You Need to Let Professors Cast Deterioration Hex (or some equivalent) on Adversaries

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When I started playing this game, the implication was that all three professions were intended to be equally good - just in different ways. I picked Professor (because I actually am one - so it seemed appropriate) and my husband picked Auror. Over time, I've come to realize that the game is easier for him than for me. There's a running joke about how every Oddity requires more hits from me than him. But it was manageable. Until Adversaries.

Adversaries are boosted due to the event. So, we ran a little experiment. We each faced the "big boss" without potions. (Healing potions were allowed - but never needed.) We have both maxed our profession and are at 10/15 on Advanced Adversarial Combat.

Draco Malfoy: 15 hits for the Prof to take down; 10 hits for the Auror

Gilderoy Lockhart: 15 hits for the Prof to take down; 10 hits for the Auror

Fenrir Grayback: 15 hits for the Prof to take down; 8 hits for the Auror

I knew it was bad. But this is ridiculous. (We won't get into the fact that he takes down Draco's Dark Wizard in 2 hits while I take 7.) It takes 50% more energy for the Professor than the Auror and there is literally nothing done to compensate for that. Yes, he has fewer hit points - but you nerfed the damage that Adversaries do. So, he very occasionally has to drink an extra healing potion. But if he uses some sort of Estimulo, he takes the Adversary down so fast that those hit points aren't even an issue.

Profs only really "work" in the fortress once they get enhancements going or are able to impair a foe. I've been running a Dawdle Draught in the background on the off chance that that would help by giving me an enhancement (since I have no other use for them these days). And if it's helping, you sure can't tell.

So, let us impair the dang foe. Make the playing field a little more even by adding Det Hex (or some equivalent) to our Advanced Adversarial Combat training tree. Make it fun to play a Prof again before we all quit.



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    #218 February, 2021, 11:44 pm.

    Had the same issue. I just ditched professor😂

  • ChemistryIsFunChemistryIsFun Posts: 24 ✭✭
    #319 February, 2021, 12:43 am.

    That's certainly an option. I've maxed all thee professions for fortress play, though, so that has consumed a lot of resources. And I don't really have the sort of free time required to grind out another full set of books to start another Advanced Adversarial Combat training tree from scratch.

    I'd also point out that if the only real way to deal with this issue is "pick a different profession" then the game designers have screwed up. I suggested one way to fix it. It's their job to be creative enough to think of others. :-)

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    #419 February, 2021, 01:33 am.

    It is not much better for Magizoos (my 1st profession), but at least we have more hit points to compensate. My 2nd profession is Professor and I have to use more potions when I fight as a Professor, definitely :( .

    I wish we could all use our hexes and buffs in Adversary interactions. I guess in the meantime I will try to max out my Auror skill tree...

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    #519 February, 2021, 09:05 pm.

    Another solution would be to let professors have our power and defense bonuses for when we have 2 or greater enhancements.

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    #619 February, 2021, 10:27 pm.

    2 or more enhancements, profs have that perm. enabled from sos nodes (i dont know/remember which ones) the passive they dont have outside of forts is the impairments one.

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    Yes... please keep complaining about battles and they will spend that little time on more battle related things instead of interesting or shall I say magical features. This game had so much potential, and now is just spending days in fortresses and adversaries... Yet people are screaming for more around the battles. (See the other topic demanding more fragments from fortresses....)

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    edited February 20 #820 February, 2021, 08:07 am.

    battle related things IS what I want them to spend time on, more foes, more floors, more fort profession plans, more challenge pages, more fort related things in gen. It is the only thing ingame that has a social aspect to it, everything else is solo and I'm not interested in solo.

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    Another well-reasoned post regarding the unseemly disparity between professions. I can only agree that the matter needs fixing. Beyond the opponent-specific buffs (e.g. Magis +25 power against Erklings) are there any global buffs (e.g. increased crit chance/power on first attack for Auror) that the other two professions can’t benefit from in adversaries?

