Dragon Portmanteau Distance

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Did I miss it? Are we going to have to walk the dragon portmanteau a certain distance to unlock? If so, how far?



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    #228 August, 2019, 03:34 pm.

    Yeah, that's a significant detail I didn't see on the announcement page. Keeping my fingers crossed for 2K or less so I can collect lots toward the reward I'm hopeful for (Peruvian Vipertooth).

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    Someone was asking a bunch of questions on another thread last night, and this was one of them... I’m a little nervous to find out! And since we get the Peruvian one here, I’m hoping people here don’t collect that one so we can get something different!

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    Which one are you hoping for @Dogoutlaw? While the Peruvian dragon will take up residence in the Americas, I also happen to most want the reward associated with the Peruvian Vipertooth eggs (reduce potion brewing time by 50%).

    The 50% reduction in portmanteau walk distance comes associated with the Antipodean OpalEye eggs in at a close 2nd, but the other two don't matter to me at all. I suppose if I had to pick, the 25% bonus to Wizarding XP would be 3rd, and the double dark detector duration would be last.

    If Challenge XP was one of the potential rewards, that'd be number one for me.

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    @Acumen My assumption is the reward only last the three hours of day of dragons, but that is also uncertain. But on that assumption, I don’t need shorter brewing time for three hours. I’d go for the xp since it’s a short window. It’d be like a CD. Close second is the portmanteau one. Don’t use DD’s, so that’s last on my list. UNLESS they’d bring in a significant amount more emergency and severe foundables. Then I’d consider that one.

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    Ah, understood @Dogoutlaw. It looks like you're right now that I've read it again. Players have from September 2 at 10:00 AM PDT to September 9 at 10 AM PDT to unlock the rewards, during which time all of them can potentially be unlocked. The rewards are only effective during the 3 hour event though. That being the case, I agree that Wizarding XP would be my first priority. Hopefully they all get unlocked!

    I think this will also help to provide some insight on just how many active players there are in the world. If there's hardly a dent made on any of those milestones, that'll be kind of sad!

    Another detail I'm not clear on is whether all four dragon oddities will appear for all players world-wide during the duration of the fan festival, or if they'll only be visible to fans attending the event. It sounds like the latter is true, and the rest of us won't see dragon oddities until September 7, and even then it'll only be the one that lives in our region.

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    #728 August, 2019, 04:15 pm.

    Yes, ideal is all get done. But it did say I think that each region will be specific to which was caught most in that region. Which is probably good so each region can go after a different dragon. Ideally everyone will see two dragons regardless where they are.

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    @Dogoutlaw The bonuses last a week. The announcement says "Throughout the weekend we’ll be tracking the number of Dragon Eggs collected, and if certain milestones are reached, players will unlock a variety of rewards starting from September 2 at 10:00 A.M. PDT to September 9 at 10 A.M. PDT."

    I don't think it matters which portkeys I unlock though. I want to collect enough of each to place all the eggs, and it sounds like we only have this weekend to complete all four (no mention of the new portkeys being permanent additions at least). At best, I'd probably only unlock maybe one or two more of one kind unless I dumped all my money on silver keys, and that's really not going to make a difference in which bonuses or dragons we get.

    Plus, we have the Brilliant Event going at the same time. I still need to pick up four more brilliant portkeys, so I hope they don't just shut off the event over the weekend, even though that's going to cut down on how many dragon eggs we get too.

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    I got a little confused with all the dates, I’ll figure it out as it happens. It’s still a limited window for rewards tho... I guess I’d take the portmanteau one then to make those quicker. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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    My comment above appears to have posted well before I finished it, which is weird.

    @cacoethescrbndi, that's the way I understood it at first, but I don't think that's the case. The period between Sept 2 and Sept 7 is when you unlock colored portmanteaus to collect specific dragon eggs associated with a particular reward. During this time, players world-wide can potentially unlock all four rewards. The rewards are only effective during the 3-hour Day of the Dragons event, however.

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    Now I have to go re-read the message.... lol I know something has to be decided by Sept 7, because that's the day of dragons. brb

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    I was actually a little lost reading all of that, so I'm just waiting for a second announcement or something with more clarity 😅

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    On September 7. the dragons will begin appearing in the world according to region. How are we suppose to catch them?

    On that day we will also be able to catch during the 3-hour period another dragon (most collected eggs). By oddities?

    And do we have to walk portkeys during those two days of this weekend or can we walk them and open them after? 

