Horcrux challenge!

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Hello fellow wizards🧙

I suggest a horcrux challenge! Preferably run over a period of time to mimic the extended drama and adventures of the horcrux searches in the book. There could be one registry page with items related to each of the seven horcruxes. Destruction of each horcrux would complete (or prestige) the registry page. Then, there would be and a final challenge, with rewards, when all seven pages are completed. The horcuxes may not obviously relate to the calamity story, but I feel the game needs to be reenergized with a strong dramatic connection to the books and movies.



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    #227 April, 2020, 08:37 pm.

    Hi SSPPIICCAA - while I can certainly understand your enthusiasm, it doesn't really make sense in the plot of the game, which (backed by Portkey Games) is canonical.

    There could definitely be a surge of horcrux-related Foundables, and that would probably be a neat event/new registry, but destroying the Horcruxes would be impossible, since the Foundable items aren't "real" in the context of the game.

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