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    I appreciate this thread. You’ve all given me reason to contemplate this topic in earnest. @Crogabattoir Thank you. The more I think about it, the more I am digging in. Professors are self sufficient and don’t need focus from Aurors and don’t need healing from Magis. Aurors should spam the field with weakness and confusion hexes and pass any remaining focus to Magis. Magis need only focus on healing and reviving Aurors with a preference for reviving over healing (Aurors take note). Professors should cast protection charm on magis to help them keep their stamina above 50% as per the image I posted above, and DHex everything else. This way is only one way, but I think worthy of consideration.

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    @OriginalCaruso I agree!

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    Level 15 professor. I have never played with a team until KB so I had no idea what other professions were experiencing. This is my first time reading the discussion group after getting frustrated with actions of others during team play, so I wanted to see if there was a community discussion and I found this.

    I have learned quite a bit reading this thread. Wish I had read this before community day!

    My question is, why does an Auror or Magizoo go after Pixies and Werewolves when there is a professor in the chamber!? That's what we are best at. I can take out most Pixies very fast without a shield or DHex required. Let me at em!

    My approach is to grab the most difficult Pixie as the first thing on entering a chamber. Knock it out quickly and then apply Proficiency charm, unless I don't have enough focus yet at which point I grab the next Pixie. If no Pixies, Werewolf. Once I've applied Proficiency charm, I go next to Shields, until everyone is shielded. Then I shield myself before using DHex.

    However, if Aurors and Magizoos are taking Pixies and Werewolves and I'm left with, say Death Eater, I have to either wait it out to see what pops next, or shield myself and go into battle. I usually choose Shield before DHex and use Strong Ex potion of I have enough to spare. That just delays my ability to apply Proficiency charm or deploy shields.

    Professors are a valuable ally in battle and a high level professor like me can eliminate even the most difficult werewolf much faster than any other profession. I can't tell you the number of times I have watched a Magizoo or Auror struggle against a 5 star werewolf while I can't do anything with no focus left to help.

    Professors really have no business going after a Dark Wizard by the way, especially the higher power ones in a Dark chamber. Don't leave them behind to grab a Pixie, even if you are about to be knocked out. I have done it, but it takes Potent Ex and Healing Potion both.

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    @Not4u13 people taking off foes either don’t know what they are proficient at, or don’t care. It is frustrating.

    The boxes... Magpie is correct, the first bigger box on left is YOUR box, and has nothing to do with importance. The MZ will see that box lit up when they cast bravery. I’m a little concerned people are deriving importance based on this when they don’t realize the boxes look different to each player. The same principle applies to the hex boxes under the foes.

    Tbh, I used to be thoroughly confused about the boxes. One person told me each box corresponds to a player, so if say the fourth person up top casts a charm, the fourth box would light up. I’ve found out that’s false. First box is yours, and then subsequent boxes fill as spells are cast, in the order they are cast.

    From the MZs perspective after casting bravery.

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    @MtPollux I sit corrected. I didn't realize we all saw something different. Thanks for the clarification though I can't say I'm any less confused at the current structure. It WOULD be helpful if each different box indicated that a particular charm had been used; the very premise and presumption I was working with in regards to green boxes. I generally don't venture outside this forum for game related data, honestly I can't be bothered. I'm gonna need to ponder this some more. At this point, I would prefer we all saw the same thing. Thanks again.

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    Love the pictures. Really illustrates what I was thinking about the boxes as well. Notice that one of the boxes is larger. That's also a depiction of the box that represents your actions on teammates, I believe.

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    this box system is unclear and buggy :(

    we need these mandatory things:

    1. to see how much focus has each team member in lobby
    2. to see how much focus person has during battle (to know it is time to go to lobby and cast some hex/charm)
    3. to see what charm has each team member in lobby (like check what hexes enemies have)
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    I agree with @OriginalCaruso - this is extremely confusing. I've been asking this question in various forms for about a week, and can't get a definitive answer. I'm beginning to think there isn't one.

    @Magpie31 The larger box indicates the charms I am casting under my icon - but it also indicates the individual charms other players are casting under their icons, yes? And say, if I cast a stamina charm on an Auror, (and let's say for shits and giggles that I'm a horrible Magizoo and I haven't cast bravery yet - just to make this example more simple) the bigger box will light up for me, to indicate I cast the stamina charm? And will one of the boxes under the Auror I'm giving energy to also light up to indicate they have gotten my charm?

    (There are more questions after this, but I'm trying to go step by step here.)

    @ZookiTabooki I appreciate your observations and will keep them in mind. Also - "I perceive this as being listed by order of importance. Ahem." - made me laugh.

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    Personally, as a professor, I start with popping a strong invigorating draught in the dark chambers and cast my proficiency buff.

    After that, when I have the focus, I'm starting to shield. Starting with the one who's tackling the most difficult foe at that time.

    So the more focus I get, the quicker I can shield everyone.

    After that... I don't need the extra focus anymore.

    That being said... If the foes are debuffed sufficiently and we're buffed sufficiently, professors can 0 damage tank some foes. So depending the group and the draw... That's also a viable strategy, which requires a different spending of everyone's focus. And requires some communication to be effective.

    When I play auror, I usually keep giving focus to professors until everyone is shielded, then I switch to the magi so they can get some heals out.

    That's usually how I play these 2 in the knight bus because, due to design of fortresses, I can't communicate with my fellow team members.

    I feel this is a versatile and flexible way of playing, capable to deal with both the randomness of the team members and the foes on the floors.

    That being said, there's more than one good way to play your class and spend your focus. Just read the battlefield and be flexible. And have fun playing...

