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I would like the option to set up a base. A location on the map established by the player in which that player has access to certain features. For example, a player's base could have a garden, where that player could plant seeds that grew 20% faster. A player's base could have a kitchen, where you could get energy, but only 3 or 4 times a day. Maybe certain foundable families would be more likely to spawn around your base, depending both on your current profession & professions mastered (such as Magizoology & Care of Magical Creatures for Magizoologists, Legends of Hogwarts & Hogwarts School for professors, Dark Arts & Mysterious Artefacts for Aurors).



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    @Quailfoot this is a nice idea. Though a fixed location on the map may be problematic for some players.

    Maybe it can be like Newt’s suitcase, but your very own one has been upgraded and therefore it’ll go with you on your travels when fighting the calamity. Although, if it’s like that then it’s use may need to be limited. So like you said, limited access to a kitchen like area and possibly a limit on the seeds you can grow in a week. The spawns could maybe happen occasionally in a certain area of the suitcase dedicated to studying and fighting against the calamity.

    An AR feature for the suitcase to incorporate all of this and the current suitcase options would be awesome. Though, there may need to be an option to turn the AR off as it may be a problem on certain phones.

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    Seems like good idea... I would be for a base... I would give user option to move base though (perhaps 1x month)

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    I would imagine that this would be something Niantic would offer as part of a subscription package. They've been putting feelers out for something like this.

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