HOW TO STOP Players who don't contribute in chambers.



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    #3209 June, 2020, 08:29 pm.

    Also, I posted this in another discussion but I wanted to pose the question here as well:

    Also on a sidenote I have a question for all the magi out there: what is your strategy when playing fortresses with a team? 

    Spiders are usually the foes that can take half my stamina with one hit and so during team battles I avoid spiders at all costs, especially if there’s a magic playing, my expectations are that they would be responsible for any spider foes. 

    agree or disagree?

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    Acromantulas (Spiders) are the foes with the highest POWER of all foes and the 2nd highest STAMINA. That means that only Magizoologists should engage them and all other professions should stay clear of them - unless there is no Magizoologist in the group. If there's no Magizoologist in the group, then it falls to the Professors to deal with them.

    Aurors however should avoid them completely.

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    @Cassasauresrex as magiz on team battle. first round battle usually taking the weakest if any because i need focus as fast as possible.

    after that i take the hardest foe down to the lowest available. because if foes mix have too many beast, others could help take the lowest foe.

    the downside from random mix team is sometimes auror forget the cast confusion on 4-5 star erkling. a few times i got stuck on erkling dodge for a few minutes!!!

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    Yes, @Cassasauresrex ! I just played a Level 14 with three A's and one P and me. We faced a slew of oddities and dark foes. One pixie. Before I could get to it, one of the A's went to the pixie. Which forced me to go to one of the foes that wasn't my strength. And I was the only Magizoo there - so it is prudent for them to let me focus on my strength so I'm not stuck in battle and can revive them. Of course, I had to revive him within 30 seconds. All three of the A's were flailing around fighting foes that were not their strength.

    We lost. With five people. I bet at least two of those A's were not high ranking.

    I'm starting to think that the hotshots who think they can do anything, and think that playing to their strengths and admitting their weaknesses is somehow an insult are the players who become Aurors. There, I've said it. The gauntlet is dropped.

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    @VoiceMaster there's nothing like a sweeping generalization that insults a large group of people to help move a discussion forward.

    For what it's worth, I think most people would agree that it's okay to wait a few moments if you don't have any foes that you're proficient against. Let the professor and aurors handle the curiosities and dark foes while you wait for a beast to show up.

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    @MtPollux Sorry to disagree, but I don't think that @VoiceMaster is necessarily insulting people.

    I have thought for a long time that certain professions attract certain personalities. I don't think these are the onky people in these professions, but there is a correlation. For example, I want strength, but I am afraid of vulnerability and want to be self sufficient.... There is a reason, I went for professor first, and not just because I am a teacher in real life.

    Those people who are all about jumping in and hitting hard ARE going to prefer auror, because it gives them the skills to do just that. It doesn't mean that all aurors will be like that, just a portion of them. I think of it like a venn diagram, where the smaller "hotshots" circle largely sits within auror, with a few professor, and very few magizoologists. There is still a significant number of aurors who don't fit this description.

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    @Lucoire I mistyped. It was an Erkling. A green one. For a long time when I first started playing, I thought Pixies and Erklings were the same family. Sorry about the mix up. The point is it was definitely something I can knock out in three swipes.

    And , @MtPollux I'm just having a bit of fun. One of the things I like about the team challenges is that you really do have to own your weaknesses as well as your strengths. I know a lot of people who can't own weaknesses, and a lot of people who can't own strengths. It's what we do when we compare what houses we're in. "Nurses are Hufflepuffs. Racecar drivers are Griffndors. Etc." Of course not everybody fits these categories. But it's fun to spar with each other.

    @Magpie31 I also started out as a Professor for the same exact reasons you detailed above. But then there was as glitch in moving up the tree (I would tap on a skill with a red dot and nothing would happen, even when I restarted and re-downloaded), so I just moved over to Magizoo. I think it suits me as a mom, whereas a Prof suits me as my professional life.

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    I think there should be a green/red player system. When we see a person who does nothing in the whole challenge, after the challenge is finished the player must make the person who doesn't fight a red person, and people who played the challenge a green person.

    When the player is at the main Knight Bus screen, the player can see the colour of the players inside the chamber(People who doesn't have a colour yet should be gray coloured.) If we see 4 green people in a chamber, it is very safe to enter. If there is a red person the player can avoid entering the chamber.

    The player should see how many people made a person green and how many red. This is for the players who had to leave while/ before the challenge for a reason, the player can see that if they have a high count of how many people made them green and give them a second chance (maybe a new colour for a second chance could be useful, I think it could be yellow.).

