September Brilliant Event Week 1

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Witches and Wizards,

Help return Brilliant Foundables from the Room of Rooms during Part 1 of the Battle of the Department of Mysteries Brilliant Event, starting Tuesday, September 15 at 11 a.m. PT.

The Brilliant Foundables featured during this event can be found in the following locations:

  • Bell Jar of Time - Wizarding Challenges
  • Ron Weasley - Brilliant Portkey
  • Luna Lovegood - Tasks
  • Brilliant Veil - Encounter
  • Brilliant Tank of Brains - Encounter

Brilliant Portkeys for this event will be 1.5km. As a reminder, Part 1 Portkeys will give you Part 1 rewards anytime you open them, even if you wait to open them during Part 2. 

Don’t forget to pick up your complimentary store pack which will contain the following:

  • 6x Baneberry
  • 4x Bulbadox Juice
  • 4x Angels Trumpet
  • 2x Erumpent Horn
  • 25 Spell Energy

Keep an eye out for Bonus Assignments that will be available in game after the main tasks have been completed!

Please note: To enable as many players around the world as possible to participate safely, this event has been adjusted to facilitate playing from wherever you are. Please remember to adhere to local rules and regulations, and be respectful of others and your surroundings.

-The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Team



  • Dragons1111Dragons1111 Posts: 138 ✭✭
    #214 September, 2020, 02:42 pm.

    Tempted to postpone my break. Lol

  • KodokmagKodokmag Posts: 647 ✭✭✭
    #314 September, 2020, 07:35 pm.


    thats something. 🤨

  • BaldyOneBaldyOne Posts: 13 ✭✭
    #514 September, 2020, 11:31 pm.

    Omnioculars are the last thing I need to prestige that page to gold. Looking forward to this event.

  • MempoMempo Posts: 9 ✭✭
    #615 September, 2020, 09:43 pm.

    I know this says it is adjusted to do from wherever you are... but the first set of quests has something a ton of us in rural areas can't do. Would be really great if there was a way to even just get a few ingredients of the ground for quests.

  • enTrainedenTrained Posts: 2 ✭✭
    #715 September, 2020, 10:52 pm.

    Has anyone noticed that it now takes 20 encounters to place a brilliant encounter image in the last brilliant event and this one? It used to be 15. This makes it harder to level up the brilliant event and acquire runestones.

  • PokemorchoPokemorcho Posts: 2
    #816 September, 2020, 07:43 am.

    If you ask for a lot family xp, please correct the spawn.

  • KodokmagKodokmag Posts: 647 ✭✭✭
    #916 September, 2020, 03:27 pm.

    Is it knight bus or is it my connection?

    Either way, please 'release' my account. 😬

    My account seems locked at that elit spider

  • HPWUblueHPWUblue Posts: 744 mod
    #1016 September, 2020, 03:47 pm.

    Hey @Kodokmag! I've attempted a fix on your account. Can you try again and let me know how it goes?

  • KodokmagKodokmag Posts: 647 ✭✭✭
    #1116 September, 2020, 07:50 pm.

    @HPWUblue its resolved, thank you

  • Strider86Strider86 Posts: 16 ✭✭
    #1216 September, 2020, 08:37 pm.

    Knight bus login loop again. Come on guys this must have been resolved by now. It’s every event.

  • HPWUblueHPWUblue Posts: 744 mod
    #1316 September, 2020, 09:49 pm.

    I've attempted the fix on your account too @Strider86

    If anyone else experience this issue, please reply here for visibility: Restart loop AGAIN

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