Need too many potions



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    #3210 August, 2020, 07:45 pm.

    That’s enough now the lot of you. You disagree, move on. No need to escalate any further.

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    @Drakonite Empirical evidence is evidence gathered by observation. For example, 60,000 traces worth of data gathered about trace behavior, gathered by my observations.

    Observational bias is drawing a conclusion based on expectations and then selecting only the evidence that supports that conclusion. As my conclusion was different than my expectations, there is no observational bias present. Unlike in your case, where you expect that things are the same and select only the evidence that confirms that expectation.

    Please feel free not to enter a data based discussion without correctly understanding the terms you're currently misusing.

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    Observer bias (also called experimenter bias or research bias) is the tendency to see what we expect to see, or what we want to see. When a researcher studies a certain group, they usually come to an experiment with prior knowledge and subjective feelings about the group being studied

    Empirical evidence is the information received by means of documenting patterns and behavior through experimentation. The term comes from the Greek word for experience, ἐμπειρία (empeiría).

    you keep wanting to be correct and so you believe your data prove this. So yes, please do learn and understand the terms you have abused before entering a data discussion and please please please stop providing observasional bias as evidence. Also please stop bothering me, my time is precious, although I dont expect a child like you to understand it, perhaps later when you become an adult, ey?

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    oh no, don't close thread, it is a lot of fun here :)

    btw: lvl 56, ~53k traces and I do not see significant difference before update or after it in resist or depart rate.

    @Attrition did you learn enough "general spell mastery" + "categorized spell mastery"? I have 1780 "general" and 200-300 "categorized" in all 9 families. So with spell mastery 2000+ it is very unusual for me when trace(not high or above) resists more than once.

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    #3710 August, 2020, 09:25 pm.

    @SoulPowerX I have since purchased enough mastery to regain the game play that I had experienced before the update. The issue that I'm expressing is not that the problem was insurmountable, but that it was being passed off as a visual bug instead of an actual difference in the game play. It sounds like you quickly gathered enough mastery to regain your previous level without noticing an issue.

    @Dewin99 I apologize to anyone who is uncomfortable with confrontation, but I do not permit people to talk down to me, especially when they're incorrect. If Drakonite wants to have an actual discussion, providing details of his experiences and the data he's collected I'll happily and politely discuss it. If he or she, or anyone else, chooses to get combative or condescending they will be answered in kind.

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    For what its' worth, I'm level 43 and sank the vast majority of my gifted SOS books into family mastery and do-not-disapparate.

    For an almost meaningless metric, I'm at 105/169 for Calamity Essentials I, 82/246, and 14/147. I'm saving my DADA books to get the 15 needed for the "Whetstone For the Mind" at CE II, level 22. That seems to unlock the most beneficial path imo.

    Since the update I have noticed an *obvious* increase in the difficulty (% of capture success per spell/energy) for some traces but most remain effectively the same. I have always only used potions on Orange and Red, and since the update I have not had to change that strategy.

    From my experience, they seem to have lowered the capture %, and increased the disapparate % to require you to spend books to get the game balance right back to where it was before the SOS "update".

    I've also noticed that skills that increase your spell mastery help with oddities. I can one-shot a dragon now (which is horribly wrong imo). Various oddities which took 2-3 casts before now take 1. I have not noticed any change to damage in towers though.

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    @Attrition I see your point, I really do. However this ‘discussion’ has run its course. You both have opposing views on a subject, you both see one and other as being ‘right’, and you’re only succeeding in antagonising each other if you continue down this rabbit hole.

    My advice (do with it as you see fit) is to simply walk away from a potentially toxic continuance.

    Carrying on with this will do you no good whatsoever. How’s your heart rate / blood pressure at the moment? If it’s raised, walk away, nobody will think less of you, they’ll probably think more of you.

    I wish you both the very best.

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    This thread is closed. Best wishes 😅

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