Freeloaders --- When are they going to be punished?

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I know there is a way to tell whether someone CONSISTENTLY joins a chamber and just sits and does absolutely nothing but collect the rewards. (Vs. Game error or the occasional called away for real life issues)

Lately its been every day once or twice a day, twice as likely on big event weekends.

It makes it twice as hard and just disgusted that these players get away with it over and over with no recourse.



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    #223 August, 2020, 06:17 pm.

    There are too many strategic approaches in my experience with regard to challenges. Levying a punishment or lock-out period on players who freeload could not be based on any statistical algorithm because there are always strategic edge cases that would punish undeserving players. IE if we were to impose a 10 minute lockout on a player who conducts 3 challenges in a row without spending energy; we tick off the Auror-Prof hex groups in the lower rooms and the dedicated Mzoo healers in dark chambers. If we were to base it on player reporting it would immediately get used for trolling - search Clash of Clans forums for what that does to the community. Nevertheless I am just as frustrated by freeloaders and even moreso by players who bail immediately after the battle starts; sure they loose the runestone but I get to spend twice the energy killing their share of the mob and I dont’t get their team-mate bonus either so we both lose. If you catch a freeloader my advice is to leave the chamber for one above or below and/or leave the fortress and try your luck elsewhere in the same chamber. It’s just the price of doing wizard business - best of luck with finding your niche!

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    I think that if no one spends energy OR uses their other skills it makes sense to have a lockout. Maybe something like a lot of MOBAs where there isn't a penalty the first time but after that the penalty gets worse until you go long enough without doing it and it resets.

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    Heads up, **** is a player (auror, but I suppose it’s possible they use other professions too) who doesn’t contribute to the wizard challenge. I tried to wait him out, but we were in Forest V and I’d already used at least 2 potions. Very uncool.

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    Difficult to know if deliberate or just one of those connection issues .

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    I'd just like to add another complaint. Every week, there are 2-3 times I end up in a team, in where someone or someones do absolutely nothing. It starts with the voting. There are some players in the lobby, then it fills up to 5 of us, and the party looks promising, so we star voting, and there is one (or two) not voting. We have to wait until the countdown ends. Then we start the battle, and these people do absolutely nothing. I don't expect them to engage a foe immediately, but if they are a Prof or Auror I expect to see some supporting activity (hexes, shields, etc)

    I believe these players just hop on the knight bus, enter a lobby and then they leave their phone idle and do something else (cooking, working out, watching TV, etc). And they check back in 5-10 minutes. Worst case, they lost a runestone. Best case, some losers like us won them fragments and XP for free.

    This needs to be remedied.

    I know, evaluating other players after the battle would not help, because trolls would point down others.

    Suggestion of Minimum activity per challenge

    • I killed foe
    • level of chamber / 3 casts (that's 8 casts in Dark V, in think it's reasonable)

    If someone does not meet the minimum, they should get no rewards. No XP, no fragments. If someone had a connectivity issue, then they would lose a runestone (which happens to solo players if they get smacked by the network).

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