    Those passive enhancements are more generally an interesting point for me - I’ve tried using potions to trigger the enhancement buff but haven’t noticed any improvement to damage or damage taken. It’s not an ideal solution because I can get through the battles using a bunch of potions anyway, so while perhaps more efficient it’s a little bit robbing Peter to pay Paul.

    On the other hand I’m interested in the reference to SOS training unlocking the buff permanently. I know the buff itself is in combat training rather than SOS, but that reference suggests there’s a way to keep the buff applied at all times irrespective potions. If that’s true, it’s a further sadness as with my level of SOS unlock it would likely mean my rather lamentable adversary experience is with the buff helping me!

  • DrakoniteDrakonite Posts: 1,208 ✭✭✭✭
    #1021 February, 2021, 08:07 am.

    With the max being 96, profs do 63-87 vs adversaries/guards/archfoe depending on their defense. If you are doing 63-87 then you have those nodes, otherwise if youre doing less dmg you don't. The 3 enhancements (its 2 nodes b/c its 1 enhancement and then 3) give 5+12=17 total more damage. (there's an additional comment that's waiting approval from me).

  • DrakoniteDrakonite Posts: 1,208 ✭✭✭✭
    #1121 February, 2021, 08:49 am.

    yeah originally the 2 enhancements were/are in the combat professor profession plan, and if you are a new player who doesn't have the sos trees node(s) you'll still need the 2 buffs in-fort/battle to get the boost, but when sos were released in July 2020 and ppl started doing them they noticed from some point on (which is why there's speculation as to which node(s) it/they are but no concrete idea) that professors started doing 96 dmg vs oddities (no adversaries then yet), when before sos they had 76. Then adversaries were released and those/more professors also had 96 or would have 96 if the advers chains didnt have defense but from extrapolating how much defense those guardians/archfoes had/ve they calculated that they do 'have' 96 dmg but it gets lowered down b/c of foe's defense/defense breach etc.


    is from a discord group's effort to try and understand which node(s) do the trick, I'm not sure if they ever understood exactly which nodes they are in sos tree, stopped paying attention to that convo after a while.

    Also there's still opposing opinions if the buff/enhancements from sos are perm b/c of a bug or intentionally to give profs some help vs oddities/adversaries.

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    #1221 February, 2021, 01:53 pm.

    Thanks @Drakonite that’s all cleared it up. Well, at least the understanding that the rather miserable performance isn’t because I’ve just missed something (I didn’t think I had). My damage is 96 versus oddities. I’d have to wait until I see another iron belly to confirm but I thought it might be down around 45-50 or so damage that I deal to that monster absent a critical hit. I say TBC as that may be data from before I had all the SOS nodes unlocked!

  • HypnoticMichaelHypnoticMichael Posts: 71 ✭✭✭
    #1321 February, 2021, 05:37 pm.

    44 damage against an Ironbelly. Ouch.

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    #1421 February, 2021, 06:11 pm.

    yeah he's the (feared) adver w the most defense, I think auror does something like 60-70 w/o crit/potion? something like that

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    Y’all leave me jaded by your comments (& thusly un-motivated to read or help) & I'm just a novice HPWU blogger who is not employed by Niantic or WB & thusly whom has no business getting jaded.

    A suggestion is that folks read your post back to yourself before you click on the orange “Post Comment” box.... Then ask yourself, would my mother think this is a very nice post that she’d be proud of me for posting - or could I be a bit nicer/constructive? 🤦🏻‍♂️

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    #1624 February, 2021, 03:36 pm.

    @chavens I respectfully disagree with most of what you say.

    Not only did the OP offer a constructive solution but multiple others (including me) raised options and/or enquired after other solutions (also constructive).

    Unfortunately, niceties aside, that level of respect and constructive dialogue simply isn’t being reciprocated. The opportunity presents itself for another constructive point: HPWU staff may offer some engagement on the matter and I’m sure folks would feel that at least their concerns are acknowledged. I note that your post was limited to a criticism of others and didn’t actually speak to the issue at hand.

