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Is it possible, to rank fortress participation by House maybe?

I know in POGO in the early days there were rewards for holding gyms. I don’t okay it anymore, so I am not sure of the current status of that feature.

But, it could be done on a monthly basis, or the year. Kinda like awarding the house cup. You could have it broken into regions, up to and including word wide. Like for the US, State<Country<Worldwide.



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    Bring on a House Cup!!! 👍

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    I made a post suggesting a House Cup some time ago, which you may find interesting/useful (I’d post a link but I’m on my mobile).

    Question: have you thought about how to deal with players switching Houses once they figure out which House is most likely to win?

    At the moment, players can change Houses at will, so a player could swap and change between all four Houses throughout the event.

    Would points they earned while they were their old House stay with that House, move to the new House, or vanish completely?

    Also, would players that have chosen to remain in their purple robes be excluded from the event? Or would they be a fourth option? Albeit very unlikely to win but still.

    Finally, do you think that there should be a balancing factor with regard to population?

    If 50% of the participants belong to House Slytherin, but the Ravenclaw players have a higher average of points contributed per player, would the winners be based on raw points or calculated on a per-capita basis?

    You may not have answers to any of these, I’m just curious to see if you’ve throughly about them and if so how you’d approach these issues. 😷👍

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    House Changes.

    I would say eliminate the ability to change houses. Or, do it like a name change. Or, depending on how the layout of the time was, can’t change houses after 3 days into a month, or 1 month into a year. There’s options. There is no “independent” house in Hogwarts, so purple robes are out unfortunately.


    I don’t see a need to balance anything based on population. I’m not talking about putting the US against and Canada. I was saying the houses compete as houses, and there could be a breakdown on how it’s measured. For example, I live in South Carolina. So for me, if they did break it down into different competition levels, all my contributions could be on 3 levels: SC<US<World. And the higher the competition, obviously worldwide, the bigger rewards for the winning house. For those that travel, this would raise the question of do your points count where your “home” is.

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    Sorry, I forgot to address the grading scale.

    I say flat grading scale. Obviously Dark 5, being the highest chamber right now, would reward the most points, with Ruins 1 rewarding the least.

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