Thanks for the treats!

ManateeMommaManateeMomma Posts: 59 ✭✭
in Wizarding Challenges + Professions #1 latest comment 05 November, 2019, 08:07 pm.

When the game started, the cluster of inns and greenhouses in the picture had only 2 inns and 1 greenhouse. A few weeks ago, one inn was added, then another. Another greenhouse showed up today! Yay! Now it just needs one fortress.....😉 So glad it's a short walk from my house! Thanks so much!



  • hpwulolahpwulola Posts: 876 admin
    #201 November, 2019, 06:26 pm.

    That's awesome! Thank your local Ingress players 😁

  • ManateeMommaManateeMomma Posts: 59 ✭✭
    #305 November, 2019, 08:07 pm.

    Oh, an update! I was taking my kids trick or treating when I saw a new fortress! It was just a block away from all the inns! I don't have to travel far to do challenges now (the closest one previously was by a Dairy Queen, so they might lose a smidgeon of business....)

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