Negative Numbers for Enemy Count in Fortress

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As you can see in the attached photo, the count for the remaining enemies became a negative number during this Hogwarts Fortress chamber battle. Also, some of the icon pictures of the enemies that spawned did not load properly as you can see in the photo there are orangey yellow circles instead of the usual pictures of whichever type of enemy it was that spawned. The correct picture of an enemy would eventually display properly in the pre-fight screen when the enemy was selected to be fought. However, the correct icon would not appear before the pre-fight screen was accessed if the enemy initially appeared as an orangey yellow circle whenever it spawned.

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    #215 July, 2020, 06:17 pm.

    This is expected behavior when there is an unstable connection detected from the player side, and the game will attempt to display values that it thinks the server displays. Ensure that you have a stable connection throughout gameplay.

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    Device: Google Pixel

    OS: Android 10 (kernel 3.18.137-g72a7a64494e / build QP1A.191005.007.A3 / Google Play update 2020-07-01)

    Description: Noticed that the number of foes that were remaining in the chamber (Forest 1) was smaller than the icons. As the battle wore on, we went negative as seen above.

    Possible related issue - some of the icons were overlaying each other. I had a Pixie that was completely overlaying a Death Eater. Tried to get to the Pixie but got the Death Eater. Tried again, got the Pixie. There was also another Werewolf/Erlking overlay earlier.

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