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I am writing this on behalf of my mother, whose Facebook has mysteriously been deleted, due to a possible hack or Facebook issue, the account that has been deleted was connected to my mother’s account and now she cannot login to wizards unite and has been logged out ever since. She has not added another way to save game data but when looked at from my friends list her account is still there. We have no other way to access her account, and have played since day one. We have sent an email to which no response has been sent back. If there is anyone who has any knowledge that can help or know who to contact please help. If this helps at all her pokemon go account that was connected to the same Facebook account still works. She really wants to play this new brilliant event but cannot due to this issue can anyone help, thank you!



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    @HPWUblue might be able to help, but you might get better help if you contact niantic support directly: as they will most likely need to verify account holder info and such, might have to log you in gmail/apple id and disconnect fb or some such.

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    Thank you @Drakonite!

    Hi @BlaineB As Drakonite suggested please reach out to our support using the above link and provide as many details about your mother's account as possible. If you've already tried reaching out and have not received any responses or your inquiry has been closed by the system, please share the ticket number. I'll look into it!

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    @HPWUblue Someone did finally end up responding, but they said to try to contact Facebook, but Facebook has no good way to contact them, so we are kinda stuck. The help ticket number is 13487325. Her in game name is April B, thanks.

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    @BlaineB Thanks for sharing the ticket number. You're required to share the email address to verify account ownership. We located a account with Code Name - AprilB, but its email address is hidden. This can happen in two situations:

    • your mother may have created the Facebook account with a mobile number
    • or have declined to share the Facebook email address with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

    I can share steps to resolve this problem (to allow us to see the email address) to help us verify your ownership, but you would have to first recover the Facebook account.

    Please try this link:

    Note: Please do not share the email address or any other PII here.

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    @HPWUblue We have tried that previously with trying to get access with Facebook and at this point its a lost cause. We are currently just trying to get access to wizards unite. Is there anyway you can get access to my mothers account and link a gmail to the account so we can login, Facebook has not made this easy and we have no way to reach them and none of there sites are helping. Thanks so much for the help!

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    Hi @BlaineB One of my colleagues will be reaching out to you shortly on the same email thread and will let you know the next steps.

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    Okay thank you so much @HPWUBlue!

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    @HPWUblue Sorry for making another message, but my mother sent a reply to the colleague that you sent to help us and she has got no response. Is there anyway that you can mention to them that we have sent a reply. Again, sorry but my mother would really like to try to complete this event with the little time we have left.

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    @BlaineB Hi again! We've asked for a few more details via the same email thread. Please take your time to carefully go through them and get back to us at your convenience. Thank you.

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    @HPWUblue Thank you hopefully this will be fixed soon!

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    @BlaineB I'm happy to hear that. Thank you for sharing!

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