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Expand outside of rural areas. — Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Community Forum

Expand outside of rural areas.

WitheringWingsWitheringWings Posts: 1 ✭✭
in Feature Requests #1 latest comment 02 December, 2019, 09:10 pm.

I would love to know if expanding the game game outside of rural areas will ever be possible. I recently moved out of town and now I am no longer able to play unless i make a special trip into town.



  • Osprey1Osprey1 Posts: 612 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #211 October, 2019, 02:21 am.

    Welcome to the forum @WitheringWings!

    The key to your problem lies in creating points of interest in your new home. You can search these forums for details on that, but briefly....

    1. Find spots that make good candidate locations
    2. Find an experienced Ingress player who can submit those spots for you. Check out Niantic's Wayfarer for additional info.
  • AcumenAcumen Posts: 1,102 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #311 October, 2019, 02:25 am.

    Those who have reached a high enough level in Ingress or PoGo can submit new POI requests. If you are not a long-time player of either of those games, find out if anyone you know is. They can submit POI requests for you to turn some landmarks in your area, which will then be turned into fortresses, inns, or greenhouses.

    This post explains more about POIs:

  • OddCanardOddCanard Posts: 6 ✭✭
    #423 October, 2019, 11:38 pm.

    I live in a highly historic village with no fortress, this information gives me hope. I don’t know how likely it is that I will find someone who can help, but you’ve shown me where to look.

    I have only made any progress in-game during a visit to a friend’s (much larger) town.

    I have another quandary, which I am sure is addressed somewhere else here. Not only do I live in a very small area, I am also physically disabled. I know that a lot of bugs are being worked out, and things may change ( for example, I was often told I was going to fast while sitting on a couch or lying in bed ) so, perhaps this walking game has room in it for those of us who don’t find walking a daily experience for medical reasons.

    The obvious answer, and one I have already received, is that I ought to find another game. Is that really in the spirit of this game’s world? Unlike so many creations, I feel right at home here.

    I have been told there are ways to cheat the walk requirement, but as noble as it seems to get people up and moving with the game, I don’t believe it’s strongly intended to exclude disabled players. It’s quite possible the answer is in this forum and I just haven’t found it. I try not to get invested in this game, it wasn’t made for me, but it’s really a pleasant universe to visit. If anybody knows what to do about the second question I like to hear about it.

  • JulieJubzJulieJubz Posts: 640 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #523 October, 2019, 11:48 pm.

    @OddCanard as the others have said, I guess the best thing really would be to try and find someone who can do the POI requests! Maybe if you try looking at FB to see if there's an ingress community where you live at all?

    I also wonder how well the new trace tonic would work for you. I know that the tonic works best when walking, but it does help attract things to you even when you're standing still.

    I know that that creates other problems though, since without energy, you can't play, etc. So it really is a hard circumstance you're under, but not hopeless!

    That being said, I really do hope you can find someone with a high level in Ingress to help out. I'm not sure what else could be done yet to help out. Perhaps the admins could weigh in a little on the subject as well.

  • OddCanardOddCanard Posts: 6 ✭✭
    edited October 2019 #624 October, 2019, 12:13 am.

    Jublie Jubs- sorry, I’m too new here too “@“ you—Thanks for the reply, in the town where I stayed the trace potion was a real help. As for finding someone who is a high level individual that could help out with a fortress, I have my fingers crossed and will be continuing to look around and ask around.

    In regard to the walking requirement and this being a walking game made for pedestrians to look at specific points of interest, I have already looked at portions of comments made about mobility impaired/disabled players. So far on this forum the tone has not been what I would call terribly welcoming or hopeful. That’s why I thought I’d ask in a different thread, where people were experiencing trouble with the game because of their location. You know what it’s like to be into something and thwarted by something outside of your control.

