Rookie Mistakes

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Here are some of my most spectacular mistakes. References are to (unfortunately hyperlink doesn't appear to work here).

Runestones: I thought that to enter Chamber 5 I needed a runestone of 5 or greater - not. You can get in anywhere with a 1. Conversely, I would be "wasting" a 2 if I used it on Chamber 1, right? Not necessarily: see Focus Guide at focus-guide#topic-34906.

Whoops, I posted before I was ready. More to come.



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    Continuing: I offer the above and below in hopes of helping, as well as general amusement.

    What Not to Do with the Gold Key: There is a tip in the Portkeys & Portmanteaus Guide that the most value for silver keys is to use them on 10 km Portmanteaus. I didn't understand why until I used a gold key in a 10 km portmanteau - which meant my one reusable key was tied up for what seemed forever. In the meantime, I had several lower km portmanteaus waiting for silver keys. It is better to put the gold key in the lowest km portmanteau so that you can use it several times during the time it takes you to unlock a 10 km one.

    How Not to Accidentally Change Professions: I began as a Professor but somehow became an Auror, and then, after completing several Auror lessons, somehow became a Magizoologist. I think this occurred because I pressed the "Switch" button. You see it at the bottom of the 2 professions you are not learning. I thought I was just picking up a couple lessons from other professions - but I had actually switched professions. (For those who are wondering, I switched back to Auror and have stayed there. However, I really liked the Magizoologist skills I picked up, so not all is lost.)

    Multiple Foes in Wizarding Challenges: I couldn't understand comments about, e.g. choosing the order in which to fight foes, choosing which foe to hex, etc. - because I could only see one foe! I was only getting a second or third foe when I had defeated the preceding one. Then I discovered, completely by accident, that if you wait a little bit after the first foe appears, the others ones show up too, one by one.

    Invigoration Potions: I thought these potions would make me extra-strong in battles - like maybe my health bar would be gold for a few minutes and I would have superpowers. Nay. These potions have to do with Focus. Focus gives you the ability to cast hexes and charms. See Focus Guide.

    Wit-Sharpening Potion: Yes, it makes you better in battle, but... ONLY against ELITE foes. Since understanding this I have not seen a single Elite Foe. It turns out I will only see Elite Foes in the "hardest battles", which I have yet to reach. And yes, I did waste some Wit-Sharpening Potions on non-Elite foes, foolishly thinking that the game wouldn't offer me a potion that couldn't be used (so naive)... see Potions Guide.

    Hope that helps and was fun too - Gahhhhhh

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    if you are a "free" player (not investing money to the game), i think its better to save up silver keys to event only portmanteu.

    its benefit greatly on progressing the registry (prestige-ing/star-ring). i preffered not used silver key to Brilliant event too, but if want to used silver key on brilliant event used it in moderation (mininum 5 maybe, the mininum required image BE registry for portkey).

    silver keys are very precious when event only traces come out (ex: the dragons page from oddity family).

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    Re: Wit-Sharpening Potions - They are fairly useful against Adversaries. I'd recommend saving them for those.

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    Hi, may I add to the list of early days mistakes? As an Auror, I was bat-bogeying my foes at 100% stamina before hitting them because I had no clue that this action negated my First Strike ability. I've learned about this on a Reddit WU forum... oops * sweats profusely and hides after this stupid confession *

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    MotherofTwoLions: Thanks for noting that Wit-Sharpening Potion can be used against Adversaries - did not know this. I am guessing that the Potions Guide was put together before Adversaries were introduced.

    KodokMag: Also thanks for a strategy for silver keys I would never have thought of on my own.

    AurorsFocusPls: Love it! I haven't used any hexes or charms yet - will remember this one. -- Gahhhhhh

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    one more thing thou, stick to just 1 profession until finished/completed/maxed. there is no hybrid kind of profession in HPWU (at least right now).

    finish one profession and if want to learn another go ahead or just saving up the resource .

    and adversary lesson (to easier fight againts adversary) will be available to the finished profession lesson.

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    I also thought that when I made a critical cast in Challenges that I had executed it really well - but it seems how I cast the spell doesn't matter in Challenges (so long as you cover the little red dots that are shown when you miss a cast). Instead, ability to cast a critical cast is one of the skills you learn for combat.

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