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    I don't have the flavor text for all the nodes in question, but the ones I do have all indicate increases in the number of fragments for purchasing the Proficiency Nodes. I think we can all accept that the lack of QA/Testing/Proof Reading has occurred, there must also be a disconnect between the dev and design teams.

    Note there are instances where the in-game reward animations indicate the reward of more 3 fragments when the reality is 2 see below:

    This clearly shows that there was some intent for the Proficiency nodes to in fact increase the number of fragments.

    @hpwulola can we please see what the updates to text of the Proficiency nodes will be, The effected nodes are:

    Lost and Foundables

    Piece of the Puzzle

    Repository Knowledge

    Fragmented Memory

    Foretelling Foundables

    Deep Dive

    Gethsemane’s Pickle

    Dangerous Attraction


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    I see no mention of a return of our spent Restricted Section books we used specifically to increase fragment count. Extra xp is a fine thing, but I would never have spent as many green books as I did on that since we get so much already from the house treasure chest lessons. Not to mention that extra xp won't get us a darned thing once we hit lvl 60, so where's the incentive? Losing interest fast and trust even faster with the bait and switch games you seem to be playing. Whether intentional or not, all you ever do is say "we said wrong but we're not going to fix it sorry about your luck but here have some **** that you could earn easily on your own". I'm honestly about ready to uninstall. Returning our RS books would go far to restore some trust.

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    @WhiteWitchK Amusingly the Original number of Traces required to complete the images and prestige, etc... would have been more in line with the current exaggerated pace we can achieve with the Trace Charm operating as advertised.

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    I'll just take my RSB wasted on proficiency back instead.


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    Things like this are why I've stopped supporting the game financially. I hope you actually fix the mistake here or I suspect others will follow suit

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    Okay, let me see if I have this straight.... at Wizard level 25, you obtain “Lost & Foundables” (which gives +1 fragment on each new trace that the charm creates) for FREE. Great!

    At Wizard level 46, you can use rare books to purchase “Deep Dive.” READING it CAREFULLY, it only adds a bonus fragment to the original trace that you charmed, and NOT to the extra traces that appeared as a result of your charm. Okay, that’s cool too! I’ve actually used it on Omnioculars to try and increase the number of fragments collected as that trace almost never appears and so I am blocked from prestiging that Artifacts page (even Time-Turners are more common than Omnioculars.)

    And at Wizard level 38, you can use rare books to purchase “Fortelling Foundables” which says it is supposed to increase the fragments as well. As this skill wasn’t created to be INTENTIONALLY useless (because you are already at the maximum fragment bonus, being above level 25) I assume it works differently from its description.

    This is what I have observed: I often get a “clone” or extra trace appearance of the original foundable. This in in addition to the extra bonus traces revealed as a result of using the charm in the first place. In effect, if I catch it, I collect another fragment of the foundable I originally charmed... but it works by revealing a second copy trace of the original, and not by adding a 3rd fragment to the original trace.

    THEREFORE, if I am putting all this together correctly...

    1) “Lost & Foundables” (level 25) allows the new traces revealed by using a Trace Charm to return two fragments instead of one.

    2) “Fortelling Foundables” (level 38) reveals a new cloned trace of the original charmed trace.

    3) “Deep Dive” (level 46) adds an extra fragment (making 2 total) to the original charmed trace.

    Woot! So, this DOES make all three skills worth the investment... it is regrettable, however, the way they were worded. The extra skills are not useless, they just don’t work the way one might be lead to believe.

    Having reached these conclusions, I feel comfortable with the books that I invested for these skills. I can understand the need to limit bonus high-level fragments for game balancing. I really feel, however, that the descriptions of the skill effects need to be explained better!

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    Look, it seems like there was a failure of communication at some point between the people programming the actual charm and the people writing the text for the skill tree. Am I disappointed I am not getting the number of fragments I thought I would? Of course. But am I angry about what seems like an honest mistake? No, I'm not. Yes they should have caught it, but it is what it is.

    With everything else happening outside the walls of this game, is it really worth the energy to be angry about this? This game is a welcome diversion from everything going on. So thank you to @hpwulola , and thank you to the developers, for creating this world for us and for communicating with us.

