2.13.0 Fragment Issue Resolution



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    I get the feeling. @kiheikid

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    @FireNightingale ... i suspect more than a few are bracing for the big thud but hoping for better

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    And still... nothing? No restoration? No comment as to whether fragments found since May 7 will effectively be deleted?

    Should we be playing? Or are we wasting our time?

    are you going to fix this? Or are you hoping we’ll forget?

    my position, and many of our positions, remains this: give us back our fragments, or give us back every penny we spent on this game.

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    @FireNightingale so as I stated two posts above yours. In the US Monday, may 25th, is a holiday. On discord, before her last day, Fazes stated that the rollout of fragments wouldn't start until after the holiday weekend.

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    Still no fragments returned for me too. When can we expect this fix?

    Thank you

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    Who else is having connection issues? It was fine before but now the game is DOA

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    Does anyone have an idea how to get the complete count for fragments in new events? All past events have full counts with green stars. On new Quidditch event it is impossible to get. Once you collected all fragments and the item starts flashing, an attempt to place it immediately resets counter to zero. Since some fragments could be only received once, you can't do anything to keep placed images with full counter as before. This seems to be a new confusing norm. However, on other pages, sometimes, I could complete the count and place image without it become flashing and resetting the counter. In this cases the image gets a rainbow shine, full counter, no green star. Then I can choose to reset it, get a green star and reset counter. The event pages never offers a choice. Either it flashes all the time or the counter resets.

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    @Bender135 - i think this is the explanation but hope others can either confirm it is so or else clarify if it isn’t ... when you now get a full count image with shimmer but no green star (yet), that is the post-Big-Oops version of when we used to get a full count silhouette (but not fully detailed color image) before the Big Oops ... in neither case is the foundable considered by the game to be “fully placed” until you tap on that full count image and when you do, that will then lock in the image’s full count status and bring in the green star (post-Big-Oops) or solidify the silhouette into full colored image (pre-Big-Oops).


    this still begs the question why the game runners failed to release official, detailed instructions on exactly how their new mechanism works, well before unleashing the version update in order to give everyone playing a reasonable amount of time to receive, and understand, those instructions

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    i second @Bender135 ’s request for an explanation, ideally coming from @HPWUTeam as official

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    i just returned the 10th fragment of the horned serpent, so now that image shimmers but no green star yet, unless and until i tap on it to make it re-set to 0/10 with a green star

    however, if i do not tap on it to re-set the image count, that red dot on the oddities registry icon bar won’t go away


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    ps ... with additional red dots inside the suitcase on the registry button, and on the map page on the suitcase button, also not going away ... some choice, eh ?!

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    Regarding the numbers on the Brilliant pages, AFAIK WB has confirmed that "place image" functionality ended up on these pages (and Mysteries as well) actually was an error. So we can expect these numbers to go away (or something) with an update in the future.


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    @kiheikid Until you place the image (shows green star once placed), the red dots will not go away. Once you get back to 10/10, after the green star shows, there will not be an additional red dot.

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    I'm OCD about my registry too. So, since you're forced to place the one-off Brilliant Event fragments I placed them all so they'd all be the same.

    Still not sure how prestiging works now - whether you can prestige a page if everything has a green Star, or whether you need maxed out foundables? That's not clear anywhere in game that I could see! Hopefully, since it's easy to accidentally place a maxed out foundables (and indeed, it tries to force you to do so any time you collect another fragment) it will be kind and go with the former!

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    @FireNightingale , you can prestige a page once you have all the green stars.

    Event pages cannot be prestiged.

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    Thank you, that's good to know!

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    Niantic, you have our e-mail address from our login data. Send everybody a full explanation of what you are changing BEFORE any change in HPWU. And put the time of change at midnight, on a day in between events. Allow for thoughtful (and admittedly angry) comments from players. And listen.

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    @Bormacska Thank you for sharing that timeline update! We did just have a holiday weekend and the team is working hard to push forward this fix. I will check in tomorrow with more updates as they come through.

    Brilliant Traces, Portkey Rewards, and Runestone Rewards can be placed multiple times. The Brilliant Foundables that are rewarded from tasks and only can be collected once are not meant to be replaced, and we are looking into this bug.

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    @hpwulola can we get an update on how this wix is being calculated before it is pushed forward?

    Will the count be : fragments on the 6th compared to fragments on the 7th (best case) or fragments on the 6th compared to current fragments (worst case)?

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    Will this new update address the freezing / crashing registry page issue that happens every time I try to either open my registry page or place an item since the first update? Along with a “connection lost check your WiFi connection” message. So I don’t even know if I have any of these problems because I can’t access my registry page ... at all! Thanks

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    Thanks for the update @hpwulola! I truly hope you were able to relax and/or simply have fun this memorial day weekend!!!!

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    So I've sat on my hands for the last ten days or so, waiting to see what happens next.

    I wasn't in the "in" club that knew about the changes when they were coming, so I don't have screen shots to compare with. I'm completely OCD too, but the spreadsheet I kept only counted remaining fragments by frame, so with all the target numbers changing, there's no easy way for me to figure out what I'm due.

