SOS Levels messed up since November 2019

RamiezRamiez Posts: 2
in Report a Bug #1 latest comment 02 October, 2020, 09:20 am.

Back in November of 2019, my game had a bug. A bunch of my achievements and sos tasks messed up. While the rest went back to normal. My SOS task page hasn’t been fixed. I reported it. And have followed up. But it’s never been fixed. All I had left was a battle with 3 others. With the new knights bus it would be really nice to be able to finish the SOS.

As you can see, the SOS page shows I need to be level 3. But I am level 36.

-I’ve reported it a few times, no help.

-I’ve gone up levels several times since the bug. This hasn’t fixed it.

Any suggestions on how to get this fixed??

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Working on a Fix · Last Updated

Players Level 3 or higher will see a confusing message to reach level 3 in order to unlock more SOS Assignments if they've completed all available SOS Assignments. This message will disappear when new assignments are added.


  • AccioWineTimeAccioWineTime Posts: 4 ✭✭
    #201 May, 2020, 12:12 am.

    This same thing happened to me. I was told that the SOS assignment to complete a fortress challenge with 3 friends was the last SOS assignment, and seeing as how I don’t know any locals that play, I didn’t bother reporting it at the time. Figured that it would eventually get worked out. Here we are, many months down the road and it still shows this same screen. I also thought it would be nice to be able to complete the last SOS assignment now that the knight bus exists. Also figured that some new assignments would roll out eventually so would love to have this fixed. I’m currently a level 37

  • OodibigahOodibigah Posts: 2
    #313 May, 2020, 07:40 pm.

    I am glad to see I am not the only one who has this longstanding issue since November. I just filed a bug report within the game but based on what I have seen here (other thread, same issue closed) there may not be a fix anytime soon. However I want to keep it going that it still exists for multiple players. I was at least level 20 when it happened, and am now close to reaching level 40. :-)

  • LarkimedesLarkimedes Posts: 2 ✭✭
    #419 June, 2020, 01:11 pm.

    I have had the same issue for months. I'm level 36 and see the same screen.

  • 4HazelOldridge4HazelOldridge Posts: 11
    #521 June, 2020, 04:19 pm.

    I have the same issue. Level 36 wizard.

  • AcornyratAcornyrat Posts: 1
    #613 July, 2020, 03:41 pm.

    I too hav ethics issue as well as having a lock on all event titles and badges locked/unavailable from before the bug hit. I can not remove the title Defeater of Death eaters As it says I have to unlock /complete first. I would like it removed.

  • AmeliaFoxBearAmeliaFoxBear Posts: 2 ✭✭
    #713 July, 2020, 05:24 pm.

    Arg, so glad I’m not the only one. I’ve reported this multiple times to no avail. I never completed the assignments because I didn’t have others to play with, but now that new ones are coming out, I would really like it fixed!

  • ReinedayReineday Posts: 2
    #814 July, 2020, 01:43 am.

    I have the same issue. I finally contacted them in the game in May and nothing has changed.

  • ElizaraElizara Posts: 0
    #915 July, 2020, 09:08 pm.

    From June 2019 to October 2019, I completed many SOS Tasks. Then suddenly last October, my SOS Tasks changed to the screen that says: Confounding Confoundables: Reach Wizarding Level 3 to unlock new SOS Assignments. I am currently level 41. I have only played on one device, my iPhone 7 Plus. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times with no change. I have reported this bug before, but no change. HELP PLEASE!

  • HPWUblueHPWUblue Posts: 1,636 mod
    #1015 July, 2020, 09:39 pm.

    Hello @Elizara, I've merged your thread with a related discussion for visibility. You may see this message once you've completed all the SOS Assignments. This message will disappear when new assignments are added.

  • MeguchaMegucha Posts: 0 ✭✭
    #1114 September, 2020, 10:13 pm.

    I am currently level 40. My SOS assignments are locked. It says I need to reach level 3 to unlock new assignments. It has been locked since around level 27.

  • ZulugutaZuluguta Posts: 3
    #1202 October, 2020, 09:20 am.

    I also have the same issue

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