Considering a Profession Change

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So I’ve been playing since January and I do really like being a professor in the fortresses, but it’s super frustrating on the map, and other comments suggest that it’s not going to get less frustrating (also I’m 96/134, so it’s not like I haven’t been improving. I have 8 or 9 nodes I could unlock without RSBs left).

Right now I’m sitting on 46 Restricted Section Books because I’ve been debating how to spend them, and I’m seriously considering just pouring them into a different profession and starting over. Most likely into Auror — I could unlock First Strike and Dancing with Dummies immediately, but I’d be way behind on red spell books. But I could be finished with anything requiring green books by mid-May, if my math is right, and I’ve got plenty of scrolls.

I’ve been holding off because this seems like an extreme and I’ve already put a fair few resources into Professor. But I also just don’t see adversary events in particular becoming fun with the nodes I have left, because the odds and the research all feel pretty stacked against Professor. So I’m left wondering is it worth finishing the profession tree for Professor (which would take most of the summer worth of RSBs) or if it’s worth just making the switch now?



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    Go for auror before its too late. LoL

    Auror is the most less requirement for scroll and books it can be maxed very quickly isnt it, but have the most advantages in fortress and on map.

    Go back for professor if have any spared unused books.😂

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    The other side though, is that if you enjoy professoring in the chambers, you'll probably move to finding yourself one of several aurors instead - and while adversaries will be less painful, they'll probably still not be 'fun' (I'm happy to be challenged there - as magizoologist they're getting better now I have the critical hits up to 'quite likely' and aurors get them higher still).

    Being auror isn't much off being prof in the chambers of course, as long as some people keep on with prof, and/or matchmaking / bus filling gets better

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    I have done all the lessons of auror and after that done all lessons of professor. Now I am learning to be a magizoologist. Evrey proffesion has it's upps and downs. I like to be auror just playing and when I am with my husbant a magizoologist in dark chamber 5. But playing on my own in the bus, I preffer being a professor. And when doing adverseries I think you are better off as magizoologist.

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