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    I'm probably going to apply for a refund since SOS training released and stop playing this game. I have grinded from level 41 to 50 since SOS came out. I've been buying dark detectors and walking and driving during a pandemic to complete pages to gold to get maximum rewards. This is ridiculous and disappointing. I've been playing since day 1. This is not acceptable.

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    This definitely feels like bait and switch, especially since it’s documented that Niantic has known about this for weeks. Why take this long to make the announcement? Disappointing.

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    The refund is by NO MEANS enough. We have lost thousands of books in hope the mis-working proficiency will be fixed to what it said in the text of the task... I would have invested my early books much differently should I knew this was never supposed to work this way. PLEASE offer a one-time reset of the SOS Tree. Give an option to return back all the books spent and unlock the tree again from scratch. This would be a fair compensation of the mistake you have made!

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    @hpwulola , please pass this along to whoever in the product team makes these decisions.

    I'm also dissatisfied with the maximum being "1" on number of fragments/trace. I can see how it might be unbalancing (and there's a reason why I and others focused on trace charms (it's a really powerful effect, especially compared to small percentage changes in potion brew times).

    However, fixing it by changing the descriptions without compensation is pretty horrible. When we chose those lessons, the descriptions were all we had to go on, and they are unambiguous. When we, in good faith, put our limited resources into them, we did not expect to have that investment be worthless, we expected it to be worth what the SOS descriptions said.

    Even if you always meant for it to be a worthless upgrade, that's not what you offered. You should work out a way to do something for the players who feel that they are being harmed by this re-definition. There are several suggestions in this thread and I'm sure you all can resolve this in a better way than "we are not changing the code to address the discrepancy".

    Thank you,


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    I think that this is unacceptable because it's not a clarification but a change of mind.

    So, I wasted my RSB, then, please, give my restricted section books back.


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    That is a massive misrepresentation that goes well beyond "unclear" or "mistaken" text for Trace Charm Proficiency. Those are expensive nodes and sounds like after the first one. you unlock the rest are of stupidly low value.

    I will admit it felt like could be a balance issue if you could get 8 traces at 6 fragments each out of it, but you should rename all but the first to do something useful

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    #8527 August, 2020, 05:51 pm.

    For anyone considering wasting resources on the Trace Charms nodes, I would suggest holding off. I foolishly did and when it glitches you are Out of Luck as they won’t refund the charm. I placed one this morning on a Professor McGonagall and nothing happened. Rebooted the game & still no addt severe traces appeared. Sent inquiry requesting the Trace Charm be refunded and was told “No”.

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    I earned every RSB possible, except for the Indianapolis event books. I have spent my RSBs on my auror training, and was waiting patiently for the next series of Auror classes.

    I have been bamboozled out of some of my books chasing after extra fragments from the Trace. Which are as solid as a politician's promise.

    And I never received answers about the clear link from Ad Infinitum to Herd Immunity. That also resulted in a purchase that I later regretted.

    If it is possible to sell back my SOS purchases, I would do it. I would never buy the greenhouse or inn enhancements. I put a lot of resources trying to improve the trace.

    The best result of the SOS SNAFU, was that I went from level 55 to level 60 in 3 weeks, due to buying increased xps in treasure trunks.

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    Why did it take a month to issue a "clarification" on this???? Why aren't you doing more to take care of the people who used restricted books to unlock these nodes and are not getting what they paid for?!? This is not acceptable and not how you treat your user base!

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    #8927 August, 2020, 06:17 pm.

    This is ****! We've already spent books on these nodes with the deal that they would do what they said. And now you can't fix it or you've changed your mind, and now they won't do what we PURCHASED them to do AND you're not going to give us those books back. People have spent real money to play this game to get those books. And you just robbed them of that with this lie/ineptitude. The correct response would have been to refund all those books used since the unlocked node is now useless. You owe a refund of ton of restricted books. Period.

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    #9027 August, 2020, 06:18 pm.

    @TuriKun Thank you! Your explanation was very helpful.

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    #9127 August, 2020, 07:04 pm.

    What will 2 DADA books get?


    Pointless reward, really not encouraging further game play. At Level 60 you are going to loose lots of loyal players!

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