Post-Day of the Dragon Details

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Hi there,

We want to thank everyone that played Day of the Dragon and made it a great success, we hope you enjoyed it!

Here are some post-Day of the Dragon details:

  • Your regional Dragon will continue to appear on the Map as an Oddity. For a clue on when Dragons will appear on the Map, check out the Weather in-app!
  • Regional Dragons are as follows:
    • Oceania: Antipodean Opaleye
    • Asia, the Middle East and India: Chinese Fireball
    • Americas and Greenland: Peruvian Vipertooth
    • Europe and Africa: Common Welsh Green
  • The Hogwarts Founders portraits will also continue to appear on the Map as Encounters. These are now core content for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite!
  • The Portrait of the Wild Boar can be found as a reward in Wizarding Challenges.




  • PeppermintHumbuPeppermintHumbu Posts: 2
    #210 September, 2019, 11:32 pm.

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  • Jolly1701Jolly1701 Posts: 4 ✭✭
    #311 September, 2019, 12:04 am.

    Will other dragons be available other than the regional one

  • MautimMautim Posts: 1
    #411 September, 2019, 04:22 am.

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  • Overflow4487Overflow4487 Posts: 372 ✭✭✭✭
    #512 September, 2019, 01:40 am.

    Hmm...I’m going to say we will be able to find the dragons during clear and cloudy weather based on those dragons I see 😉

  • H4rdC4ndyH4rdC4ndy Posts: 67 ✭✭
    #612 September, 2019, 07:33 pm.

    I had no dragons 😢

  • LeFayeofAlbionLeFayeofAlbion Posts: 185 ✭✭✭
    #712 September, 2019, 08:01 pm.

    I haven’t seen a single dragon since DotD 😭 And please. Eggs.

  • RelaxLahRelaxLah Posts: 17
    #813 September, 2019, 05:08 am.

    The only dragons i have seen post event are those in the in-app weather picture

  • DogoutlawDogoutlaw Posts: 855 ✭✭✭✭
    #913 September, 2019, 02:57 pm.

    We had our first clear day yesterday since the event. Hubby caught a dragon! Woohoo! I have this today, so wondering if they’ll still be about.

  • MorSanMolbergMorSanMolberg Posts: 2
    #1015 September, 2019, 06:19 am.

    Caught a Wealth Green yesterday partly cloudy in Denmark, Europe

  • AuroraKadavraAuroraKadavra Posts: 297 ✭✭✭
    #1115 September, 2019, 09:24 am.

    Iv seen 1 dragon since the day, it came out at dusk with the other oddities appearing. Not seen another since but keep hoping. Was happy with 4 horned serpents last night with my baruffio going though 😀

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