1920 was a pleasant event experience, with reservations

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Frankly, I enjoyed the current 1920 event.

I had eight empty slots for Portmanteaus, and once they started appearing (8 hours after the opening of the event) I had no trouble filling them up. I used my gold key, plus 5 silver ones. Out of 6 keys obtained, I got 3 fragments on Newt's Menagerie, 2 on Paris Street, and 4 on Circus Arcanus. (Not sure how I got 9 fragments from 6 keys.) The point is that the chances are balanced so that there's every reason this event is completable (assuming you have the silver keys to spend) within the 3 day time frame. (Unlike some events where you need multiples of the rarest fragments like Dumbledore, and don't even SEE enough, much less be able to defeat enough confoundables, to even have a chance to complete the event)

The appropriate foundables only appear after a key has been used, which is an interesting change. Of course, some people may be desperate to not let the foundable get away, use a Dawdle Draught, and then complain that this is a veiled attempt to sell potions. (And it may well be a thinly veiled attempt to sell Silver Keys, as @HalloMami suggested in another thread.) Yet some people (like me) may have not spent every SK as soon as it appears, saving it for a future need.

@SockNinja has pointed out that to complete the three 1920s Wizarding World pages once requires an absolute minimum of 89 foundables, and the odds of getting the exact 89 foundables you need are about as likely as me being named the King of the World. And if the foundable are only linked to the Portmanteaus, that requires 89+ Portmanteaus. He wonders what Niantic is thinking.

I hope Niantic will return this event regularly, something those of us who don't feel driven to frame every page in gold As SOON As Possible, will enjoy coming back to again and again. Maybe that's the answer to @SockNinja 's question.

Other than those for whom Adventure Sync is not working, I don't expect anyone to have too much trouble completing the event. One other thing

I have been a harsh critic of Niantic for some of the things they have done, and particularly for the lack of effort spent on resolving the bugs which are coming in much faster than they are being squashed. But again, I want to compliment Niantic for this interesting and enjoyable event.

@hpwulola I hope you will encourage the event creators to consider the likelihood of a very rare fragment appearing, even if the class they are in is boosted, to give people who don't want to play 8 to 12 hours a day a reasonable chance to complete events. Thanks for this one, which makes it appear that someone actually considered the operation of chance and randomness in setting up this event.



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    #218 August, 2021, 11:06 pm.

    @BionicManster the way to get 9 fragments from 8 portkeys is to have one of them drop a bonus fragment at the whackspurt stage. In my case, it was the Maledictus Poster.

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    #318 August, 2021, 11:10 pm.

    I am enjoying it as well. It’s nice to see some new pages and I think the 1920s is a good theme.

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    As weary as I was about a portkey based event, I actually enjoyed it. I think they're gonna be great as long as they balance the encounters and keep it simple enough for the majority to complete the tasks. I had just over 50 keys saved up from the dragon event but only used about 10 of them. I'm gonna keep opening one by one with my gold key now that the tasks are complete. I gave up trying to get a whole page prestiged after the last dragon event because it cost way too much and drove me crazy😂 I don't enjoy doing portkeys nor the randomness of the rewards but it's always been that way and isn't changing, so I'm just gonna keep pacing myself and not worry too much how much further everyone is getting. Everyone's always gonna be ahead of me anyway so I see no reason to blow everything I saved up in one event. Looking forward to future events and hope they get AS fixed for everyone ASAP!

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    #619 August, 2021, 11:32 am.

    So, I checked out the event as well to see what it was about. I even invested some of the 96 SKs I acrued over the years.

    Regarding the new portmanteau feature: 

    • Actually new artwork/animations. Great.
    • Not hyped about the new "Portkey/Foundable" thing. It is novel, right, but is it adding anything new to the gameplay? Not really. It isn't different to opening a portkey and then tapping on the next wild founable. And it comes at the cost of the app potentially bugging out at any point so that it is impossible to retrieve the foundable as many people report.
    • Walking portkeys isn't really exciting game play. It certainly doesn't hurt, and I feel it is more in-line with the "walking around" aspect of the game compared with e.g. adversaries, but exciting it is not.
    • The rewards for placing images and opening trunks are mostly ministry manuals, which I guess is ok for newer players, but not overly attractive for people that are done with their S.O.S. tree (besides, holding an event with boosted emergency will probably yield more manuals anyways, plus other stuff)
    • None of the S.O.S. nodes apply to this family: There is no specific mastery or departure denial for this family, and more importantly none of of the S.O.S. tree trunk improvements so no recharges, gifts or books, which makes the trunks not overly attractive...
    • Seems like the portmanteaus provide a serious amount of SE (why?), a reasonable level of ingredients and XP(?); overall felt similar to regular 10k portmanteaus.

