Update on 2.13.0 Fragment Issue



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    #12203 June, 2020, 07:18 pm.

    @BenTiger yeah, I agree. I’m just attempting to be funny now, because it’s better for me than being angry. Apologies if my juvenile sense of humour is missed by some folks.

    @HPWUTeam It would take at most a few hours to answer everyone in this thread individually - even just to acknowledge each person’s frustrations individually. That’s probably a worthwhile use of someone’s time right now.

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    I'am not sure to understand you said you didn't find any perfect solution but you found something right ? I think we all prefer a partial refund than nothing. You said you won't make any changes to registries ? That's mean you won't refund ANYTHING ? i'am not sure to understand ?

    I'am also wondering if you also lost green star progression as well ? because for me it was the most impacting (i have lost about 50 green stars)

    Finally, i really need a clear answer. Should i have expect to have NOTHING back ? I don't want to invest more time or money in this game if you tell me that i have lost everything. I don't really care about pre 2.13 fragment (i have just lost same severe here) but if i lose my start i don't want to start again. In this case, i hope your support team will ready for giving money refund..

    Making mistake is a thing but your lack of communication is not acceptable.

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    just in case anyone missed this post buried at the bottom of page 4 of this thread:

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    hmm, looks like the green stars and fragments “are on the roof”

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    Thank you, @hpwulola.

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    @VanFanel842 This post has an overview of the issues.

    We are taking all your comments into consideration and looking how we can improve in the future.

    Thanks for sharing my comment here @kiheikid, did not realize it would be trapped on the last page.

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    Eu perdi todas minhas estrelas verdes em todas as páginas ouro e desafios. Não vou recuperar estes fragmentos de jeito nenhum. Ou me decolvam meus fragmentos ou vou desistalar este jogo. Não gasto nenhum tostão mais. E na minha opinião quem está tentando recuperar e gastando dinheiro está persendo tempo e dinheiro. Este jogo não é confiável.

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    Answer PLEASE

    @hpwulola @HPWUTeam

    WHY you will not be doing a fix or anything that impacts players' individual registries?

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    @VanFanel842 This post has an overview of the issues.

    @hpwulola  Thank you for being a frontline contact. While you don't hear it enough, it's very much appreciated and the only reason why there is negative feedback is people really enjoy the game and it feels like lots of time, money, etc. have been lost.

    What I meant was more of the internal "what actually happened"... Many of us lived the user side of it, but knowing mistakes that were made and safeguards that will be made to try to avoid something like this again are all things that demonstrate the team's desire to give user's a great experience. We don't expect this tomorrow but if any of these things can be done regarding post mortems, NDA beta/players, etc., it would be great to know they're important to you also and something that will happen or at least explain alternatives that can be done.

    For example, creating a process where announcement can be made about the game going offline shortly for a rollback or other maintenance could be really beneficial. I'm really happy the game is very rarely offline but if you need to take it offline once or twice a month to ensure proper backups/restores of my user data or other maintenance can be done, many of us will be fine with this. It feels like if we had a way to take it offline after an announcement, a decision could have been made to rollback the changes or something else.

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    The potion FELIX FELICIS to fix green stars and lost fragments not work now.

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    Nothing we say here will fix our lost fragments and green stars. Niantic dont care.

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