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I am sure I'm not the first to point this out, but I didn't find similar posts, so please excuse my use of new discussion. I enjoy HP:WU quite a lot, but have massive grievances with energy system. There is simply not enough energy to play this game somewhat continuously. Since energy only comes from inns and sometimes from greenhouses, and the amounts of it are quite modest; since resist and escape chances are somewhat harsh and confoundables are plentiful, I pretty much never max out my 105 energy pool even in high inn density areas. In areas where we don't have many inns and/or greenhouses, full pool of 105 lasts about 30-40 minutes. Current system also severely limits wizard's abillity to do challenges as those are very energy demanding at higher ranks. This affects doing challenges with local community most, as people simply don't care enough to gather together to run only 2-3 challenges together. This severely reduces playtime, forces wizards to play in select few areas with plentiful inn density, and social aspect of the game.

For possible solutions I would like you to consider following improvements or a combination of them:

- Put automatic energy regeneration on a timer like every single mobile game on the market. I would say 5-10 minutes per energy point would be appropriate without being too generous. This is an obvious game dynamic that is used by practically the entire mobile games market, I'm somewhat curious why you decided to go the other way with it at game launch.

- Lower price for energy refill to at least 1 gold/energy. Very few people are willing to waste real currency with current 2 gold/energy exchange rate (Equivalent to 10 energy/$1). I suspect that would actually increase revenue generated.

- Make additional energy randomly spawn in the world similarly to potion ingredients and greenhouse seeds. Make it 2-5 energy per spawn. This will unchain wizards from high inn density areas, reduce ingredients clutter, make maximum energy pool meaningful. Corrently, I see no benefit of investing into increasing my pool of 105 energy as it is pretty much never full. This will change it.

All of these seem pretty simple to implement. I'll be grateful for comments and additional suggestions from anyone, feel free to offer them.

Thank You for your time,




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    I currently have 95 spell capacity, and like OP, see very little point in expanding it, because it's pretty rare I get to fill it as it is.

    This is despite the fact that I live in a city and pass dozens of inns and greenhouses every day. The amount of energy you get from each one is so small it's gone picking up one or two of the foundables clustered around those inns/greenhouses anyway. The only way to stockpile spell energy is to intentionally not use it . What on earth is the point of a game mechanic that relies on you not playing the game?

    By contrast, in Pokemon Go I have maxed out my storage. There you get balls from friend gifts, from gyms, from weekly awards, from research - there are lots of sources. HPWU has fewer sources of spell energy, and yet it's used for more things. There are times I've walked past towers because I didn't have enough spell energy. Nobody ever has to walk past a Pokemon Go raid battle because they're short of balls. If you run out of pokeballs in Pokemon Go, you can still battle PvP, you can still raid, you can still fight in gyms.

    NOBODY benefits from the way things are in HPWU. Niantic/WB lose out because the game is so stingy with energy that it's only worth upgrading your storage if you live or work in range of an inn to keep replenishing permanently. They lose out because energy acts as a brake on fortress battles, meaning we use fewer runestones, too. They lose out because less patient players have left the game in droves out of frustration. Players lose out because we simply can't play the game as much as we like. If the devs feel that more spell energy would result in people progressing too quickly, then reduce the rewards per foundable rather than stopping players from playing.

    A mechanic that reduces the amount of time players are able to spend playing your game and the amount of fun they have doing so IS NOT A SMART MECHANIC. This badly needs a rethink.

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    I am surprised there isn't:

    Spell energy from fortresses (like Pokemon Go)

    Spell energy as gifts from friends

    Spell energy from portkeys

    Spell energy regeneration over time

    Spell energy potions

    Spell energy reward when leveling up or prestiging a registry page

    Weekly spell energy reward

    Option to cast a buff on another player to regenerate spell energy

    Removal of spell energy required in fortresses (Pokemon Go the tower pokeballs are provided)

    Spell Energy is the number one thing that needs to be addressed with this game. It has been brought up many times before and we keep having updates that ignore this, the primary issue.

    Side note, in Pokemon Go we get a small ammount of exp for spinning spinners that we don't get in HPWU and if a confoundable departs we don't get the 25 exp that you get in Pokemon Go.

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    #431 August, 2019, 04:09 am.

    There are so many threads on this that I'm not going to fully respond. I will say this... Energy in this game is a serious issue. It needs to be fixed. Many have offered ideas. Niantic has ignored them.

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    For a brief period, when things went haywire for a bit on August 22, we saw some new elements in the game that clearly had been deployed by mistake, perhaps alongside the Dancing with Dummies bug fix for Aurors. These new elements obviously weren't ready because none of them worked correctly, but it did give us a sneak peek at interesting updates on the horizon. One thing several players reported seeing was +10 spell energy awarded among the other items after a fortress challenge. No idea if this will end up being deployed. It could just be something they were playing with that we were never meant to see. It might also just be intended for a specific event as a bonus. Obviously, we'd all like to see something like this implemented permanently, even if the award amount is scaled with fortress chamber level. We'll just have to wait and find out, but there's hope, and that's something.

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    #631 August, 2019, 06:59 am.

    There are just so few inns that I can go days without getting to one. When I finally do get to one it usually only rewards three spell energy.

    This forces me to have to buy gold for spell energy. I can't keep this up indefinitely.

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    Spell energy is a great drawback to this game. I live in a place where, if I want to reach an inn, I have to take a detour on my way to work. And I am going to be shifting in a fortnight that I will be moving near my work place that I would only have to walk and there are no inns/greenhouses/fortresses at all in my surrounding although there is a park nearby. HPWU does not also take in location requests right now. So, If this is not rectified, I guess I will have to exit the game!!!

    But one of the ideas for energy filling I had was to have Pepper Up potion added to our recipes and have it give us at least 10% of our energy capacity (like the healing potion in the fortress).

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    we have shifted our route to and from work in order to “life up”

    and we make special trips just to get energy

    would love for some nominal amount to regen overnight

    or like the community day, where the inns nearest a fortress dole out a bonus amount

    yeah something, please?!?

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    #928 June, 2020, 06:05 am.

    I suggest a special potion that gives you unlimited spell energy for 5 hours. It should be rewarded after completing 1/4 of a level. At least 5 should be rewarded at a time. (Plus, you could call it Felix Felicis.) And I also suggest at least 1 inn and greenhouse every 2 or 3 streets. This way, we can get spell energy and potion ingredients faster.

    I hope Niantic takes these suggestions.

    Thank you.

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    #1028 June, 2020, 04:33 pm.

    I'm good with pretty much any suggestion here. Any of these or let us open unlimited gifts. Only problem I see with that is not everyone can get to an inn or greenhouse, especially these days and often they don't reward you with a gift anyway from what I've seen and heard from others. This game is becoming so reliant on purchasing energy lately that I don't think anything is gonna be done. Not thrilled about it but that's unfortunately how it is.

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