Two Years of Fighting the Calamity - Story Recap

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A lot has happened in the two years since the Calamity began. In celebration of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’s second anniversary, let’s take a look back at the story thus far.

  • Three years prior to the events of the game, five witches and wizards known collectively as the “London Five” vanished without a trace. The victims were Riya Patel, an Auror; Kit Gerrard, a reporter for the Daily Prophet; Timothy Hale, a Records Officer in the Ministry of Magic; Genevieve Blatt, the Head of the Department of Magical Artefacts; and Penelope Fawley, an Auror and wife of Unspeakable Grim Fawley. A thorough investigation was conducted, but the case was ultimately closed due to budgetary reasons and a lack of results.

  • Grim Fawley, desperate to find his wife, pursued both mundane and magical means to bring her back home. This included an ancient spell rumoured to find what one desires most.

  • Grim disappeared under mysterious circumstances around the same time as the Calamity began.

  • The British Ministry of Magic and International Confederation of Wizards created the Statute of Secrecy (SOS) Task Force. Under the guidance of Constance Pickering and Hermione Granger, volunteers (like you!) were enlisted to combat the Calamity and prevent Statute of Secrecy breaches.

  • The Calamity started to experience “surges” - essentially spurts of heightened activity - of related Foundables that seemed to imply the magic was being guided.

  • During a surge centered on the Ministry itself, multiple Ministry officials, including Harry Potter, Hermione, and Constance, were suddenly able to recall conversations with Grim they’d never actually had. They learned that Grim was able to communicate with them via false memories implanted into Foundables. Grim also informed them that he was capable of manipulating the Calamity to some degree, that he had been imprisoned for a year, and that he was innocent.

  • After great difficulty, Harry discovered how to manipulate the Calamity for a short period of time. During this experiment, he confirmed that the Calamity can be used to communicate - either by “attaching” a note to a Foundable or by implanting memories in living Foundables.

  • During a Dark Arts-centric surge, Constance, Harry, and Hermione found one such note in which Lethifold detailed to Barghest that they successfully used the Calamity to obtain an artefact that had once passed through Borgin and Burkes. Their comments about trying to "bring them back" and "see their noble mission through” leads the team to suspect that Dark wizards and witches were trying to use the Calamity to revive the Death Eaters.

  • To fend off the Dark influence trying to gain control over the Calamity, Harry began redirecting the Calamity and countering their surges with ones of his own.

  • A wizard who claimed to be from a cabal of Dark wizards and witches called The Unforgivable used the Calamity to reach out to Harry. He offered information in exchange for protection and a full pardon. Harry agreed to meet up, but found that the informant’s memories had been completely Obliviated.

  • Grim surprised everyone by freeing Kit Gerrard, one of the London Five, in time for Christmas. Headmistress McGonagall found him sealed inside a portrait in Hogwarts. But, like the informant, his memories had been Obliviated.

  • The Unforgivable harnessed Harry’s memories of some of his most dangerous enemies to create Adversaries - Foes whose power is fuelled by the negative emotions Harry associates with that person or creature. Constance theorises that Adversaries may be the realisation of Lethifold and Barghest’s plan to bring the Death Eaters back.

  • While Harry was away pursuing a possible lead on The Unforgivable, a Muggle reporter documented a SOS Task Force member returning a Foundable and wrote an article proclaiming the existence of magic. Hermione and Constance teamed up with Edward Scot, the Lead Liaison Minister of the Department of International Cooperation, tracked the reporter down, and erased his memories of magic.

  • At the same time, Hermione and Constance discover that Harry either unknowingly started the surge or someone else used Harry’s memories of the Triwizard Tournament to start their own.

  • Hermione discovered how to manipulate the Calamity in order to help Harry fight back against The Unforgivable. But the shadowy cabal interrupted her surge to deliver an ominous warning against continuing to meddle with the Calamity.

  • Following Adversary surges, Harry started receiving bits and pieces of The Unforgivable’s memories in the form of dreams. With each new memory, he, Hermione, and Constance would try to piece together the identity of the person responsible for creating Adversaries.

  • Harry defied The Unforgivable’s demands and blocked another of their surges with one of his own. In retaliation, The Unforgivable used Polyjuice Potion to abduct Ron. They attempted to abduct Ginny in the same way, but were unsuccessful.

  • Despite the Ministry’s best efforts, they were unable to find Ron. The Unforgivable created a surge using Ron’s memories in order to send their ransom note. They demanded Kit Gerrard and Flavius Flint, the informant, in exchange for Ron’s safe return. Harry and Hermione attempted to trick The Unforgivable using Aurors Polyjuiced to look like Kit and the informant, but The Unforgivable were one step ahead. Harry managed to rescue Ron, but is horrified to learn that his memories have been Obliviated and that the real Kit and Flavius are gone.

  • The Ministry’s plan to secretly infiltrate a black market beast auction in Cape Town, South Africa was foiled by The Unforgivable, who were once again one step ahead. This and the previous incident led Hermione to believe that someone had leaked their intelligence to The Unforgivable. She vowed to set a trap for the mole.

  • Harry and Hermione also attempted to restore Ron’s memories. Nothing they tried worked, so they’re shocked when Ron started to show signs of spotty memory recovery. They linked it to related Foundables being returned, which led Hermione to theorise that the Calamity could be the key to getting Ron’s memories back.

Who is The Unforgivable’s informant within the Ministry? Why did they create Adversaries? How can the Calamity be stopped? And where has Grim Fawley been during all this? Keep playing to find the answers to this and more!



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    Awesome recap, thank you!!

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    Appreciate the recap since I did miss a lot of it. Thank you!

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    now i know the whole story, thank you. LoL

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    Great Article!

    For Japanese players, I've made a translation.


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    I and my friends translate your recap to the Thai language also. Let's make the greatest another year together.

    สำหรับคนไทยสามารถอ่าน Recap สรุปเนื้อเรื่องได้จากลิงก์เลยครับ

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    Thanks for the recap. What if “bringing them back” refers to the London 5? Maybe Lethifold and Barghest are not part of the Unforgivable, but somehow related to them and trying to use illegal magic to rescue the London 5?

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    So now that we know that Gareth Greengrass is the mole, what’s next?

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