    What it looks like is some of the pages have been fixed but not others. The one I can clearly see hasn't been fixed is Symbols of the Wizarding World. I'm pretty certain there's others - 50/55 Flobberworms - I've definitely returned hundreds since that page went Gold. Like everyone else, I'm confused and would love a clearer explanation.

    The compensation package is a gesture, but nothing more. I could use the gold to buy 60 runestones. If you saw a previous post of mine, my back-of-an-envelope calculation was that I'd wasted 800 runestones collecting fragments that are no longer needed - not to mention the time it took to grind the runestones and do those 800 challenges. The rest is stuff I don't need. So to be happy with the compensation, I'd need it to be many times bigger.

    My sympathies also extend to a previous poster, and everyone else, who like me wasted a weekend returning 200 doxies. That will always hurt. The analogy of the mountains was perfect.

    Meanwhile, a glance through this thread shows that the dissenting voices have mostly disappeared. I suspect that's all committed players who've walked away. That's sad. I guess only Niantic know if player numbers have increased, or if revenue has improved. We're never likely to find that out, but what is for sure is that a lot of people have lost a game they loved.

    For me, what I'm certain of is that there's no point continuing to play until the fixes are all definitely in place - I don't even know what to try and collect at the moment. Once that's done, I'll need to have a look. My suspicion is that the game is now too easy for me to be bothered with - the sense of satisfaction from completing things would be gone - but I'll only know that once all the counts are correct and I get the chance to try it out.

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    @BusStopToyShop pretty sure a lot of the angry people are still hanging-on and waiting to see the "fix" (compensation) - communication has been a little slow (in my opinion), but at least when it came they (1) apologised for the errors (2) promised to rectify the errors (3) gave us a rough idea of what to expect - we should get the fragments lost by placing an image while 1 bug was unfixed and those for prestiging pages while another was outstanding.

    There is still a little doubt about whether the compensation will calculate the fragments correctly as some reports say they will compare fragments counts on 6 May to "now" and compensate on those numbers (but with just counts from 6 May and knowing which images were placed/pages prestiged, they should automatically know the fragment loss without comparing to "now").

    Last Thursday they said fragment credits should roll out soon maybe starting Friday (but didn't) and Tuesday, after holiday w/e, they said more news would be posted the following day - so I'm expecting that later on today, but not holding my breath !

    PS - the fix is for lost fragments from the two bugs, so you shouldn't expect anything for your example of FlobberWorms - you would have been at maximum 50/50 on Gold for them, so you couldn't place that fragment/have any carryover fragments as the number needed increased, and you were on gold so couldn't prestige that page to lose any fragments their either !

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    @hpwulola Is there a guess as to what date we are going to receive the foundables that were lost, yet? The promise of "the next few days, as early as the 21st" is now just becoming an annoyance, since we are missing out on prestiging pages as well as missing out on prestiging new pages with foundables that we would be obtaining from the events. The more delay there is, the bigger the loss. Please give an update with an accurate estimate of when we will really receive all the fragments that were lost, before too many players get fed up with the lack of communication and false promises and end up leaving the game.

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    @BusStopToyShop I’m having to say I’m feeling the same as you I’ve been waiting to contact support because they’ve continued to say it will be fixed last we heard was that it would be sorted in the next 7 days that was last Thursday and I’m still waiting today in anticipation of the fix I went through all my screenshots (yes lucky I took them the night before the big f up) and I’ve worked out I’m missing over 200 fragments. I’ll continue to wait but I’m not happy when you consider the extra time people put into community days and other events to max the less seen foundables. I’ve used so many potions it really makes me angry but here I am still waiting not sure what runestones to play in fortresses because I don’t want to lose anymore when the fix does happen 🤷🏽‍♀️...

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    @Blinker73 Yes, the first one you mentioned is accurate. We will compare the fragments had before the update occurred to the fragments had on the 7th.

    @BenTiger Per your concern, you can definitely prestige pages as this fix will not impact that. This fix will add back lost fragments, so when it happens you will see an increased number of fragments on any images you had placed and lost fragments on.

    Also, thank you all for your feedback and patience. I'll be around today to answer more questions.

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    I think my missing fragments are back but I’m too scared to touch them 🙈

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    yeah, they're reappearing - my registry has just lit up like a Christmas tree (again like on 6-7th)


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    I just had a bunch of red dots appear in my registry. I didn't even think I lost much on May 7, since I haven't prestiged many pages yet, though I may have placed some images that day. But anyway, I don't think this is working right. I placed the image of Pickett this morning, and now it's not placed anymore and says 3/5. Pretty annoying considering Pickett doesn't pop up all that often! So now I'm a bit scared to place the images that it's telling me to... I did place Hagrid, who I had already placed before but showed up as ready to place all of a sudden.

    Edit: Found another one! I had placed Godric Gryffindor, I think a few days ago, and now it's at 1/9! Those pop up decently often but are not trivial to get, especially to get 8 more of them! Very frustrating that this "fix" is resulting in previously placed images not being placed anymore.

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    No fragment recovery for me, yet, but it is nice to see the fragments them being pushed out.

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