Update on 2.13.0 Fragment Issue



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    #24205 June, 2020, 01:18 am.

    ARAWYNMOLAINE, its not, but if you reside within the USA, you may file a small claim for the maximum amount.

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    @ClairabusGryff My boyfriend who is several levels below me lost nothing, got 117 red books and barely does fortresses and received a lot of extra fragments including severes and emergencies. As a tangible example he noticed yesterday he has 4 new Ministry Newts he shouldn’t have gotten having just prestiged the page pre update. The rest of my community thinks they got the right fragments or excess so I think the majority are fine as they say

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    @BenTiger - sorry to have missed your thread that got deleted. it must have hit too close to home.

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    @MrMasterMiltank Good advice, I think I will. Two accounts hit in our family, definitely worth the trouble.

    apple and google already denied us.

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    @Kellerrys - I didn’t recommend biting your tongue, that would be painful!

    Seriously, enough is enough, we have to move on and get over this mess. I understand the anger and frustrations but the only people suffering are those expressing anger and frustration, no-one else cares, there are only so many spleens to vent

    Its a game. Nobody died. No-one got hurt

    So let’s move on with what we have

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    We were not talking about fragments but a green star, which is nothing more than a flag - set or unset.

    All they had to do is set the flag again if it was set in the backup and the prestige level of the page did not change in between.

    They simply don't want to spend any time on it because other issues are likely to generate more profit. That is understandable but nothing I will ever accept as unchangeable.

    Personally I gave my green stars lost pretty soon. I didn't like the enormous progress after the update (even though I prestiged right away). What hurt most was the loss of goals when all families went 65*. Losing the green stars was some almost welcomed compensation for that.

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    #25905 June, 2020, 11:38 am.

    Whoever thinks this can't be fixed properly, ask any banking database admin if it can be fixed. There are literrally millions of databases in the world with data integrity. Why does Niantic think they have the only one that can lose data? They have all the data they need, just junior level db admins that are already looking for a new job.

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    I’m not sure anyone has said your anger is not valid, I think it is @littlestinky Had I lost pages instead of only fragments, I would have yelled and quit the game. I wouldn’t continue to yell about it though.

    They are not going to return the fragments for whatever reason. Hours, cost, difficulty, whatever the reason, they aren’t. This needs to be accepted. Yelling about it on a forum is not going to change this. Getting a refund, giving it a bad rating, uninstalling the game, telling your friends not to start playing, these are things to do.

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    @LionessMolly I wholeheartedly agree, please redo another poacher event, to replace Oddities... I lost Doxies, I was on a Bronze frame and had placed the 25 needed at the time as I am not a morning person. Felt very pleased with myself! Now I have 0/25 my seen count is 156. I lost Vampires (haven't prestiged that page yet but had placed enough prior to 'fixes'. I'm now on 0/9 but seen 84. I lost Chinese Fireballs, seen 14 now on 1/3 Standard frame, (this hit hard as I am from the UK). I lost Horned Serpents, currently on Bronze frame as 0/5 (seen 75). I don't have screenshots or spreadsheets but I'm glad as I feel it would only serve to highlight the true extent of my losses. There's more Oddity losses, I haven't mentioned and that's only one Family. Feeling very deflated.

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    So you're upset that those who are willing to move on are trying to convince those who aren't to stop posting the same thing over and over and to consider a different viewpoint. You see these people as white knights striving to protect the HPWU team. Fair enough, we're all entitled to an opinion in this matter.

    But isn't it ironic that in the same post you're acting as a white knight to protect the group you agree with while trying to convince the other group to consider a different viewpoint?

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    I suppose you found the forum option since you seem to ignore my posts.

    @SaylerA is NOT assuming that any transaction data is available. We are hoping that a backup/snapshot is available (dating before the fix). This would be sufficient to restore green stars.

    Even if no backup exists (🤦) some solutions for restoring green stars based on known data were presented here.

    Where there's a will, there's a way.

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    I requested a refund through support yesterday given Apple said take it up with the developer. To their credit, they responded within 24 hours. The response was they will not consider refunds and they are still working on a fix. I have asked for clarification given we have been told here that no further work in a solution will be pursued.

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