    I suppose I should mention that mobility impaired people do visit points of interest that pedestrians visit, and that ruling us out based on the pedestrian manifesto ( The game is designed to get you to look at special places which can be reached by foot, if you can’t reach them by foot or slow car, this game is not for you) seems to miss a pretty essential point in its own content. I visited several points of interest which were entirely ignored by the crowds of people staring at their digital devices and clearly playing the game rather than looking at the scenery or the monument/historic building / memorial plaque/beautiful mural or park. If this interest in one’s environment is to be fostered there is only so much that can be done. Leading players to a painting or plaque won’t necessarily make them think. For the record, I paid attention to where I was, possibly because I move that slowly.

    I didn’t post in the thread I found about mobility challenged people, though I did run into the same answer from forum members there. This isn’t the place for [me].

    I am that much of an idealist to think I can find a place here when it has been plainly stated that those with mobility impairments are most likely to be categorized with cheaters, since to ask for medical proof would be against the law, or at least legally precarious to say the least. It doesn’t take much to know that not all disabled people are mobility challenged, and that not all mobility challenged individuals are legally disabled. I know it’s a can of worms. If nothing else, maybe they can add an ingredient that’s a can of worms—-that may sound bitter, but it’s not.

  • JulieJubzJulieJubz Posts: 640 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #724 October, 2019, 12:43 am.

    @OddCanard no worries at all, I tend to check "recent discussions", so if there's new replies I usually see them :)

    But yeah, I totally understand where you're coming from! I really want this game to be accessible to all, and I really am wishing you all the luck when it comes to finding someone that can help out with the POI!

    Also, in the past some of us have totally talked about using buses and bikes and other vehicles to be able to play. It's true that some people see this as "cheating", but I found that most of us see it as a helpful way to play more than anything. Some of the green houses in my town are close to really busy streets, and it's actually safer to get to them from a bus than anything else (I don't drive, so I wouldn't do it driving from a car).

    So, absolutely do whatever you must to make it better for yourself. No one will look down upon you for it. But this isn't to assume that you can use vehicles and all that, so finding an ingress player would be amazing. I know that here in Brazil, there's a guy on FB who's from a different town than mine, but he has totally offered to try and help people with POI points if he can. So maybe if you find a group for a larger town that's close by, maybe they can come over and do that one day to help you and your towns people :)

  • OddCanardOddCanard Posts: 6 ✭✭
    #824 October, 2019, 09:01 pm.

    Thank you again, Julie Jubz! You have really given me not only hope, but some good ideas to follow up on.

    I feel very lucky to have met you. I’m glad you don’t consider other safe types of transportation cheating, I see it as working with what circumstances you have, and following the fun that drew you to the game to start with. I don’t play while driving (I don’t drive either) so that’s not an issue for me. I wouldn’t endanger people in that way even if I did drive, so that’s that sorted. Being a passenger, or using some other form of transport to meet km requirements, seems to be a pretty contested area. I read able-bodied players will sometimes have a designated driver at night, since they don’t feel safe going out alone. Makes sense to me.

  • JulieJubzJulieJubz Posts: 640 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #1025 October, 2019, 07:22 pm.

    Trust me, other people here in the forum would absolutely agree with you @OddCanard, so again, I'm glad I could give you some ideas to work with! I'm really excited for you and I hope it works out.

    Also, that's wonderful news @HPWULola!! That program sounds amazing! As always, thank you and the team for trying to come up with options to help out 🧡

    Also, you make me blush, haha. I love our little community ☺️

  • linnixlinnix Posts: 7 ✭✭
    #1106 November, 2019, 05:07 am.

    @HPWULola a bit late to this post but I am heartened to hear you are looking at opening up Wayfarer to more folks. I played Pokemon Go for a few years but not seriously (I'm a level 39 with a lot of XP to go before hitting 40) before i dedicated my time to the SOS Task force! When I heard about Wizards Unite I began playing Ingress as i knew there were lots of places in my hometown that should be POIs. But it's been slow going on both of those other games as my passion really lies here with the Wizards Unite! Hope to hear lots more soon and begin to improve my community for all Niantic players.

