Burrow Besieged Portkey places me in the corner of the Portkey location

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When I unlock a portkey it places the blue gameplay area box so far away from the actual portkey. This results in my game putting me in a corner (in the case of the Wesley's shop it's behind a rotating display) and I can't seem to move out of it or make it stop. I have tried turning off the gyroscope function and it's still the same. I am also unlocking portkeys in places around my house that have more than enough space. What do I do? I didn't have this issue until The Burrow Beseiged pt 1 happened.

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Working on a Fix · Last Updated

We're aware of some issues occurring with the Portkey location for Burrow Besieged Brilliant Portkeys and working on a fix.


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    Hi @Violetninja56, thanks for flagging! Have you restarted your device after updating the game? If you have and still experiencing this on an Android device that's AR+ compatible, ensure "Google Play Services for AR" is installed & updated via the Play Store.

    Secondly, if the 'Enable Gyroscope for Portkeys' is turned OFF while opening a Portkey, you won't be asked to place the Portkey on a flat surface. Instead, you will be moved to the Portkey environment directly.

    If the issue persists, please share a screen recording. It helps us understand your concerns better.

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    I’m also having the same issue - I’ve tried the solutions above but it has not been successful.

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    I am also having the same issue, I have tried the above solutions nothing has worked as of yet. Please resolve this as it’s very difficult to complete the portkeys at this current time.

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