New to group Fortressing?



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    @Kodokmag great question about bravery. That's the Magi team spell.

    Bravery is a power boost for all team mates but only on ELITE FOES. Gold spikey frames. Power boost is +60% to 150%

    Its focus expensive. Our group usually doesn't want bravery cast unless there are elite foes. But we are able to communicate.

    So uses your best judgment based on the number of elites on the board. Some chambers there aren't any. Some Aurors pass focus to Magi so you can revive them if they are knocked out.

    Please ask all the questions you need to we are happy to help.

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    i just finished a challenge where an auror jumped in at the last second (i was hoping to solo and already hit start/join and then saw the auror was there too)

    first two foes are a werewolf (hooray for me) and a dark wizard (hooray for the auror) ... um, no ... i’m waiting for some focus to come my way so i can cast a proficiency, but nada, so i put a det hex on the werewolf instead ... and as soon as i do that, the auror takes on my werewolf before i can (so i see foe already engaged) ... leaving me his/her dark wizard to tackle with no more focus to use a second det hex on the dark wizard ... wasted spell energy.

    i felt like i had an anvil chained to my leg the whole time.

    and adding insult to injury, no family foundable fragment reward at all for my troubles.

    if you are not a professor, please tackle your own proficiencies first and only tackle the werewolves and pixies (ie, foes that professors are proficient against) as a last resort ... and especially do not take on a werewolf or pixie AFTER you see a flash on it (which means that your professor teammate has put a det hex on it).

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    I'm really confused at your issue, @kiheikid .

    I sincerely don't understand your complaint.

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    Given the number of complaints seen on this forum from players unable to complete the 3 player SOS challenge it is no surprise to see so many players unfamiliar with team play. The Knight Bus is a significant step towards community, hopefully an in-game communications tool will follow

    Happy pottering and Mahalo for anvils, they sound very uncomfortable

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    @Owlx - i know i can leave the chamber lobby before hitting start/join and get my runestone back. are you saying that i can still leave the chamber lobby even after i hit start/join and still get my runestone back ? i was under the impression that one forfeits the runestone by hitting start/join.

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    @kiheikid You only lose the Runestone if you leave AFTER the Fight has started.

    As long as the Timer hasn't hit Zero, you can leave and your Runestone won't be consumed.

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    A few thoughts that show how the profession interlink or depend on others knowledge and strategies. Mostly focusing on Professor/Auror because that what i know best. Magi's feel free to add anything other profession need to know to best help you!

    When a professor has the lesson Team Teaching. Maxed professors will have in my best Professor Snape voice-Obviously. For Professor who don't have it yet please make it your next lesson and here's why....

    It make a professor Invincible or nearly so UNDER certain conditions. It varies slightly with different foes. I don't know all the combinations and to much detail to go into here.

    So at least one green group spell on the left under your stamina and 2 orange hexs under the foes stamina.

    Example Professor battles a werewolf. Takes a fair amount of damage, with a shield charm and a weaken and confusion hex cast on the puppy from and Auror. NO DAMAGE from the foe. You don't even have to protego!!!! NO DAMAGE INVINCIBILITY.

    Other foes have slightly different need configurations for full invincibility but any combination of 1 green (Proficiency, shield or bravery) and 2 orange hexes (weaken, confusion or dex) with lower damage down to just a few points per attach from foe.

    Yes any active potion a professor uses helps but will not trigger invincibility.

    It's great when there is no Magi.

    And other professors with you 1st encounter invincibility it IS perfectly acceptable to break out into MC Hammer's song "Hammer Time"

    'cause YOU CAN'T TOUCH THIS.

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    @Owlx thanks for posting those videos! 😊

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    suggested etiquette:

    if you decide to bail out of the lobby while the clock is counting down, please do so with at least 45 seconds (out of total 2 minutes) remaining on the timer ... this leaves enough time either for the other players in the lobby to decide whether or not to stay without you (as a A / M / P) in the team mix or for additional persons to possibly join the chamber lobby in your place.

    this is especially important in higher chambers like Dark5, where success depends on the number and balance/mix of Aurors, Magizoologists, and Professors fighting together as a team.

    thank you for your consideration.

