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At the beginning of the week (before the Knight Bus bug) I got Field guides when a category was upgraded.

After the Knight Bus bug was fixed, I started getting scrolls instead. I also get scrolls for competing the daily assignments. I am not getting any credit for the scrolls.

I think that when the new books were introduced, the scrolls I had were transformed into the field guides. So far I have earned more than 125 runestones from the current brilliant events with 4 or 5 scrolls for each one. I have also upgraded lots of categories and received scrolls each time.

I am getting one or more field guides each time a fragment is returned.

Playing Harry Potter is one way I have been getting through the COVID isolation. Progressing through the game is one of the few things that makes me fee I am accomplishing something. Please let me know if you can change the game to give credit for those activities that currently give scrolls.

It is alright is you can not fix what has already been rewarded. Just fix things going forward.


RKBookman (Reader1946)

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  • HPWUrobertHPWUrobert Posts: 711 admin
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    Placing non-brilliant and non-mystery items in the Registry rewards Ministry Manuals. Ranking up a Brilliant page rewards scrolls.

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    #330 July, 2020, 11:11 pm.

    As I said, I am getting no credit for the scrolls. There is no display showing scrolls earned nor any way to use them.

    thanks for the quick reply.

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    @Reader1946 You can see your scrolls either on the combat training page or in your vault (utility-page).

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