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As a MZ, why is it so incredibly difficult in dark chambers to find aurors who will cast any confusion hexes at all? I get so frustrated wasting all of my potion charges missing erklings.



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    That is my first priority in the high chambers. As a fully trained auror and MZ, it is easier to recognize how much of a huge difference that makes. When I enter a high-level chamber as a MZ, I generally refuse to battle with erklings without that hex in place, which hopefully helps teach aurors to do so. It is a simple courtesy in my opinion, and if you are strong enough to enter those chambers, you really should have learned that.

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    Auror here. I do confuse the Erklings and weaken the Agromantulas, but there is only so much focus to go around, after sharing it with the professor. And I even use invigoration draughts in dark chambers.

    Question: it seems when I play solo, every foe gives me focus, but when I group in Dark 5, they often have no focus bonus. Why is that and is there any way to change that?

    Question to Magizoos: do you prefer to go up against the tougher Erklings first or the weaker ones? The weaker ones first makes more sense for focus management, so I hex them first, but if a player goes up against the toughest first they will find it not confused and not like it.

    Question 3: does the confusion hex stop dodging 100% of the time? Because I don’t remember ever seeing an Erkling dodge me, but of course I am scared of them and hex everyone I fight.

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    as magizoo (for me at least), weaken acromantula (spiders) is optional because we have defense bonus againts spiders.

    and for foes usually i take tougher one first (spiders) because if there are too much beast on board and the other player want to take one

    they could fight the easier one (erkling). for profesor/auror erkling is easier than spiders isnt it?

    3: yes erkling will not dodge anymore (if confusion is maxed and magizoo accuration is maxed). magizoo is the only profession that struggle with their own foe (erkling) LoL. i guess magizoo accuration is the lowest among the 3 profession.

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    As a magi, I prefer my green erks with the confused hex, please. You can ignore all others but those green ones are a big pain without confusion.

    Once I have defence, weaken on spiders don't matter.

    Playing as auror, I prefer giving the focus to the prof first and hexing the erks and weakening the werewolves.

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    Thanks @Kodokmag . Yes, spiders are the worst.

    I had another thought on why Erklings would not be hexed: aurors can only hex in between their own fights. Usually, when I am done with my first foe, the second batch of foes has appeared, most of the other players are still on the first foe, and I have 1 or 2 focus. I hex what I can, which isn’t much, and start on my second foe. When I am done with that, the third batch of foes is already there.

    Because initially, foes appear faster than they are dispatched, many would remain unhexed. That gets better as the battle progresses. Often at the end, I can’t find anywhere to use my focus.

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    Great comments and nice to learn from some magizoos what they prefer. There were complaints about spiders not being weakened, which is why I started weakening the 5 star ones, but I guess I won't now. I will zero in on those erklings. I agree that there are delays in hexing due to being in battle, after passing focus to the professor.

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    @shadowraith65 I get what you mean. I’ve maxed out the first lesson plans for both Magi and Auror and play as both, with Magi being the main profession I use. As I’m usually playing as a Magi, it does get frustrating when the Erklings don’t get hexed at all with a confusion hex.


    Q1: I think there’s only so much focus that can be given out for each chamber. You do get focus passed to you when playing in groups for most of the foes that get defeated, but as there is a limit, the foes at the end of the battle that show up are the ones that don’t have the focus bonus. Also, if there are more players in a chamber there are also more foes, so each foe defeated then gives out less focus compared to when playing alone, but when in a group all the players get that focus when a foe is defeated.

    Q2: For Magis (particularly those that have maxed out the first lesson plan) there is little to no point in confusing any Erklings that are 3 stars or less. Only use confusion hex on 4/5 star Erklings starting from 5 star non-elites until the elite charm is up. If you see a 4/5 star non-elite Erkling as one of the first few foes in the higher chambers, I would go for sending three focus to a Professor in the chamber and then use one focus to confuse the Erkling, particularly if you see that a Magi has gone in to fight it.

    Q3: as @Kodokmag said, if your confusion hex is maxed and the Magi has also maxed their accuracy lessons, then an Erkling with a confusion hex on it won’t dodge a Magis attack. But without that hex they are really annoying. I think a professor probably has a better chance at hitting 4/5 star Erklings than a Magi, it’s just that a Magi hits them harder so can defeat them more quickly.

    Also, a weakening hex although helpful on Acromantulas, they are not necessary if a Magi is fighting them, since they hardly make a dent. Particularly since Magis have an extra Defense boost against them as one of the final lessons plus the largest stamina of all three professions. You can use it on them, but it’s best to do that later in the battle when there’s nothing else to hex or if there’s too many spiders around and you know that other proffesions will have to go in and fight them.

    @enTrained It’s important for Aurors to send focus to Professors for the defence and proficiency charms at the beginning of fortress battles (especially in forest and dark chambers), but if you see four/five star non-elite erklings as one of the first foes to show up, send three focus to the professor and use at least one focus to confuse an Erkling starting from the five star non-elite erklings, particularly if a Magi is fighting it. They waste too much SE and therefore time if they don’t get hexed. After that, allocate focus according to the foes that show up and if professors have put up proficiency and shield charms for all players. For hexing, Erklings and then werewolves should get first priority. Werewolves are also annoying to fight for Professors without a confusion hex on them.