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    Quick question. It is possible to "replace" a charm with a higher one. But this is the third match where I want to cast proficiency, and when I drag it up I see the "replacement" arrows. Then I go into the foe screen: and it turns out proficiency has not been cast yet.

    The point is: if the charm has already been cast it's not worth the focus to replace it (even if it's higher). But I've chosen not to cast it several times: as the "replacement" arrows showed up on the top of the fortress screen (and turned out later it hadn't been cast at all). Any advice?

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    @Punkyfins - good question. i had been under the impression that once a team proficiency charm has been cast, it is effective for the duration of the challenge. i was not even aware it could go away, thereby giving rise to the need / option to replace or re-cast it.

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    It is effective for the duration. Apologies for being unclear @kiheikid . If another prof in my party casts it, however, I can replace it. But I seem to get these "replacement" arrows even if the charm has not been cast...

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    @Punkyfins - oh, i see. my experience is that the 1st prof’s proficiency stays on ... and my attempt afterwards to cast a proficiency charm simply does not work ... ie, i still have the 7 focus that i would have spent if mine was the proficiency charm that took hold.

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    We discussed replacement charms before I think. Was it with @Bormacska ?

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    That was me @Punkyfins, but that was aurors replacement of hexes. When it comes to charms I am out of my league. I just know to pass focus!

    @Owlx? @Dogoutlaw? This is more your area of expertise...

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    @Skaana chiming in about our new Hogwarts fortress. And several other things....

    Lets go to the story.

    Pros, or " I think this is going good...."

    First, this addition works really really well. I can even stroll my neighborhood and continue to battle in the Fortress.

    The counter feature to show "who's in the queue" works Ok... at least you can see where its easy to join the fight.

    Really Really loved the tip sheets above and various links to improve teammate battling... it has changed my approach much for the better, whether going solo or as a team member.. So @MrSciGuy , @Owlx , @Imaginatio , and our community on Reddit:

    BIG hugs and Kudos. My co-player son has really dived deep with Magizoo.

    Cons, or " I'm shocked, positively shocked that there are players fleeing BEFORE the end of a challenge!"

    ( Im making a little reference to Casablanca there, for those in the Movie know)

    Im pretty chuffed about taking out Darks 1 and 11.

    Im happy, and sad, to run into Aurors who are in a hurry, profs who ignore what to do with Focus, and

    Magiz who neglect to Revive. It shows we have a lot to learn.

    Im so happy when I get a quality team at Random.. it does happen.

    Really cool when there are repeat players who follow me, or vice versa.

    Im highly annoyed that all my teammates fled with 6 minutes to go and 12 enemies left for me to deal with on another Dark 1. Seriously. this happened... went in to dispatch an Elite wizard, can back to "where'd everybody go." An Auror, 2 profs and a Magi.

    AND I ALMOST CLEARED THEM BY MYSELF!!!! burned through the potions, and strategically got knocked out.

    I guess all my teammates did a gut check when the map opened with 10 ELITES waiting for us, and they never got over it.

    Anyway, Im instituting NEW policies for anything over Forest chamber 111.

    1). I'm going to be screenshooting my teammates, when we begin.

    When I discover Nervous nellies or greenhorns who leave early, I will remember you. I will not play with you again.

    2.) Im gonna be packing high value runes above Forest 5. If you show up with a lvl 1 brilliant stone..... Lets just say

    I'll be giving you the Evil eye, and will be ready to leave the Challenge that much easier.

    If I encounter a player willing to risk a 4 or 5 lvl stone? YOU ARE GOLD.

    3.) When to use Focus charm. I disagree with the strategy guide above.

    I say, give all your FOCUS away first thing to your Professor. Then, they are so much closer to casting

    a Shield or Proficiency charm FOR THE TEAM. Plus you can still go after a Dark Wizard, or Deatheater and mangle them with a great

    FIRST STRIKE and/or Critical Cast on your first strike. You do not need a Weakening hex to hit them.

