being able to do everything. The operative part of that being "not able". I've lost count of the number of events I was so close to finishing but the last thing I needed just couldn't be done. I will always do my best in a BE because I hate having holes in my registry that I will never have the chance to fill again. That said, I will skip an event if doing so means I'd have a better chance of completing the next one - especially if the next one is a BE. I skipped the Ironbelly Adversary event because I knew that even participating in it would deplete my resources so much that I would basically have no chance in Prisoner of the Vow Pt 2. Do I like doing that? Absolutely not, but I do so because I feel like that's really the only viable option.

    This post has gone on longer than even I expected, so for those of you who have read this far, thank you. Most of my ramblings were an attempt (sorry as it may have been) to give context for why some of us may be frustrated by the constant events with no time to breathe in between.


    Since everyone's experience is so different, there's really no one-size-fits-all solution to be had. Maxed out players could get bored without back-to-back events, which of course makes for a not very fun game. Struggling players are getting frustrated and exhausted and it feels like we're being told that our player experience doesn't matter. My best suggestion would be a full day or two between each event. That would help the struggling players catch up a bit and I don't think (yes, some opinions may differ) that a day or two of boredom would be enough to run off the maxed out players.

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