    Regarding the event:

    • The task list was ok and was relatively easy to complete.
    • But why is this an event? Why will the portmanteaus disappear from the inventory after the event? It's not like you can stack them indefinitely. At most, the player saves 9 SK by being able to keep them beyond the event. It can't think of another reason than artifically creating FOMO in order to get players to buy SKs.
    • Why isn't this handled like adversaries? Like, during an event you have related quests and either increased spawns or have less walking distance (so there is still an incentive to use SKs), but you can still get them outside of events.

    Given that none of the rewards of the event or the portmanteaus are very attractive to me and the gameplay is basically unchanged to regular play, I'll probably treat these events as I treat adversary events now; this means I will invest only SKs if I have more than 80 of them from random drops or quests (and certainly not buy new ones); if that is sufficient to complete the event, fine, if not, fine as well.

    Regarding the new pages: Well, from PoGo (with working AS) I know that I total about 50 km per week, so let's say 7 km per day; if the events are 2 days each, I will be able to open about 14 portmanteaus per event (that said, so far I have opened 5 with my gold key, so 14 seems quite optimistic). The family right now requires 80 foundables (89 is when counting the reward fragments as well, but those apparently are supposed to be extra); assuming there will be one event per month, this means that I'll need roughly 6 months to get the pages to bronze. Given that the number of required fragments tend to increase exponentially with the frames, getting them to gold seems like a multiyear undertaking, even if there are 2 events per month.

    For me personally, this seems too far off to make that a goal for me. Even if it would be: Since I can't work on this goal outside of events, it doesn't actually produce any incentive to load up the app on non-event days.

    Overall, the event was ok, the feature doesn't hurt, but I feel it doesn't create anything that makes me more excited about playing (granted, it is not as annoying as the adversaries; Yay?). At least in my opinion the development work could have been better spend in other areas....

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    #719 August, 2021, 11:55 am.

    Why are there no runestones given for acquiring xp on the new page? And a corresponding new page for challenges? The key-consuming dragon egg quests at least got runestones to be used in the fortress.

  • HarryPutter1234HarryPutter1234 Posts: 132 ✭✭✭
    #819 August, 2021, 12:14 pm.

    @xxxlindy there is no need for runestones, all fragments can be obtained from the wrackspurts or the subsequent encounter. Also what do you mean corresponding challenger page?

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    #919 August, 2021, 06:21 pm.

    Joke event. Nothing is popping for most of us.

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    edited August 19 #1019 August, 2021, 06:57 pm.

    Seconding the kudos to let the artists know that they did a brilliant job!

    (Pretty much the most appealing part of the game.)

    Despite near daily play, have never come across that many silver keys.

    (Even had to buy some to finish some events.)

    So without AS working, And unless the optional ad viewing prizes become mostly silver keys, this is basically unworkable for me. And I suspect many others.

    I had somehow envisioned the 1920 portals as more of a gateway to an area like the fortresses , except one had a string of encounters until one ran out of energy.

    (A store available of course For the free to start , but pay to finish, minded individuals. )

    So enchanting art work framed in a game with shaky game mechanics, still serving as a diversion in the extended age of covid.

    Was 1920s intended to be tied in to the 1918 pandemic ?

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    #1120 August, 2021, 01:47 am.

    I have no idea what you are talking about. My adventure sync is dead.

  • AcceberKyAcceberKy Posts: 3 ✭✭
    #1221 August, 2021, 12:31 am.

    My steps are not being counted for the portmanteaus for 1920s event

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    #1321 August, 2021, 02:05 am.

    With no reliable way to track my distance walked, I didn't even bother with this event.

