dawdle draught sometimes still fails ...

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reporting to @HPWULola and @HPWUTeam for my wife mbs808 (who does not participate in online forums and social media):

on two separate occasions this week during LOH Potions Classroom event ( and i witnessed the second time, after she had complained to me about the first time a day earlier), she popped both a dawdle draught AND a strong exstimulo potion when a Harry Potter trace spawned. yes, i saw her engage each potion with the potion animation confirming its use. each time, on the very first spell that she cast, the Harry Potter foundable disintegrated/whisked-away and the engaged dawdle draught did not kick in to prevent it - no departure denied.

when she opened up the next trace encountered, she sees (and i witnessed on second time) that her dawdle draught counter is at 2/3 and her strong exstimulo potion counter is at 3/4. potion carryover now wasted on lesser traces that follow, with no realistic ability to save for plumed traces that could use the boost.

so, two dawdle draughts and two strong exstimulo potions, and brew times, wasted.



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    #201 December, 2019, 07:54 pm.

    @kiheikid I get your frustration. But Dawdle Draught never was a guarantee of any kind. It “reduces the confoundable’s likelihood of fleeing with the foundable.” Unfortunately though it’s not a guarantee that it will prevent it fleeing. If it’s successful, it does show a “departure denied.” But I’ve even had them depart while Dawdle was active since they added the “departure denied” notification. Again, frustrating, yes.

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    #301 December, 2019, 08:13 pm.

    thank you @MrSciGuy for sharing your experience and explanation.

    sorry to hear that you suffered similar loss of resources when dawdle draught was not effective to prevent departure/disintegration

    maybe the game makers can add a second banner that shows up when the DD fails (to balance the departure denied banner when DD succeeds) ... we might suggest something like


    (again, mwahahahaha)”

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    #402 December, 2019, 08:08 am.

    Also, Dawdle Drought won't prevent the escape of the foundable if its escape was caused by other reasons than "rng".

    If you're in the state of speed-lock, everything will flee regardless of potions - that's intended.

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    #502 December, 2019, 08:11 am.

    what is “speed-lock” ?

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