    The colours could be different. This way players that do nothing will not be with many people because other players made them red. After that everyone should be in the challenge because people who plays the challenges will prefer green players and if they want to get rewards, they should be fighting.

    Thank you.

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    @Magpie31 Yes, voting system could be unfair. Actually in my idea's first part if someone wants to make someone red, the red player icon is only shown for that person. Other players can make that player green so the colours of another person changes from person to person. However maybe the yellow part could be unfair since seeing other's colour votes could change the player's mind so maybe excluding the yellow part compeletly from the idea?

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    The question of "strength" or "weakness" against certain enemies isn't as simple as one might think. A sufficiently advanced Player can safely ignore that mechanic under certain circumstances.

    I've written a Guide that further explains which those circumstances are and what "sufficiently advanced" means:

    Please have a look and feel free to ask questions if there are more things unclear.

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    if there are very few choice, me too usually choose pixy if its has confusion hex, because pixy have lowest stamina isnt it?

    While magi damage is static (very few critical damage happening) so its logical to choose pixy.

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    That's a really detailed write-up @Lucoire. It all looks correct as I understand it, and helps to demystify to mechanics for the non-Ravenclaws out there.

    As an aside, I was able to read your post in the message above, but when I clicked on "view post" it says the post could not be found.

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    @MtPollux Yeah, due to a tiny edit it temporarily disappeared in Moderation-Review 😅

    But thanks for checking and confirming 👍️

    Edit: I'm not a Ravenclaw 😉

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    @Lucoire @MtPollux it's live!

    Edit: I'm unable to find the post on your profile. Could you try re-submitting it?

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    @HPWUblue Uh.... are you certain? 🙄

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    Thanks! I've updated the link on the original comment.

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    After fiasco the Niantic dont fix green star players , i see angry in knith bus players. Maybe beggine end of HPWU.

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    👏🏻 Best of HPWU.

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    Unicode isn't supported by all Browsers (and therefore might appear a little weird on some devices):

    just FYI 😉

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    Ahhh thank you @Lucoire for letting me know!

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    #5911 June, 2020, 07:52 am.

    Wow, @Lucoire that is an impressive analysis. And it explains why I do pretty well against pixies and dark forces. And so much better against erklings and spiders. I'm going to bookmark that analysis.

    This also goes to prove that we need to know what people's profession and overall ranks are as we decide to fight with them. But we also need the game to give a "****" for players who are just starting out. Otherwise no one would play with them.

    I agree with @Magpie31 that colors could be abused. It's kinda like putting a scarlet letter on someone's forehead. And honestly, while we all love this game enough to actually be posting in a message board about it, there are lots of reasons people might become distracted, and it would be pretty harsh to punish them for it. I prefer to think that people don't just come into a game looking to **** other players.

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    I am sure when Orange Wizard first posted guides to challenges they included a comment about introducing some measures to counter players not pulling their weight.

    Unfortunately nothing seems to have appeared yet.

    It can be very frustrating, particularly when you have used potions, to be defeated because other players have been sitting by doing nothing.

    I have been in several challenges today where other players have not participated at all, they did not lose any health and ended with full focus.

    I know there are reasons a player could get called away, i have had the doorbell go at inopportune moments, but it does seem worse when there are events happening that include challenges,

    I do hope some changes are made to improve fortress challenges done through the Knight Bus. Some limited communication, even if it is just phrases like 'focus please' or 'I need a heal/revive' would make a world of difference and a voting system to kick non participating players. I do not see why players who just sit back and let others fight should get rewarded. If a player gets kicked too many times in a day then they should be banned from any further challenges for a period.

    I would also suggest that if a player leaves during a challenge that the number of foes to be defeated should be reduced.

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    Frustration post here. I would first like to thank @kassalem for being the only upstanding player in this story. I was in Dark V. I'm a Magizoo. There was another Magizoo and two Aurors. Not ideal, but doable. We waited. About 2 seconds before zero, the other Magizoo drops out. Then AFTER THE GAME STARTED, one of the Aurors dropped out, leaving, @kassalem (Auror) and I taking on 23 foes.


    I only remember the names of the good players, but I'm going to start taking screenshots and publicly putting out the names of the folks who are not team players.

    If I can say to my kids, "Hang on a minute I'm playing this game with a team and I don't want to let them down," then you can certainly stick around and play under not great circumstances. Especially if you're an Auror. Aren't Aurors supposed to be brave?

    Rant over. After both of us fighting valiantly, and using lots of potions, we ended up 7 foes down. 7. We each took out 8 foes a piece in Dark V. Imagine what we could have done if those two hadn't dropped out.

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