How to remove inn / nursery / fortress that are at landmark that no longer exists?

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As above, who should we inform and how should we go about informing ?



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    Try to find your local Ingress community (maybe through Pokemon Go channels if you can't find them). They can remove it, but it'll take a while because the Ingress community needs consensus on the proposed change. Try to find the Ingress person who likes "OPR" the best, they are usually quite driven to create a correct playing field.

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    @RelaxLah quite simple:

    • Open the App
    • Open the Suitcase (bottom center)
    • Go to Settings (top left corner)
    • Click on "Help/Legal" (bottom right corner)
    • Click on "Get Support"
    • Click on "Inns, Greenhouse, and Landmark"
    • Click on "Request modification or removal of a Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in-game location"
    • Follow the instructions 🙂
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    You can do this via the app.

    Request modification or removal of a Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in-game location

    If you believe a Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in-game location should be modified or removed, you can submit a request for us to review an in-game feature representing a real-world location.

    The vast majority of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in-game locations were submitted by users to be included in our games. We believe that our cities and communities are healthier when citizens explore public places and sites that make the world unique, all while bringing them into contact with the outdoors and with one another.

    Information to include with your request:

    1. Latitude and Longitude (optional but helpful):

    Latitude and longitude GPS coordinates are numerical data used to locate a point on the map. While this information is optional, it greatly helps expedite your request. Learn how to get the GPS coordinates of a location using Google Maps.

    2. Owner verification for modification or removal on private property (non-residential):

    We take extra verification steps to ensure that requests reflect the desires of the property owners or senior executives of the organization that owns the property. If you are a property owner or senior executive and would like to report an issue with a Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in-game location, please include one of the following items to ensure we can process your request without any delays:

    • Submit the request using an email address associated with the organization.
    • Include a scanned copy of your business card.
    • Attach a letter written on official letterhead of the organization.
    • If you are reaching out to us on behalf of the owner/senior executive, please include their name, title, phone number, and email address.

    3. Images (where applicable):

    In some cases, a picture can help us understand the reasons you are requesting modification or removal. Please include an image if it could provide context about your request.

    Submit your location request

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    #511 September, 2019, 09:14 am.

    Thanks. I will submit later :)

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    Don't be surprised if no action is taken. Unless it's a school or fire station etc. You'll need to provide ample proof that the poi should be removed.

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    Thanks, I didn't know that was in there!

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    if you are the legal property owner removing the point of interest location is easy following the steps outlined above.

    if not the legal property owner then it will take longer to never for the same process to complete.

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    It is about a plaque in a public park that has been removed years ago.

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