    Drop out and drop your Bat hex on the same enemy. And then go around and soften them all up, while sending focus back,

    and dropping Bat bogey to help your teammates, if they are engaged with an enemy.

    Thats my rant and advice and I approved it.

    Good luck getting those Nifflers and Newts everybody! My Newts case is gold now, hope yours is too!

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    #5429 April, 2020, 11:05 pm.

    Mind the bugs too @Skaana . :) I got booted today more times than I would like to count.

    However: I was also left in the lurch on my own several times.

    We do with what we have. :)

    Hope to see you as a teammate soon!

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    #5529 April, 2020, 11:06 pm.

    @Skaana Just a heads up in case you haven’t come across it, but there is a bug, which if triggered, it can kick players out half way through a challenge. So there is a possibility that your teammates may have been kicked out rather than abandoned you.

    It’s something to do with if all players are engaged and a certain one gets knocked out (possibly the first player in the fortress - the one with the red icon), then when another player finishes fighting their foe, they get an error that kicks them out of the chamber rather than taking them back into the lobby. The work around to that is NOT to click restart, when you get the error, but to force close and then reopen the app. However, it’s been noted that the player getting the error message can’t get back in until the knocked out person is up again, so you may have to force restart more than once until that persons timer gets to zero. (I got my info on the bug from posts by fellow players on the forum, just can’t remember all the threads)

    Also, if the Magizoologist is the one to get the error, but are then able to get back in, it may seem like they don’t use the revive charm, when in actual fact they didn’t get the chance to.

    This bug initially caught me by surprise and also negatively impacted at least one battle a lot, since we lost. Also, even after being more aware of the bug, as a Magizoologist I can tell you from experience that it’s not always easy to keep an eye on all your teammates and fight with a foe, even if you keep coming out mid battle (which I have been doing a lot more of since learning more about how the bug works). I always feel like if I stay in the lobby too long at any point, and not engage enough initially, then it might seem like I’m being lazy. I don’t know, I’m trying to get better at it all.

    Also, in case you bump into me in Dark V with a level one brilliant event runestone, I hope I don’t cause you to leave... I’m likely to use the circus calamitous ones later on and I’ll probably use them in Dark V... 👀

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    Thanks @Imaginatio. Players can also find other information about WC errors on our Help Center

    Offensive Strategic Spell error: If your Profession can cast Offensive Strategic Spells on yourself or Teammates, defeat the Foe you're engaged with instead of exiting to the Chamber Map. Leaving the Encounter before you defeat the Foe will cause an error.

    If you notice any of this error, immediately force quit the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite app instead of tapping Restart. When you re-open the app, the game will attempt to place you back in the Chamber.

    We have a fix coming in an upcoming release. This bug is bad, and we understand that it drastically affects gameplay.

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    @HPWUrobert No problem. Thanks for the help centre link. I forgot about that.

    Fingers crossed the team will be able to implement a fix for the bug soon. 😊

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    It does @HPWUrobert thank you for appreciating that. :) 🙏

    Meanwhile we try to do the best we can for our team. :)

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    #6030 April, 2020, 02:47 am.

    @Punkyfins and @Bormacska I tried to read the pertinent comments, but if I missed something, apologies. My understanding of switching charms and hexes... if another player places either, but theirs is different than yours as far as how many lessons are complete, it may let you swap. I think if your charm is weaker than the one placed, it will not let you swap. It will show as the charm already being placed. But if your charm is stronger, it will let you swap for yours. It will take your focus as well, resulting in total of six focus (for shield). Same with the hex. If your charm/hex is equal to the one placed, no swap. When you're able to communicate, you can determine who has the strongest charms/hexes and designate who will cast what. When you can't communicate, it can be tricky. You don't want to swap unnecessarily and waste focus. Hope that helps. Our group didn't play too much with this to determine exactly when you could or couldn't swap, but this is the way I remember it being when myself and the other prof had trained our spells differently, until we were both maxed.

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    #6130 April, 2020, 03:12 am.

    I think that it is the same for hexes as well. Thanks @Owlx!

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