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    So, what you're saying, @MtPollux, is that the big boxes DON'T represent the spells you've cast - because the three shield charms didn't show up on you. OR are you saying that only YOU see the first three big boxes checked and we see something else?

    Totally confusing.

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    @VoiceMaster as I understand it, each player sees their own charms go in the first box. In other words, we don't all see the boxes light up in the same way.

    What is definitely true is that each box represents a charm from a different player. So if you see three boxes lit up it means that you have all three available charms cast on you by three different players. If, as in my pictures, a single professor casts two charms on you, only one box will light up.

    To answer your earlier question, although the stamina charm is a charm spell, its use doesn't light up a box under a player because it's not buffing them. Similarly, when an auror passes focus that is a charm, but it doesn't light up any of the boxes.

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    @Crogabattoir I hope this leads to easier and faster rewards for you, and everyone in your team. And I'm sure it will 😊

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    I'm an auror, I'm mostly doing the Dark levels so I always pass three focus to a professor at the start of battle and whenever I have some to spare after hexing.

    I'll pass focus to a magizoologist if there's a lot of elite foes or if they revived someone closely after casting bravery or if I notice them not attacking the spiders or erklings I've hexed for them since I'm guessing they're waiting until they have 5 focus.

    I don't confuse pixies for professors in the dark levels either since I understand that they won't dodge high level professors, right?

    After reading this thread I'm wondering if there's more foes (exept for the obvious not confusing spiders and death eaters) where you magizoos and professors think hexing for you is unnecessary and it would be better to send that focus for your charms?

    Thanks :)

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    @Magpie31 I know I may have stepped on your toes a little and a part of me regrets that. I have learned in my life there is a personal cost I pay when standing up for what I believe, and I've come to accept that. I can at times be a champion for unpopular opinions. I want you to know how much I appreciate your contributions. I have come to enjoy your postings and consider you a light in an otherwise dark world. 🤗


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    @InaSv I think hex-ing high level foe (4-5 star) is important whichever they are. It is reducing their defence right? Thats mean faster to k i l l or i am wrong here. 😬

    For magizoo its not necessary to have their foe hex with weakening? (The one with power -50%?) But its still okay if you give that hex.

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    @Kodokmag Yes, aurors have three hexes, the weakening (foe power -50%) and the confusion (foe dodge, defence and defence breach -60%).

    And the bat-bogey who's only really effective paired with professors deterioration hex. :)

    As I understand it, it's only dark wizards and werewolves ☆☆(?) or more that has defence and defence breach, and Erklings and pixies who can dodge. But high level professors will have high enough accuracy with pixies to surpass that.

    So with it not being necessary you're saying it would be better to give that focus away than to weaken anything for high level magizoos?

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    @InaSv Yes i think so. At least for my opinion. Magizoo just lack of damage. Beside if prof has give a shield which effective for entire battle, giving a weakening is only wasting focus.

    For only spiders:

    Magizoo base defence : 50%

    Conditional def (stamina & focus) : 21%

    Specialization def : 20%

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    @ClairabusGryff the fight to the death is a thing apparently, thats new to me.

    thanks for the insight.

    in dark chambers i found it strange to fight to the death and as magizoo not always be at battle lobby when they knocked out also the waiting time to be revive could waste the precious time.

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    Just to clear up about the little boxes under players and enemies :

    • one box lights up for each player that has placed 1 or more charms on the player you are looking up (only proficiency, bravery and shield count, not heal/revive). The big box is for charms that the you have cast, the other 4 are for other players and fill up in order from the left. The number of boxes lit does NOT show how many charms are active, there could be one more if a prof has cast two on that player
    • The same method works for the red boxes under the enemies, but obviously for hexes (and not charms), again it is only the permanent hexes which show (det hex, confusion and weakness, but not bat bogey). Again the number of boxes does NOT show how many hexes are in effect as there could be an extra hex cast if an auror has cast two on that monster (worse still if you click on the enemy to see which charms are up, you are only shown the second one cast from that auror, and it only shows as active when you start to fight them)

    Yes it's far from clear/evident/easy to understand, but that's the way it is

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    I haven't done a fortress battle next to someone in real life since well before quarantine. For those of you with someone else at home that also plays, can you please answer this? Does the team arrangement appear in the same order to everyone?

    Why I ask this is because when there is more than one professor in the group I am unsure on which one to give the initial 3 focus to. I don't want the other professor to feel neglected.

    I am wondering since we don't have a way of knowing profession rank, if we could make some agreement for consistency of which professor would get the three focus? Maybe the one furthest on the right? I don't know, what do you think?

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    I think the common agreement are the left most professor. But maybe its just me reading wrong posts. 😬


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    @ClairabusGryff & @Kodokmag I appreciate your input, thank you!

    @Crogabattoir I always give to the professor furthest to the left, and as long as they cast proficiency or gives someone a shield I'll keep passing them focus. If they use it to cast a deterioration hex I'll pass focus to another professor the next time hoping they know how to use it to better service the whole group. :)

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    About spiders and MZs, if they are maxed/high level, they should have the spider lesson, which increases defense against spiders specifically. So unshielded, they take some damage, but not significant. In those cases, weakening may be beneficial, but not priority. Once shielded, not worth it. If you don’t know the MZs level, you don’t know if they have that lesson yet, so even shielded, it might be worth the one focus. But do NOT confuse them! Unless a prof is forced to take one and you’re trying to trigger their two+ impairment lessons.

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    So, everyone's screen has the players in the same order then?

    I appreciate it, I will pass the focus to the professor on the furthest left.

    Thank you

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