    Also for anyone who doesn’t know already, please don’t use confusion hex on Acromantulas or Death eaters, as they don’t have an effect on them. The only exception to this is at the end of a battle if all other foes are hexed, you have extra focus and you see a professor fighting one of those two foes, as I think having all three hexes used on a foe gives a power boost to Professors.

    (I have played with Professors, but I don’t usually play as one myself since I haven’t completed the first lesson plan, so if I’ve made any mistakes on what I’ve said regarding that profession it’d be great to have an experienced Professor to correct me and chime in with what they think 😊)

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    #1008 June, 2021, 01:57 pm.

    I appreciate all the comments from those who have spent more time figuring out the game. Personally, I can't reliably remember what the hex and confusion spells are. I know my first spell cuts the damage the opponent does to me by about 1/3, the second spell is used to give focus to my teammates, and the third spell cuts the opponents ability to dodge.

    My prime use of focus is to pass it on to Profs and then MZs. I save one for whatever opponent I will take on next, to reduce his damage to me. (I assume that's hex, also called here weaken.) Even in levels before Forest 4, I will pass on focus, although the willingness of Profs and MZs to return the favor with buffs is spotty.

    Like most people, I tend to take on whatever is easiest to me first. If I've passed on all the focus I can, then I tend to weaken the Acromantulas, and confuse the Erklings, starting with whomever has the most stars.

    I would REALLY appreciate it if Niantic would include a communication system for Fortresses. It could even be canned messages, like:

    Please shield me

    I need more Focus to cast buffs

    Will someone Confuse the Erkling so I can take it on?

    Or stuff like that, which doesn't need to be policed because of people who can't play a game without having to insult someone else.

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    @BionicManster from left to right the first is the weakening hex, the second is the focus charm, the third is the confusion hex (which as well as reducing the chances of your foes dodging, it also reduces their defence and defence breach, which is why it’s useful for werewolves) and the last is the bat-bogey hex (which is great to use at the end on foes that also have a deterioration hex on them).

    Initially, if you pass three focus to a professor and want to use that last focus for your own foe that is your choice, but in higher chambers especially if there’s a four/five star non-elite Erkling and an MZ is going in to fight it, it’s better to use it on that. If you have a reliable MZ, it shouldn’t be a problem if you get knocked out with your first/second foe, they should revive you. Not getting revived at all (whether that’s you or another player) can also be a possible indicator for how reliable the MZs are with their charms in a chamber and can therefore be used to inform further game play.

    With regards to passing focus to MZs, unless there’s a bunch of elites at the beginning, it’s best to pass the initial focus to Professors instead. However, if an Auror gets knocked out and revived (which costs 1 focus for MZs), it is nice to then pass 1 focus to the MZ that revived you. It’s also more useful to pass focus to a MZ nearer the end of a battle, when all foes have been fully hexed and all charms are up, as the MZ can use the focus to replenish the stamina of fellow team mates.

    People also need to remember that MZs are very unlikely to put up the elite charm straight away. MZs start with 5 focus and need to stay at or above that so ‘become the beast’ is active which significantly boosts power; the elite charm requires 7 focus so MZs usually wait to get to 11/12 focus before casting it.

    Also, if a (maxed) MZ is going for an Acromantula, you don’t really need to use the weakening hex on it as MZs already have a significant defence boost against them and if a defence charm is also up on the MZs, then Acromantulas don’t make a dent on them at all.

    I hope that helps 😊

    Also, with regards to set communication phrases, they have been suggested before; it would be nice if such a system is implemented, but no idea if it’s likely to happen. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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    As magizoologist, I never expect aurors to confuse Erklings. I prefer them to use it on werewolves because I know that professors have lower stamina than I do. Besides, I like the challenge of hitting those speedy Erklings. And I like going against the one with the most stars first, unless I just used most of my focus on casting the Bravery Charm.

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    @Imaginatio Thanks for all the info. I’ll worry less about weakening spiders and concentrate on confusing Erklings. With “weaker Erklings” I mean the 4-star kind. I think MZ’s like to have those hexed, too, I was just wondering if they are likely to be dispatched first.

    And my approach to “tipping” is a little different. When my stamina is low, I pass focus to the MZ so that they can reanimate me when the time comes. 😂

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    @RachH25 Good points. I agree about getting proficiency cast to benefit the whole team as a first priority. Everything goes faster and smoother when this is done. Others might need to wait a minute for new foes, or for aurors to be able to hex their opponents only strong non ideal foes are spawning for them.

  • RumpelstilzkinRumpelstilzkin Posts: 60 ✭✭
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    Overall, I think teams work fairly well in fortresses. I used to avoid them like the plague, but within the last year, I don’t have many complaints. Sure, you can get players that ignore the rest of the team, but mostly, things work pretty well and sometimes even great, even without communication channels.

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    @RachH25 thank you very much for pointing out that acromantulas are more difficult for aurors to deal with. My professor friend told me that acromantulas are difficult for her, too. I (a magizoologist) will try to fight them before Erklings from now on.

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