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    OK, I think I get it now. The counting, both dragons and dragon eggs, only happens this weekend. The Fan Fest attendees will be working on dragons to hit 150,000. The rest of the world will be collecting dragon eggs, trying to hit those marks and going after the rewards they want (or the type of dragon they want, see below). That ends on Sunday. Based on the dragon eggs, the rewards will be available from Sept 2-Sept 9. And that seems to be global in both respects. The highest dragon egg type collected globally will dictate the rewards globally. Personally, I'll be going for the chinese fireball and the opaleye, both because of the rewards, and the effect on day of dragons. If 150,000 dragons are collected by attendees, we'll get the day of dragons. And the type of dragon we get is dictated by the highest number of dragon eggs collected in each region. So each region, if they collect different types of dragon eggs, will get a different second dragon. E.g. if my region (Americas) collects more opaleye eggs than the others, we'll get the opaleye on the day of dragons, as well as our native Vipertooth. Whereas if Europe collects more Vipertooth eggs than the others, they will get the vipertooth along with their native welsh green. It will be interesting, because if you want to see two dragons, which I'm sure we all do! We'd go after the eggs that are not our native species. So each region will essentially be competing on the rewards. If we all go for the fireball to get the xp, including the asian region, they'll only get the chinese fireball on day of dragons. Which would be sad for them. They'd want to go for different eggs. Unless the powers that be take that into account, and if a region collected more of their native species for the rewards, they'll get the second highest collected so they'll still see two species... but I don't know if they'll do that. We'll see.

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    #1528 August, 2019, 06:04 pm.

    On a related note, I guess I need to clear out my portkeys by Saturday!! I need to have them all clear so I have the most chance of picking up the dragon portkeys.

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    Okay, yeah, now I get it. The information on the link I posted in my first comment is super confusing. This one is much more clear about what’s what:

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    Actually on re-reading again... It's possible we'll unlock multiple rewards, as long as we collect the 1M eggs for each reward. So it's possible we could get both the XP and portmanteau rewards if we collect 1M each of the fireball and opaleye eggs. It's worded to be taken that way...

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    I'm just gonna walk around and tap stuff, and hope something cool happens. Same thing I do any other day. 😁

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    @Acumen pretty much! lol

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    Just read on Wizard Unite Hub that they will 1k.

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    Okay, now that the registry pages for dragons have gone live, I suggest all of us across the globe should strike a deal with each other. Since the Peruvian Vipertooth will take up residence in the Americas, players there should collect eggs for the Common Welsh Green, because they both share the same registry page. Likewise, players in Europe and Africa should collect Peruvian Vipertooth eggs. Those throughout Asia should collect Antipodean Opaleye eggs, while folks in Oceanian countries like Australia should go for the Chinese Fireball eggs. If we're lucky, we all might be able to prestige at least one registry page during the Day of the Dragons event. 

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    Here's that other thread. Some questions were answered, but not all.


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    I’m frustrated with the constant bugs and bored. I walked over 3 miles today and half of that I kept my phone in my pocket with this app open and the distance was literally the same as when I enemy to work this Morning. I can leave my office, walk a super short distance to food and back and fulfill (and usually do in that manner) the daily walking distance but for the past several days .....nope. Just keep walking we don’t care. ....

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    Awesome, thanks @HPWULola ! At least we can turn those over quicker! Especially for those with disabilities, they can participate a little easier.

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    So excited for this event, these eggs, the dragons, and everything!

    At 1k each, I will be strapping my laces and working a sweat during this weekend to try and get as many of these eggs as possible. I will just have to tell myself to keep walking instead of stopping at every little nook and cranny of the park. Hope I see you out there @HPWULola

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    Do we know what time on sat the portkeys will start appearing for regions? Im in the UK and plan to do a lot of walking but dont want to start at the wrong time. The recent community day events started an hour later than the stated time

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    @Unsubliminal They will start appearing when Fan Festival starts, so 9am EDT on Saturday, and end 48 hours after that, so 9am EDT on Monday. Good luck!

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    @Overflow4487 You too! I'll be at the Helpdesk and floating around the event on Saturday, come say hello!

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    Thanks @HPWULola so that would be 2pm GMT then. Wont go out in the morning then!!

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    @Unsubliminal actually I think that's 13:00 UTC/GMT. See e.g. worldtimebuddy for time conversion. bit.ly/34em6VI

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