    I'm a day 1 player who's been having trouble finding a reason to even open the game some days. This didn't give me a reason.

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    #1421 August, 2021, 04:19 am.

    I wish the event had been postponed.. I didn't get much but I got some.. I was a bit disappointed most of the portkeys were NOT new as I play mostly for the portkeys, but one was so that's something! The art work is amazing but repetitive as in, same encounters with different characters.. I wish the registration pages were sorted to the challenges area instead of the first page, it's depressing.. not sure if I like the advertisement, I only opened one so far and it wanted me download something so that might be risky for anyone with youngsters playing with unsupervised devices.

    Overall it was challenging n frustrating basically..

    my 2 bits

    Oh not sure if we're allowed but I did get one good ss

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    #1522 August, 2021, 08:51 pm.

    All I got out of this is that the devs want players to burn through thier saved up silver keys, and maybe spend some cash to buy more. Too bad that the event release coinscided with Adventure Sync being broken for the majority of players and players in several countries being put into lockdown.

    For me personally, this event offered nothing. I used about a dozen silver keys before I gave up on it. I think everyone can agree that the rewards for the individual tasks were patheitic. Although there rewards for placing images on the 1920's pages give a good number of MM, I personally have completed all the SOS lessons with 7500+ MM's to spare, so I don't need those rewards either.

    Maybe you have a compulsion to place all those new images and pestige everything to gold. Maybe you still need more MMs and found this event to be a good way to farm them. If you found any way to enjoy this event, I'm happy for you.

    When 1920s portmanteaus return, hopefully with Active Sync working again, I will probably use my golden key on them but I am going to be holding on to the rest of my silver keys until something more interesting comes along.

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    #1622 August, 2021, 09:00 pm.

    only problem: fragment drop (Poster, family tree, and Bunty) is very low. I am not able to prestige any page to bronze page: 3 more Kappa for that page, 2 more family trees for that page, 1 more Hinkypunk and Newt for that page... with mystery cases of disappearing portmanteaus, it prevented me from doing more on last night....

  • pedapedapedapeda Posts: 16 ✭✭
    #1723 August, 2021, 05:53 am.

    I opened about 170 portmanteaus and I enjoyed it until I ended up with everything filled up on the Paris Street page, except for the Lestrange Family Tree Book. I'm not looking forward to seeing all the keys go up in smoke waiting for that one. I predict it is going to be a hassle for a some of us, and at the same time for some it will be a breeze. Given the expected drop rate reported by others (about 4-5%), I should have gotten 2 or 3 fragments as I opened about 60 Paris Street portmanteaus.

    @HPWUTeam, did you intend for this situation to come up only for some players, or did you just not think it through? With a low drop rate such as 4-5%, the wait for even one fragment can get very long if you don't implement some kind of RNG override to limit the maximum wait. My feedback is that it's not really fun when you don't make any progress whatsoever.

  • SamanthaWnchstrSamanthaWnchstr Posts: 32 ✭✭
    #1828 August, 2021, 10:26 pm.

    I was very frustrated by the event. I like the new additions, and I don't mind the set-up, but please consider that this game takes up a lot of space and sucks energy from your device. Portkeys for me can only be opened if I keep the game open while I walk. I happened to have run out of data on my cell phone plan, so I could only access the game when I had wi-fi. You can't exactly rack up a lot of distance when you are tied to a wi-fi signal. Especially since I have started a new job in an area that is even more rural than where I used to live. I was not able to complete this event or the following Community Day.

    Game has also gotten very glitchy. I have to shut down and restart my phone multiple times because the game freezes. The "watch a video for a bonus" tends to be a major culprit for this.

    Please consider how unwieldy this game is getting.

  • JosieBellerJosieBeller Posts: 19 ✭✭
    #1904 September, 2021, 07:07 pm.

    As a critter professional who loved FBAWTFT, I enjoyed this one. I do wish Adventure Synch were working, but I never expected to finish pages during the very first event featuring them. I expect them to take several events to prestige fully. I got a good start, and look forward to further progress with the Sept 15|16 event. I do, however, really hope the next event will be a weekend one! Have pity on us poor essential workers who are still working full time (and then some!) and can't do events during the week very well.

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