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Hello my fellow witches and wizards. It seems that even though the calamity has hit, and the ministry’s of magic encourages Magic’s users to team up, there is currently no way for individuals to communicate via messages. Will there be a way to chat with your friends soon? Thank you.



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    I would not hold my breath on that. Chat is not hard to implement from a technical standpoint, but is a nightmare from a community moderation standpoint. Think of what 90% of voice chat on every MMoRPG is like to see how that works out, and then add spam.

    If you're looking to coordinate with local players, try Facebook or Discord. Those are outside Niantic/WB and thus not their respsonsibiliuty if things go toxic.

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    @Glimmermir I think you hit the nail on the head; managing toxicity. With so many other outside options, I don't see how in-game chat will ever come to pass. Managing toxicity is a big job when your audience includes the young and impressionable.

    This also touches on thoughts I've had about developers recognizing the growing adult player base of these kinds of games, and start considering developing R rated mobile games where many of these issues can be ignored. It shouldn't be a developers responsibility to manage the safety and social aspects of their games, toxic or not. Toxicity is a part of life. Keep it real.

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    It didn't take long for Ingress' community to fall into the unrelenting inescapable abyss of toxicity that is a typical gaming chat feature. One of the main reasons I quit playing Ingress was due to the obnoxious behavior in the chat... and then the spam. Oh my, the spam. Out of control over there.

    The saddest part is that those who are, in fact, in charge of moderating chat features in games (regardless of the game) never do their job properly and allow the toxicity to grow and grow until it's pretty much all that's left. It's not even about "adult" vs. "minor". It's about common decency and too many people lack it when given a screen to hide behind.

    My recommendation to Niantic in this regard is to allow for a focused chat feature. No full world chat but rather allow team creation and allow for chat only with those on friends list and those in a team set up. But definitely those in friends list. While I understand that an open chat would allow for random meet ups, I personally feel it has more negatives than positives.

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    @ZookiTabooki I completely disagree that it shouldn't be a developers responsibility to manage the safety and social aspects of their games. An unsafe game is like any other unsafe product - the seller is responsible. That's why all of Nianic's games have that speed limiter - because they can't encourage distracted driving.

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    I mean ingress has chat and is the first game Niantic created so.... totally doable in HPWU. Also would be SUPER great for the messages to be interdepartmental messages like we see flying all over the map or owls :)

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    @gishan *unofficial Wizards Unite Chat - not in any way affiliated with Niantic or WB.


    @HPWULola @HPWUrobert Could we get an statement from Niantic regarding this site?

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    I want it. Im a level 36 auror a bit more 37 and im getting sick and tired not finding anyone.not even in the weekend on malls. A chat feature will be toxic for sure but at least i can check whether someone is in the area or not,.

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    That isn't an official website! Please always be careful when sharing your personal information on various websites.

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    Awww, but the guy who runs the site (goes by Mundungus, I think?) said it was totally legit.

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    Yeah, he even gave me a promo code for a discount at some place called Bourgin and Burke’s.

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    I didn't see his face, but there was this guy who chatted with me about raising dragons and stuff and even gave me a dragon egg of my very own!

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    And I just was given an early Valentine’s gift called the cursed opal necklace but was told it wasn’t cursed negatively only will bring me good fortune. Should I wear it tomorrow? Also I don’t know who gave it to me it was just signed V and I assume it means Valentine’s?? HELP!!

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    Sounds like it'll be a busy year at St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. 🤒

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    @Acumen Especially if the anonymous valentine has been handing out devil's snare again!

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    So if I read you guys correctly that vanishing cabinet that some random stranger just dropped off on my doorstep shouldn't be brought inside?

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    Just treat it like a gift being left behind by the retreating enemy army as they flee.

    Or, you know, open the gates to the arriving enemy army.

    (two real-world historical references)

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