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So im sure there will be signs but i just wanted to see if there will be designated smoking spots? Or will we have to leave the park? I checked the park website and read all the rules and i didnt see a single thing about it. Any input will be great!! Thankyou!!!



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    Hi there! The event takes place in a State Park, so I believe there is no smoking allowed in the permitters. It should be allowed in most areas just outside the park. Also, since your ticket is tied to your account, there are no issues with leaving and reentering the event!

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    i called the park and explicitly asked, per sonya of white river state park on august 1st, smoking is permitted within the park.

    edit @Casarah during the phone call sonya checked with other employees of the park and no one had seen any signs in the park posted no smoking.

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    to be honest this was kind of a crucial detail for me to find out about. despite attending niantic events around the usa for years now, i have never gotten past being crowd shy and socially anxious around large groups of people.

    for me smoking is a coping mechanism that helps temper my anxiety around lots of people - and a reason i am glad the event is taking place in the midwest. coastal states have pretty draconian laws punishing smokers, but in the midwest we still have smoking section restaurants and bars and such. i am much more inclined to be out and about in places that allow me this vice, and typically refrain from going to places that prevent me from using this crutch.

    for an open air, outside place there is no honest complaint over air quality or debate on second hand smoke. i can see the argument for being inside a building, and will happily go outside to calm myself down - but outside in the open air?

    please, please do not litter. i absolutely detest litter and we should all be trying to leave the event site better then we found it. carry a plastic bag, ashtray, or use a pocket. whatever it takes, just dont leave cigarette buts laying around. it is inconsiderate and rude.

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    This has me pondering. I gave up the smokes last year after having my 2nd heart attack.

    Our laws are extremely prohibitive here. Vapes are classified as tobacco products so we can't vape where there's a no smoking sign.

    How do your laws compare (if you know).

    I rarely use the vape but hubby is a heavy vaper. He gave up a month after me to support me. I do have an addiction to Nicorette Quickmist mow though.

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    @WerewolfChaser sadly we have a heavy population of uninformed bandwagoners here, vapes are generally regarded in the same light as smoking. Despite no ingredients coming from tobacco and no ingredients demonstrated to cause any harm (I don't count hypertension as nicotine noticeably keeps mine in check 😉). I digress...

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    @Digitalis Thank you for doing that research and sharing!!

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    For all you young Wizards and Witches, know the danger! Don't smoke, don't vape, fight the dark lord of misinformation.

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    @Osprey1 Yes sir. I was just curious. Oh, my nicotine addiction is satisfied by my spray. All juice is Oz is nicotine free by law.

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    Might end up with a double post. If so, sorry... awaiting approval for some reason.

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    @Osprey1 I completely agree in regards to youth not needing nicotine. Honestly caffeine and any other stimulant aside from metabolism boosters should be prohibited as well. Sleep, proper diet, exercise and hydration give most young adults all the energy and focus they need. But... To address the pamphlet info...

    Nicotine is no more addictive than caffeine, cigarettes had additional chemicals added to induce addiction, e-cigs do not.

    Attempting to throat hit PG or mouth hit VG has been known to cause mild irritation but nothing more than an unpleasant feeling.

    The next three are all summed together into one event. When a person switches from smoking to vaping for the first two weeks they experience a ridiculously productive cough and are often diagnosed with pneumonia despite having no other symptoms... (D is still passing in med school btw). This is caused by the moisture in the vape breaking up the mucus your lungs have produced to handle cigarette smoke. After two weeks it clears up without treatment, the person is able to breathe normally and can taste food again!

    Raised BP and HR, yes because it has nicotine in it which is an upper that improves focus similar to caffeine. Prolonged use will contribute to hypertension, especially if started at a pre adult age.

    Upset stomach and nausea... I suppose if someone didn't like the flavor, was hypersensitive(which can occur with literally anything dependent on the person to even include sunlight and water) or if they drank the ejuice instead of vaped it then yeah, that could happen.

    I'm not saying it doesn't need to be regulated, I have two teens and theres no way I would give them an ecig, but the misinformation out there has already begun to encroach on the first successful method to quit smoking we've ever had. The biggest opponent of ecigs is not any medical association its big tobacco and they've nearly gotten ecigs completely banned 2 times now. At two packs a day for me and 2 for my wife the tobacco companies lost over $7,000 a year just from my household. Now we can run, workout and taste food again. I'm not saying their healthy but if we don't stay educated we very well may lose the only mass proven smoking cessation product we've ever had. When we were playing Ingress we smoked and rarely felt up to extended explorations by the time POGO hit we were buying battery packs to keep our phones charged while we were out trekking.

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    I'm just going to throw a link from the UK in and run. We went there a couple of years ago thanks to my mil. They have a very different view. Speaking of which apparently it was the oranged hair guy that made exporting liquid from USA to Australia illegal as we only have 0 nic.

    Stopping now as I have no desire to discuss politics.

    Apologies to @Casarah for invading your thread.

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    @CytopeAchen according to John Hopkins

    Although they’ve been marketed as an aid to help you quit smoking, e-cigarettes have not received Food and Drug Administration approval as smoking cessation devices. A recent study found that most people who intended to use e-cigarettes to kick the nicotine habit ended up continuing to smoke both traditional and e-cigarettes.

    The presumption that big tobacco is behind anti-vaping messaging is flawed as the nicotine in vapes is most often derived from tobacco. In Vaping Is Big Tobacco’s Bait and Switch Jeneen Interlandi writes,

    The tobacco industry is pushing a new kind of smoking device — the e-cig or vape pen — that it says is far healthier than traditional cigarettes

    [Juul] :also received a $12.8 billion minority investment in December from the tobacco giant Altria, a move that will allow Juul products to be displayed alongside regular cigarettes in the nation’s brick and mortar retail outlets.

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    It would appear my original post will not be permitted so, in short... I agree with @CytopeAchen

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    @Craeft I was wondering if this was the thread... Gone off topic a wee bit.

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