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I am so disappointed with Niantic's continual disregard of players with a disability, but this is a new low. Flipendo is already one of the most difficult spells. My husband and I are hardcore players and have finished every event, including all bonus events, even if it meant working away at it for hours like the recent dragon adversaries. However, this one seems to be beyond us.

I have fibromyalgia and my husband has a neurological condition that impairs movement. We've both been trying all morning to achieve a masterful on flipendo as practice and neither of us have even come close. For the first time, I doubt we will finish an event :(.

If you're going to do something like this, at least put it in the bonus. Don't leave players with an unfinished event picture when there's so many other options, even with COVID lockdowns. Send gifts to friends? You haven't done that in a long while. I am so disappointed in you.

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    I started playing Ingress early on and have since been having fun playing WU and PoGo. I’ve enjoyed the gameplay and challenges until now, when the Masterful Flipendo trace was introduced to complete the latest Brilliant Event. Not being able to complete an event will be the last straw. The fun is gone and I have spent too much money trying to keep up with the challenges. Maybe it was best that Niantic pushed me out of their gameplay so that I can enjoy other endeavors. Thanks Niantic.

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    Vind het zelf ook heel erg moeilijk! Wel gehaald....

    Maar met bijzonder veel moeite! Niet leuk om 50x het net niet te volmaken!

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    the red dots in the 1st image are the 'touch points' your finger 'has' to pass for the spell not to be a miscast.

    the other 2 sc's are all masterfuls, maybe they can be a visual help for ppl to get masterfuls on that spell/task.

    Good luck!

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    Hi, I remember seeing a comment giving advice to someone with MS to use some kind of spellcaster help app or hack?

    I'd like to pass the info on to someone but can't find it back.

    Does anyone know what it actually is? And is it safe so use or is it considered cheating ?

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    @hpwulola as a predominant leftie player, I'm struggling to get masterful, even with the tips posted by others. I shouldn't have to run out 100 spell energy to try and complete a task! Can you help please? 😁

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    Alright, thanks.

    I have health troubles too, just not having to do with fine motors skills, so I get how frustrating it can be to know you won't be able to do something other people find easy no matter how hard you'll try.

    I read some people prepare cardboard cutouts to place over their screen. I guess it depends how dedicated to the game you are.

    Sure is easier for the support team to mark the task as completed.

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    Yep. Can't do it. I hope they fix it for the rest of us.

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    I really appreciate that hpwulola completed the task for us. Thank you for listening!

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    I also have arthritis, and while I have very occasionally managed a masterful on Meteolojinx and Aguamenti, I have never managed one on any other spell. (And I've been playing since the game opened from Beta.)

    I would rather you didn't save such for the bonus round, because I need those DADA books too. Why don't you make an independent task and identify it for people with dexterity, so those of us who have problems won't waste time on it? It's maddening to complete 3 tasks, only to find out that i have no chance to complete the series.

    However, THANKS @PomonaMroz for the suggestion. I'll give it a try. If only there's a similar way to manage the other spells, because Niantic wil undoubtedly continue trying to run off people with tasks like this.

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    I have extreme difficulty with masterful spells. It is rare to get one and never in flippendo. I have played since the beginning. At least put these in the bonus. I am disappointed in not being able to complete due to dexterity issue. Added note. Once I have up I got 2. Still unsure how. First masterful in a long time.

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