    The point I agree with you on is not having any business becoming jaded. All I would add is that if you’re getting jaded just reading about the problems other players are facing, imagine how it must feel to experience them, and all the more so in the absence of any reasoned reply.

    Despite my fundamental disagreement with your indicated view of the earlier thread, as an adult open to considering alternative viewpoints and valuing diversity of thought, I’m nonetheless interested in checking out your blog. I’m particularly interested to see how and where you’re helping out having actively-shared your disinclination to offer support here.

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    What makes it worse is that the Bitterroot drop rate is very low for me. I'm a maxed professor., so I really need Exstimulo potions. The bitterroot ingredient and Bitterroot seed drop rates are very very low for me. I have 151 snowdrops but zero Bitterroot.

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    #1825 February, 2021, 10:42 am.


    @chavens wrote "I'm just a novice HPWU blogger who is not employed by Niantic or WB"

    Note the NOT. Also, you can be very patronizing and condescending at times, as well.

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    #1925 February, 2021, 05:21 pm.

    doubtful, but thanks for your imput.

  • BenTigerBenTiger Posts: 594 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #2025 February, 2021, 08:22 pm.

    @Drakonite Way to abuse the abuse flag. Review some of your other posts on similar topics and you will see exactly why I said what I did... and your welcome for my "input".

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    @BenTiger you assume it was me, Assumptions are dangerous, I wrote a reply and left. Way to abuse the tag thing. Please stop tagging me. And it is you are, not your.. You think I am what I am, that does not mean I am. It just means you have an erroneous belief about me, you are entitled to it, but it does not make it right. I am a mirror, if you are something to me I am going to be that to you, negative or positive. Perhaps you should look back at your own posts when someone disagrees with you and reflect on those, yeah? yeah.

    Also, I think that this thread has befallen to personal attacks so probs @HPWUblue should close it. :)

  • BenTigerBenTiger Posts: 594 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #2226 February, 2021, 12:06 am.

    @Drakonite Technically, many will argue that it is "you're", but your can be used as the welcome is given to you, so becomes your possession. It's all a bunch of technicalities... but congrats on finding that, since I pointed out your issue that was completely incorrect... and the posts that I am referring to were your condensending attitude to others talking about Professors being at a disadvantage in adversaries. Your response contained gloating and condensending attitudes that were not present from previous posters, followed by you basically claiming that their complaints were irrelevant (funny thing is that you mirrored their concerns in a further post, thus invalidating your entire post that condemned them), so your mirror analogy is a moot point.

    I do agree, you brought this thread to personal attacks. I am simply pointing out that you are being as bad, if not worse than the one that you were criticizing. Maybe you should learn from @HypnoticMichael . His post was critical, but constructively written and well addressed his point, unlike your accusations against @chavens, which included you misinterpreting what he wrote, due to you overlooking the NOT.

  • HypnoticMichaelHypnoticMichael Posts: 71 ✭✭✭
    #2326 February, 2021, 07:00 am.

    @BenTiger Thank you for the acknowledgement that my post came across the way it was intended - I will openly admit that while I aimed for that balance I don’t feel I have a natural talent for finding it.

    In pursuit of that, please indulge me in circling back to the main topic: the OP made a really good suggestion, seemingly arising from the disparity between professions, my personal experience of which is a stark one. I have had patience suggested because who knows what will happen when lethal adversaries appear (and that’s not in any way poor advice) although the notion of professors being mysteriously advantaged at that point is one I find difficult to imagine in isolation of an image of a Gloucestershire Old Spot gliding serenely past my second floor window.

    Another option might be to improve the response professors get from potions. In the same way the profession is quite frail, so it might be the same dose of potion has more effect so that there’s no longer a need to be using both exst and heals on many archfoes (more like other professions).

    I thought about making an option to make potions easier to brew given the rate at which I for one consume them out of necessity in adversary encounters. Perhaps a speed boost and ingredient rebate. However, on the one hand that seems open to abuse as a player could switch to professor to brew up then back to their “real” profession, while on the other if it were a rate increase that only occurred while the profession were active (the clock just ticks twice as fast) then that would make abuse less likely, as would an ingredient rebate only happening if the potion were both started and finished as a professor, or that was the profession all the way through.

