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I have so enjoyed looking at the beautiful postcards which have been posted and those I have received. Thank you picture takers!

I have a couple small suggestions for the postcards from Avonshire Park in Toronto.

The park boasts 2 Greenhouses, an Inn and a Tower. One Greenhouse is located in a large grassy area with no major feature. I can understand why the person who took this photo chose to focus on the sign as the only and best focus point to mark the location of the Greenhouse.

To continue the theme of beautiful postcards, here are a couple other possibilities, taken at a prettier time of year.

A couple other notes: the Tower has the same postcard as the Greenhouse, but the Tower is more accurately located between the Inn and the Greenhouse - more like the water fountain I think:

Last, the postcard for the second Greenhouse incorrectly locates it at the Avonshire Sidewalk Sprinklers (arguably the Tower could be said to be located there). I would say this Greenhouse is located at one of the park entrances:

In the event these suggestions are not possible to implement or are not desired, at least I hope some might enjoy my pictures.




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    #203 May, 2021, 03:17 pm.

    you need to have an ingress lv 10 (or is it 12) and/or pogo lv 38 acct to be able to edit/nominate stuff (including but not limited to poi images) from wayfarer, cant do it from here and/or WU. But, indeed, nice pics!

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    #306 May, 2021, 10:57 pm.

    @Drakonite Thanks for the info and for checking out my pics - Gahhhhhh

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    #413 May, 2021, 12:30 pm.

    For anyone playing in Avonshire Park in Toronto - a clarification and correction. The Fountain Greenhouse is actually across the street from the park, but you don't have to cross the street to access it. The photo used for the postcard shows a green light emanating from the fountain, but so far I have not seen it with its lights turned out (or water for that matter!)

    The Tower postcard is the Avonshire sign, and you can access it from the sign, but according to the map, it is at the Avonshire Sprinklers - or the water fountain as shown in my photo. As of yet, I have not seen the sprinklers in action either.

    Most of the time you can sit on a bench at the sprinklers and access the Inn, Tower and Fountain Greenhouse.

    -- Gahhhhhh

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