  • OddCanardOddCanard Posts: 6 ✭✭
    #1206 November, 2019, 04:53 pm.

    Still holding out hope in this rural area, but I woke to find a third of my village gone from the map this morning. There is pedestrian access in the places which have disappeared. In fact, there are a couple potential POIs in the now blank area.

    Is anyone else missing part of a map today?

    I expect if it doesn’t right itself I should report it somewhere here on the forum and elsewhere, if needed.

    Suggestions are welcome, I’m still fairly new to this.

    It doesn’t seem like a good idea to take away the few rural landmarks that we have, though.

  • DogoutlawDogoutlaw Posts: 1,922 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #1306 November, 2019, 08:26 pm.

    @OddCanard I don't know the reason for it, but others have had POI's disappear, and then they reappear in the next day or so. Have you tried restarting the app just in case. I've had an inn disappear here and there, and restart brings it back. If that doesn't work, give it a day or two, and if still nothing, I would report.

  • OddCanardOddCanard Posts: 6 ✭✭
    #1414 November, 2019, 02:28 pm.

    @Dogoutlaw Thanks! My town came back after a day and 1/2.

  • ChelseaDagger13ChelseaDagger13 Posts: 16 ✭✭
    #1514 November, 2019, 03:36 pm.

    @OddCanard just read through the messages on this thread and while I know it's an older thread, just wanted to say I'm sorry that you've received and observed a negative reaction towards players who are unable to play the game fully due to mobility limitations. That's absolutely awful and I really don't understand how people can justify responses like "find a different game"...

    Anyway, I suppose you've got two problems, one being a lack of stops in your area (hopefully something that can be improved through wayfarer stop submissions) and an inability to open Portkeys.

    For the Portkey issue, this means you'll miss out on some Portkey-only ingredients which means you can't brew Potent Exstimulo's, Baruffio's and Dawdle Draughts. None of that is a total barrier to being able to enjoy the game. The biggest impact is probably during events, if they include assignments like "open x Portkeys" or "brew/use xyz potion" (although for the potions they often give you the crucial ingredient in a previous task). Ideally, the WU team should take this into account in terms of structuring future event tasks.

    And by the way, anyone who tells you that getting distance through driving or public transport is cheating, well they're absolute hypocrites. There are so, so many players in WU and Pokemon Go who do this and their only excuse for not walking is laziness. :) so again, sorry you've had crappy responses to your questions and I hope you're able to enjoy the game regardless!

  • WerewolfChaserWerewolfChaser Posts: 648 ✭✭✭✭
    #1614 November, 2019, 04:23 pm.

    @OddCanard I get a lot of my distance from being in the car with hubby driving. He's not a very good passenger.

    Have you considered or able to use alternative transport? I'm the proud owner of a mobility scooter. I'm still at the learning stage but am planning to take it on the train on Sunday for the community day. I'm not altogether sure whether they will allow me as I'm not sure of my turning circle.

    Of course I consider myself too young to need a mobility scooter so as a motorbike rider from way back so I got

    Please excuse the following screenshot. I haven't figured out h9w to remove them yet. I'm far from being a techie person!

  • OddCanardOddCanard Posts: 6 ✭✭
    #1702 December, 2019, 09:10 pm.

    @WerewolfChaser Thanks for your reply, I know it’s a bit odd to keep chatting in an older thread, and I have been remiss in replying promptly. As for a mobility machine, that’s a little out of my budget range for now, but I have thought of them often. Yours fits a motorcyclist, definitely.

    @ChelseaDagger13 A belated thanks for your support. The positive and hopeful responses in this thread have changed the feeling I originally picked up from reading other threads. Since then I also found some players who wrote about their determination to help themselves or their kids find a way to play despite handicaps. This is a good group of people. Thanks so much, all.

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