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I’m not exactly a pro but I have a job and a family so when I walk more than usual since apparently GPS distance matters more than the miles of steps I take everyday ....how do I get more keys without buying them. The dragon egg portmandeaus (with a few event others) just make me give up on the game because my week is planned out so I can’t be a crazy at work from lack of sleep the next day and walk through the ghetto at night to get the required “distance” since it isn’t accounted for the three + miles I do while speeding around work to fix things for everyone else and I like the game. When some fun challenge on even the daily or SOS level comes up I want the challenge and will do my best to make it to the finish line. My personal code is without cheating and this is a genre I love enough that it would motivate me. I have 1 Portkey left and without spending money I don’t have ....the time frame for them without keys is unrealistic for me so why would I bother? I don’t want easy but between work, home and the game factors distance only not the 1,75 kL I walk within my office many times a day that would clear the portmanteaus right off the board ....but then keys are just not there at all. HOW DO I GET KEYS?!! I played 4 SEPARATE wizard challenges YESTERDAY...keys? Nope. Advanced two levels on two divisions and ...no keys. I don’t have the energy to keep wishing to win or at least be able to compete I. The special challenges. I have like 8 Portmanteaus and 1 key and have attempted everything I know except paying/bribing for the keys just to win and that’s cheating a bit when it gets this extreme. Why would I walk on purpose when I don’t want to if this game is more frustrating than my anxiety??? Thx



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    Long story short, a nice solution to the issue you've described is on the way:

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    silver keys occasionally drop from monsters as loot items. very occasionally.

    also tend to appear once a month for calendar login rewards.

    when you level up, you get a silver key.

    Silver keys are few and far between, so, most of us just run with the gold key one portmantaeu at a time. Happy bonus when we find a silver one - not very often.

    you could choose to spend your in game gold earned towards silver keys (i personally put it towards spell energy cap increase) ...you get ten gold a day from the daily tasks, some gold a few times a month from calendar rewards, and for completing in game achievements on the achievements tab. also, very occasionally, as monster loot.

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    I am wondering if anyone has a tip that I may be missing in opening portkeys.

    I ride around 10k every day. I have the app open to get the credit for my portkeys. For obvious reasons I am not catching foundables, hitting up inns and greenhouses or picking up ingredients. The problem I am encountering is that the game does not notify me when I have unlocked my portkeys. I will go my usual distance but only get notified about a portkey (like a 2k) when I get home. Anything's I should be doing or setting I should have on/off to fix this?

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    It behaves the same for me @Li11ee. If I unlock a portmanteau, I won't receive notification until after I engage a confoundable, look at my vault, hit up an inn, restart the app, or something along that line. The notification isn't triggered until you leave the map to do something else. It seems like a bug, though I've never bothered to report it.

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