Completing a fortress

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some Background: I don’t know anyone irl that plays the game, except my husband who only played in the beginning to help with Friends specific tasks, and quickly lost interest in the game. And I have never encountered another player at any fortress. so I solo. I’m a lvl13 auror and lvl42 wizard.

anyways, a few weeks ago I finally completed all the levels in the fortress and I was kind of expecting something, anything, to happen. Like a character conversation pop up or perhaps information about the “wanted” posters pages in the challenge registry. But there was nothing!

has anyone else had a different experience?



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    #218 January, 2020, 09:41 pm.

    I feel your pain, @Cassasauresrex. There are several achievements in the game that feel much more anticlimactic than I was expecting, like completing gold pages in the registry.

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    True. And getting to level 15 in Auror lessons only to discover it’s a brick wall until the Wizarding gods decide to grace us with more lessons and the realm beyond Dark V.

    Hey Cassasaurusrex, I’ve fought with you in a couple fortresses-good game!

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