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Earlier it was annouced: "Hedwig and Harry Potter Encounters are giving an incorrect amount of Wizarding XP.

We are going to continue to run the current XP amount until 12pm tomorrow, July 18, Pacific Time. At that time, we will change the Wizarding XP to the correct amounts for both Hedwig and Harry Potter Encounters.

We apologize for this issue and thank you for your patience."


Is it safe to assume that the XP values we are currently receiving are greater than intended?

If yes, will existing progress be rolled back to reflect the updated amount tomorrow at noon or will your existing progress remain but there will just be updated XP values gained on new foundables?



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    I have noticed that when Harry is getting attacked by dementor, it resists good cast, great cast, and even the one time I got masterful cast... Then is disappeared. It needs to be fixed, I think, to not always resist. I spent 24 energy... 24! Still didnt get it! Even with a masterful cast and about a dozen or so greats...

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    @Siragaz no, rest assure there won't be any rollback.. it's a costly and risky operation to perform (speaking for experience) and you do it only to fix breaking problems. Some more EXP than intended is not. So push grind with them baruffios before they change it! :-)

    In any case I felt that the Wiz.exp was fine given that the current traces are more difficult to catch on averange than the flora/fauna (at least to my experience, especially harry sometimes is infuriating). If anything, if you are nerfing the exp gain, can you at least nerf also the resist rate too @HPWUMicah ? Thanks :-)

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    For the dementor attacks I've used the strong estimulo potion and it has worked every time. I have noticed that if I don't use it then I spend a lot of energy and end up maybe not catching anything.

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    #518 July, 2019, 12:10 pm.

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    *Please fix forums, my entire reply just disappeared*

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    Hi folks, great questions here. Sorry that the announcement wasn't clear, @FunkyGaaroth is correct that this change won't affect XP that you have already acquired, just the XP distribution rate moving forward as it was greater than we originally intended it to be.

    Hope you enjoyed the unexpected bonus XP!

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    You promised 500Xp.....well, I was receiving 500XP...and with a brain potion it was 1,000XP... what an event I thought.....oh, you fixed it?!?... what did you fix???? The event XP dropped from 500 to 100......!!!!!! What is so special about the "special event" now???? Oh, I know....NOTHING!!!!!

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    When did they promise 500XP, @Sheganer

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    #1119 July, 2019, 01:30 am.


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    WOW! The XP was totally slashed. I'm glad I hit the grind while it lasted. I really think they went too far though. Now the Brilliant Foundables give less than some low-medium normal ones but are way harder to catch.

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    I'm glad I went on a farming spree before the nerf. Now a brilliant Hedwig gives as much as a flobberworm.

    This wasn't a nerf, this was a annihilation of the event.

    I could understand some tweaking and balancing but you could have done without the napalm.

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    I'm sure we'll have a more happy medium in the future. Until then I'm pretty much skipping the current Brilliants unless they pop up at my house.

    Side note: has anyone seen an actual increase in the Hogwarts traces? I've been aiming for them in particular but haven't seen anymore than I normally do...

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    TBH, since we've filled out our registry, we're skipping the brilliant traces and focus on the regular ones. They're more energy/xp friendly.

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    @Sheganer Hub is a group of players/reporters, they aren't actually WU or Niantic. When they posted it they were merely informing other players.

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    @CytopeAchen beat me to it. hehe.

    That site is not official notices.

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