Customize the selection of spells in the Fortress

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So I am not there yet but I want to master all 3 professions (professor, auror and magizoologist). I was wondering if it was already a feature, and if not I really think it would be a great idea.

It would be to have the possibility to chose the spells that you want to use in the Fortress, depending on the Mastery you have of course. This way, we could select our favorites and “combine” the knowledge of the professions we have completed.

Let me know if it’s already a feature or if you think it could be a good idea.



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    #225 August, 2020, 04:44 pm.

    It is not already a feature. Personally I'm not sure it's a good idea because instead of each profession offering something unique, you end up with a bunch of "super wizards" who can do anything.

    Plus, if you are fortressing with random teammates on the Knight Bus it would be almost impossible to build a team with complimentary skills if anyone can select any 4 skills out of all three professions. Without communication any high level fortress battle would most likely be a disaster.

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    #327 August, 2020, 10:32 am.

    As someone who is only a couple of events away from mastering all three, I want to agree with @MtPollux that mix and match is not a good idea. The whole beauty of professions is that each is unique and has a very different playing style.

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    I don't think this is a good idea either for the reasons mentioned above.

    That said, I would like to see some game-play benefit from learning the other professions (other than the achievements, which you can't complete now anyways). Right now, the only advantage that I see would be if you meet regularly with other players in person for fortress battles and the guy that normally plays Auror can't make it or something. Not sure how relevant that is for most players and nothing that works in the age of the knight's bus anyways. Not relevant for me, so I didn't invest into the other professions.

    A reasonable approach could be something like you can switch in the lobby (only one player at a time).

    Or maybe even during a fortress challenge, but this would have to come at a cost, e.g. the switch costs 5 focus and takes 1 minute in which the wizard can't do anything or something like that.

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