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Is it a new trend for people to leave fortress battles at a specific time during the countdown and leave the person who actually wants to battle in there alone? It’s really ridiculous in my opinion. I have been trying to complete one of my tasks for the bonus for the event, and every time i go into the Dark Chamber V, someone comes in and then leaves with 20-30 seconds left on the countdown. Every. Single. Time. It’s stupid, really. Can someone please explain if i’m missing something regarding that?



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    I'm one of those who is "guilty" of what you're calling stupid. There are two reasons I'll leave during the countdown, both of which have been brought up above. I look at the mix of the people coming in. I'm a Professor, and if the mix is top heavy on Professors, I'll bail. Often there is lots of time on the countdown, but sometime there isn't especially if others bailed before me. Particularly in the higher chambers, it's really essential to have all 3 professions represented.

    I'll also jump out if there doesn't seem to be enough players coming in on the higher chambers. This is when it's much closer to the combat start. Two or three is not enough; actually a few months ago I was the person who got "bailed-out on" in a Dark V. I couldn't handle 3 or 4 players worth of foes and ended up sacrificing the runestone and exiting.

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    Usually it's because players prefer there to be at least one of each profession and if not then at least one player leaves and the rest usually follow. I have however had people bail when there is at least one of each, most of the time at the last seconds before the battle starts. Not sure if that's connection issues or something else because one of each is enough to win the challenge.

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    at the waiting lobby to win Dark V with ease at least all profession presen (while at battle at least all 3 profession players each active for their role), the others is just complementary.

    its not perfect for bing battle on Dark V (to farm books/fragment/etc) but its good enough to just win the required task.

    and 20-30 seconds is still plenty of times to disband the grup is it, i mean i didnt look like trolling.

    anyway had try Dark V solo after a long time, its still possible to win (tried with level 1 normal rune thou) although it takes many many many potions ( i'm magizoo with very disadvantagous with dodgy enemy-aka no anti dodge potion-). surely other profession would perform better with Dark V solo.

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    I agree with what others have said. I usually leave if the team mix isn't what I'm looking for.

    My advice is... don't tap join early, wait! Then you won't be stuck if everyone else leaves.

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    I typically leave 15 seconds if there is just 2 or 3 in dark chambers lobby. It’s common enough. Also, don’t tap join until everyone else has.

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    Yeah, best team mix is one of the following: AAPPM, or AAAPM, but sometimes APPMM, depending on the skill level of the Auror. Myself for example am skilled in partialling and taking out dark forces quick.

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    I've noticed this too I will go in and sit and wait hoping someone will help. I am a newer player but I use all my gifts I can and I don't just sit there and expect everyone else to cover for me. However, no matter what if someone comes into my battle they leave within like 20 seconds or they wait till 30 seconds left and leave and it makes me sad because I just really want to play in battle mode and earn points and play with other people isn't that the point? How am I ever supposed to level up and get better if people won't give me a chance.

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    @HUFFLEMRS They aren't bailing on you, they're bailing on the battle chamber because there isn't the right set of player types or enough players present to have a good outcome. Read all the comments in this thread and hopefully it will help to make sense. Each type of player (Auror, Magi, Professor) has a specific type of action they can perform in the chamber to assist the other players and when there is an imbalance or a missing type, it makes it harder for everyone else. You end up using way too many potions, spell energy and time.

    Please don't take it personally, because its truly not.

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