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I'm chugging through the SOS tree, and I have had to click nodes that get me longer duration of Inn and Greenhouse charms. But I can't for the life of me figure out what a longer duration does for me - other than let me get past them to other nodes. In the field, I can only use inns and greenhouses once every 5 minutes, despite the duration of their enhancement. And other people can also get spell energy and ingredients from these same inns and greenhouses. So... what's the reward?



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    #202 April, 2021, 09:33 am.

    I don't really use the inn or greenhouse charm so I haven't checked this, but I thought the duration referred to how long the energy/ingredients remain on the map before despawning.

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    I posted a similar question on here a while ago and never got an answer.

    If you skill enough of the duration nodes, you can actually get past the 5 minutes (I think), but what is the point in sticking around for 5 minutes if - in the same time - you could just walk past several more inns or greenhouses.

    So, I consider these nodes pointless which is pretty ironic given that they tend to cost a lot (even RSBs which by now again is the hardest to get resource).

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    #402 April, 2021, 04:09 pm.

    I actually have my Greenhouse Charm duration up over 5 minutes now and the ONE time that happened to stick by a greeenhouse the entire time it was in effect, the game repeatedly glitched and wouldn't let me collect a 2nd time from the greenhouse until the charm ended.

    Charm proficieny nodes are nothing more than expensive roadblocks in the SOS tree.

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    #502 April, 2021, 04:38 pm.

    In short it does this:

    inn charm: place the inn charm on an inn and you then spin the inn you get more se than you would have otherwise, ie: instead of 3 se you get 5 (random numbers). The longer the duration the more times you can spin enhanced (its 2 at max i believe if not mistaken). So, instead of 3+3 you g et 5+5 (make that times 5 charges max instead of 5 inns giving you 3 se you get 5x5. Also casting the inn charm on an inn will spawn single SE icons (1 se per icon) on the ground, im not sure but i think w longer duration it might be spawning more in waves like a dd spawns traces in waves every 2-3 mins.

    its more or less the same for the GH charm (you cast it on a GH then spin/harvest the gh and you get more se/ingreds from that), but there's an additional difference: say you plant snowdrops in a gh, and make it full yield (50 SE) then in an hr you get 9 snowdrop spawns near/around the GH, if you have gh charms and THEN cast them on the specific GH you had the snowdrops (or whatev. else) growing each cast will give you x5 more of that ingredient -in this example 5 snowdrops-, so you get 9+5, if you have 5 gh charges that's 9+(5x5) more snowdrop icons on the map.

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    I've put greenhouse charms on when something was growing at full yield in the greenhouse and always got random ingredient spawns, just the same as when nothing is growing.

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    #702 April, 2021, 05:46 pm.

    after its just finished growing, not during not random. Literally when the stuff are on the ground finished.

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    @Drakonite Are you saying that when I have a charm on an Inn or Greenhouse I get extra spins in that Inn or Greenhouse? Like, I have five minutes to keep getting spell energy and ingredients? If that is how it's supposed to work, then I need to do a bug report, because that is not how it works for me. It just gives me error messages when I try to spin more than once within the 5 minute time limit.

    I think this is what @SparkleLikeAGem was saying above.

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    #902 April, 2021, 10:18 pm.

    I was asking about charming a greenhouse to get a guarantee of which ingredient spawns on the ground.

    Assuming that you are correct, then getting greenhouse charm proficiency, which increases the time between charming the greenhouse, is actually a big negative.

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    edited April 3 #1003 April, 2021, 06:41 am.

    Im saying that if you cast the GH charm at a random moment (not growing or having just grown something) and/or while/during growing something you'll get random stuff. Cast the GH that just spawned stuff on the ground after growing them, (before even picking them up) then you get stuff you just grew in addition to the ones you just grew (full yield or not), wait for the timer to go out cast again non-random, pick up, rinse repeat either until you run out of charges or until it starts spawning random stuff.

    Hope this clarifies.

    There is a bug I've noticed (and others as well):

    say you cast an inn/gh charm then harvest inn/gh it'll show the inn/gh w/o a flag on top (or smoke) indicating youve spinned/visited the POI, then try to spin it again you get a connectivity popup and are thrown in the map. The bug is that its already spinned/visited. Restarting the app (at least for me) places the flag/smoke and when the timer runs out allows me to re-spin and/or cast charm again.

    Something in the server <>client comm. after placing the charm messes up client <> server sync so server thinks youve not visited the POI when client knows you have, restart fixes that.

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    #1104 April, 2021, 05:58 am.

    Thanks, @Drakonite. So now I'm back to my initial question. What do we get by extending the length of time our Greenhouse or Inn charms are active? Just more ingredients and the one-off spell energy? Because I often don't see spawned ingredients from Greenhouse casts, and the Inn spell energy is finite - it doesn't keep reappearing depending on how long the spell lasts. So what do I get for upgrading?

    Maybe @HPWUblue or @hpwulola might be able to answer?

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