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Hungary, 1106 Budapest, "Pihenő Homokozóval és Tengópályával" Inn is not working currently. I can use it in PoGo, in Ingress, but not in WU. If i want use it in WU i get error message, like "Check my wifi or data" or "Connection is lost". Just in WU. My wifi and data is perfect. Thank you!

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    Thanks for flagging @Urbatorium. Are you going faster than a walking or jogging pace? I took a look at your account and see that you got a speed warning around the same time you accessed the Inn. If you are playing at a walking/jogging pace, then getting a speed warning is an indicator that your connection isn't stable and would affect your phone's GPS accuracy.

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    Thanks for the answer @HPWUrobert! Im not walking or jogging anywhere. I asked the other players to try it. They said that it doesnt worked neither. Please test the inn if it is possible. Great thanks!

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    @Urbatorium can you capture a video? Please include about 30 seconds before accessing the location and up to the point you get the network error. Thanks!

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    @HPWUrobert Thank you! Here is the video:


    I dont have permisson to send links. Thi is the solution.

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    @Urbatorium can you try moving your avatar closer to the Inn, then taking the video?

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    @HPWUrobert Of course, I can move my avatar closer to the inn. Here is it: youtu(dot)be/xJa43Y-eqBo 

    It works.

    I've tried finding the edge of this error message in the last two week. Somewhere here is it: youtu(dot)be/3qLmg4GqEQ4

    And very rarely it just doesn't give me any energy: youtu(dot)be/VxVQSNYxxdA

    (Pls check the amount of energy - it doesn't grow)

    Could you please fix it? I really would like to use this inn from my normal range in WU (as I can easily spin it in PoGo or hack it in Ingress).

    Thank your time!

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    I'll have the team take a look, but it seems that you and other players are getting connection interference near this POI, which affects the accuracy of your location.

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    Thank you!

    A working inn would be great. Have a great day!

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