SOS Training node unhelpful: used DADA books unnecessarily

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I unlocked the False passage mode and it is supposed to give out spellbooks. Now there are nodes that give out wizarding XP - they both claim to "increase chances of rewards" but I receive VP each time my trunk gets full but I haven't received any spellbooks as yet.

DADA book requirements are very high for some nodes and they take like 2-4 brilliant events to unlock barring us from unlocking low requirement nodes too.

Is this how this node is supposed to work?



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    #213 September, 2020, 06:35 pm.

    @Eleanor001 The wizarding XP is for every trunk, but False Passage is just for trunks from the Legends of Hogwarts family. I haven't purchased any of those types of nodes yet, but if they work like the trace charm refresh, you will get a red spell book about 5% of the time, but again, only from trunks in that family.

    I'll be purchasing that node next and recording my data, so once I have a large enough sample, I'll share what my findings are about the percentage of trunks yielding a book reward.

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    #316 September, 2020, 07:57 am.

    @Attrition I recently updated a node that gives trace charm in trunks. You're right, I thought just as the trunk gives increased xp each time the same is not applicable to these nodes.

    I just assumed that every time my Legends of Hogwarts family trunk would fill up it would guarantee a spellbook just like the increased XP. Guess it's a luck chance.

    Although please let me know your findings. They'll help me understand the frequency of spellbooks given per x number of trunks. Thank you!

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