Allow more people in each virtual fortress

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Lately I have a hard time finding a group, or a group with good mix of professions to do the Knight Bus fortress challenge with. Many times the virtual fortress had noone waiting in the lobby of any chambers at all. It takes quite a long wait to find more people to join. And after waiting for more people, or hopping on and off the bus to find more people, majority of times I get too many players in the same professions. Would you be able to allow more people in each virtual fortress, so it’s easier to find a group and a group with good mix of professions?



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    #231 May, 2020, 09:52 am.

    very true.

    lurking in low level chambers again, kind of waste of rune now.

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    #301 June, 2020, 11:54 pm.

    @SlumberFelix I don't know that it is completely a matter of limiting numbers. I know that the group I fortress with, who are all over the world, tend to actually look for empty fortresses to beacon from so that we have less intrusion and intrude less on other groups when we are beaconing to each other.

    There are times when some of the servers I jump in and out of are positively overflowing while looking for my friend's beacon. Other servers you can practically hear the crickets. So it might be worth jumping in and out of the bus a few times to see if you can land in one of those more heavily populated fortresses.

    As for the note about profession mixes, I have noted that when I am playing as MZ, I tend to find myself in a MZ heavy fortress. As Auror, the same thing often occurs, however, when I jump on and off the bus a handful of times, I notice that the mixes tend to improve.

    Just some food for thought and best of luck in finding the right mix for you!

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    #420 July, 2020, 07:58 pm.

    It would beneficial if we could change our professions while in the fortress chamber when the time is counting down, similar to changing the type of runestone we use. I have mastered all 3 professions and could easily swap over to balance out a group of 5 that is awaiting one certain profession to start.

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    #521 July, 2020, 04:45 am.

    @WolfBrother A beta player, then? I am envious of the maxed professions! I am as maxed as I can be for a non beta player!

    I agree, would be so helpful to be able to switch professions.

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