Loving these babies!

PernicianovowPernicianovow Posts: 56 ✭✭
in Game Events #1 latest comment 14 June, 2021, 02:19 am.

Mooncalves are already cute enough. But babies and Fluffy babes are over the top. Thank you WU!



  • GhostVioletGhostViolet Posts: 13 ✭✭
    #204 May, 2021, 12:42 am.

    This is my favorite event yet! I wasn't expecting super cute new foundables on the map to rescue. For most brilliant events, they repurpose two existing foundables as "brilliant" for traces on the map, and only design brand new foundables that don't require any animations. I totally understand why and I'm not complaining, but it's great to be able to rescue these adorable new foundables

  • OwlxOwlx Posts: 1,227 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #408 May, 2021, 03:14 am.

    The littlest mooncalf is sooo cute!

  • DjeaDjea Posts: 411 ✭✭✭✭
    #508 May, 2021, 07:40 am.

    @hpwulola does these new babies and animations mean that we are going to have a new page. People will definitely love returning these adorable foundables. 😃

  • StarvonneStarvonne Posts: 18 ✭✭
    #607 June, 2021, 02:18 pm.

    And now we have a new page!

    I love it! Thanks, HPWU team!

  • RumpelstilzkinRumpelstilzkin Posts: 227 ✭✭✭
    #710 June, 2021, 12:46 am.

    Has anybody seen a Baby Phoenix yet? The fortress chambers don’t list them as a possible reward. I tried anyway, but I only got a couple of Hagrid’s huts and a Puffskein.

  • MtPolluxMtPollux Posts: 856 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #810 June, 2021, 02:01 am.

    @Rumpelstilzkin the baby phoenix will be a fortress foundable, but it hasn't been turned on yet. Presumably it won't be turned on until community day.

  • RumpelstilzkinRumpelstilzkin Posts: 227 ✭✭✭
    #910 June, 2021, 04:46 pm.

    @MtPollux I know, but that’s what they said about the exploration foundables, too, and those are out already.

  • CmdsdCmdsd Posts: 64 ✭✭✭
    #1010 June, 2021, 05:29 pm.

    @Rumpelstilzkin the baby Phoenix was available in fortresses for a very short amount of time the other day. Then they made it unavailable. I saw someone mention online that it was available, managed to get one fragment. But then couldn’t get anymore. It would have been really easy for most players to have missed the time frame it could be gotten.

  • MtPolluxMtPollux Posts: 856 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #1111 June, 2021, 04:11 am.

    @Rumpelstilzkin if you tap on the silhouette of the phoenix in the registry you'll see it's currently listed as an emergency trace. Fortress-only foundables don't have any threat level listed. When the phoenix is available to earn from the fortress, you'll notice that its threat level is removed.

  • DarkMaiterDarkMaiter Posts: 2 ✭✭
    #1213 June, 2021, 02:28 pm.

    Why does the new page not yield any ministry manuals for collecting the required number of each foundable, like all of the other pages do?

  • RumpelstilzkinRumpelstilzkin Posts: 227 ✭✭✭
    #1313 June, 2021, 05:37 pm.

    @DarkMaiter I hadn’t noticed, but you are right. That must be an oversight.

  • DarkMaiterDarkMaiter Posts: 2 ✭✭
    #1413 June, 2021, 09:24 pm.

    I managed to prestige the new page all the way to gold and feel the developers should somehow make up for the oversight concerning the ministry manuals.

  • RumpelstilzkinRumpelstilzkin Posts: 227 ✭✭✭
    edited June 2021 #1514 June, 2021, 02:19 am.

    I prestiged all the way to gold and feel the developers should give me a new page to work on.

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