Baby beasts event issues

GondaftGondaft Posts: 1
in Report a Bug #1 latest comment 01 July, 2020, 12:54 pm.

Since the baby beastss event started I have not been able to access the event and daily tasks. The icon shows as blank. I have tried reinstalling the app but now takes a few minutes to even start and i get blank screens while trying to access anything.

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  • KitzenKitzen Posts: 91 ✭✭
    #201 July, 2020, 06:29 am.

    @Gondaft have you downloaded the latest assets?

  • DextraoneDextraone Posts: 35 ✭✭
    #301 July, 2020, 11:42 am.

    Major headslap moment! I didn't have the red dot notification over the settings icon and didn't remember to check for assets.... Fumbled thru to 3rd set of tasks, got a phone call during first TTD and phone spontaneously restarted. I started the app again and resumed with the TTD and yet only ended up with one baby niffler! Completed one wizarding challenge with a brilliant runestone just fine, but the second was wrought with errors. Big apologies to my teammates! App didn't crash, but my defeated werewolf kept bouncing back up with zero stamina yet I had no wand. When I finally returned to the chamber, had 15 focus, but as I attempted to Charm or Hex I had a myriad of errors pop up. I did manage to finally throw out some charms in the waning seconds... Gonna try the asset download now.

  • Indi71Indi71 Posts: 1
    #401 July, 2020, 12:19 pm.

    Hello. New here. Anyone have an issue with completing your highest chamber and not recieve credit for the bonus assignment?

  • KitzenKitzen Posts: 91 ✭✭
    #501 July, 2020, 12:54 pm.

    @Indi71 you need to win the chamber

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