High-level Oddities

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Hi All! I’ve been playing for a couple of years (networking across the miles with my sister and watching XpectoGo on YouTube) but have only recently “found” these discussion boards. I went scrolling to see if this question had already been covered, so apologies in advance, here goes:

Is there a chart somewhere that shows the specific conditions best for finding each kind of Oddity? I know some of them (Doxy in early a.m., Azkaban Escapee in rainy conditions, werewolf at full-moon), but when are the best times to find high-level oddities like Cerberus and Horned Serpent? I’ve seen Orange Wizard’s infographic saying that Horned Serpent spawns at dawn, dusk, and night… but is there more to it? I’ve activated a TTD at those times many many times and not gotten any spawns. So… am I missing something? Thanks in advance for any ideas!



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    I have no problem with getting Cerberus at any time or condition. I get the horned serpent during very heavy rains rarely; that is why I look forward to events that boost them.

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    Thanks @Djea! My issue, I guess, is that I work too much (ugh) and can’t always get out for a walk… so I’m doing a lot of my gameplay from either my home office or on quick breaks at the studio where I work. I know this isn’t ideal… and it’s probably why I have a harder time finding good traces, even with TTD (maybe this is my sign to make more time for walks….hmmmm…)

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    I believe there is a graphic somewhere showing ideal conditions for oddities, but I'm not sure I could find it at this point. Another factor besides time and weather is "biomes." The horned serpent spawns more in places that get a certain amount of rainfall per year. Something like 20" per year iirc. Centaurs like wooded areas, or something like that. For example, I can get centaurs 24-7 (I'm in the boonies near plenty of forests), but have friends who only get centaurs on clear nights. And I regularly see horned serpents at dusk (my area meets the rainfall requirement), but have friends who only see them when it's raining (and the game weather must show it's raining) at the right time of day. I happen to be in a good area, because I see all the oddities. But for others in certain areas, you have to wait for the perfect conditions and play hard when that happens.

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    3 headed dog requires overcast weather but its not tied to time of day

    horned serpent is tied to biome, you need either above a certain amount of annual rainfall (idk the exact number now) or ingame rain for desert biomes

    centaur requires night and either woodland biome or clear night skies

    doxy requires dawn ingame

    azkaban escapee requires ingame rain

    dragons are event only except for regional one which requires day and clear weather

    death eater is new moon and dusk/dawn/night

    werewolf is full moon and night

    pixie is everywbere at night

    erkling is everywhere at mostly all times if im not mistaken

    vampire is at all night regardless of weather

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    @Drakonite Spot on except for Irkling is at dusk, leprechauns at dusk and dawn, dragons during day and sunny, also horned serpent areas with 20+ inches of rainfall per year except for events.

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    @HarryPutter1234 almost! Horned serpent found in dusk. Hint : brown centaur also found in clear night too.

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    Here is OrangeWizard's graphic from way back. I definitely used this often :)

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    @Yohanes12 I forgot that, but if you don’t have more than 20+ inches of rainfall annually no horned serpents, even if it is rainy weather or dusk. I know because I live in a dry area. :)

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    This is great everyone, thank you! Especially @Drakonite! I may copy and paste and print that! LOL

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