    I’m entirely open to disagreement with the views I hold, too. Contrary views like “Actually you’ve just been unlucky because the stats would say this...” or “Hey HM, you’re right there is a disadvantage for profs but it’s there for a reason and I’ll tell you for why...” are more than welcome, too!

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    #2426 February, 2021, 07:31 am.

    Again, it is your right to be incorrect @BenTiger but it is not your right to continue to attack me. Move on. I have never gloated or told any1 their concerns are invalid and I attacked the person who attacked others here, before that I pointed out that 1/2 of professors passives are active and then explained why/how. If that makes you think I attacked first that is your problem not mine.

    As to the your/you're/you are. Technically the you are is the correct and the you're is second best. And possession or not you are, you're does not become your, except for bad grammar.

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    Drakonite (intentionally did not @, to try and keep him from further whining and detracting from the subject of this thread). Take your own advise and let's get back on to the subject. I am not going to humor your ignorance any longer.

    To anyone who wants to stay on topic look up two posts to another well written post and ignore the post above.

    @HypnoticMichael I like your ideas on a potion rebate, but I would take it one step further. Give Professors a time and ingredient discount; as Professors would have the knowledge to construct potions superior to the other professions. In the case of Basic Extimulo, make it so they can craft two for the cost of one, as you cannot fraction ingredients. This would counteract the insane amount of potions required for Professors to perform on par as the other professions in Adversary battles.

    I am lucky and live within reach of a greenhouse, but I know that most Professors in my area are not in as good of a situation, so they are constantly depleted on ingredients. The time reduction from S.O.S. skills has helped with keeping up with potion crafting, but those that are not heavily invested in the S.O.S. trees can't keep up with the high potion demand for Professors to combat Adversaries.

    DADA books are required for advancement, but as the game sits now; a new player who chose to follow the path to become a Professor is at an extreme disadvantage to the other professions. They will not be able to collect DADA books nearly as efficiently. Veteran players can compensate for some of the failures of the profession, but we should not be forced to take so many additional steps, just to try and compete on par with the other professions.

    The biggest failure in my opinion is that even the Magizoologists are far superior to Professors vs. Adversaries. They are supposed to be a tank/healer class, so why is it that they out damage Professors?

    Without our hexes, Professors are at too much of a disadvantage. Another easy solution would be to make our hexes passives (similar to the OP's idea, but bypassing trying to find a way to allow for a cast during battle) vs. Adversaries (or at least a weakened version of the hex to offset the low amount of damage we deal). This would put us more on par with the other professions, especially since Magizoologist passive skills are always active outside of Challenges.

    NOTE: I am just talking about the Deterioration Hex. Professors should not have access to charms, unless Aurors will also gain access to their hexes and Magizoologist access to their heal. This would result in Aurors being way overpowered vs Adversaries, so it would be best to just avoid it. Magizoologists would also gain little benefit from their heal, due to their high defense and stamina.

  • KodokmagKodokmag Posts: 1,002 ✭✭✭✭
    #2626 February, 2021, 09:34 am.

    just a thought:

    how about professor got 1 additional charge for potions? this cant be abused isnt it?

  • HypnoticMichaelHypnoticMichael Posts: 71 ✭✭✭
    #2726 February, 2021, 08:52 pm.

    I’m really glad to see the latest posts right back on the topic raised by the OP - thank you both. I really like the ideas, too. All I can really do is agree that these are all constructive options well worthy of consideration to combat a clearly flawed aspect of the game. I don’t know how difficult it would be for the devs to apply hexes passively, but it seems that boosting potions (even if only for the adversaries) would be pretty manageable.

    On the point about the SOS tree, that of course stands in the way of completing another profession as they both require RSBs in places, and I have also noted (I think it’s in other threads too) the reference to the truly bizarre “feature” of the magi out-damaging the prof.

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